6 Ways to Use Group Texting in Business

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You have a horror story. We've all been on the wrong side of a never-ending group message. It's great that this piece of information was shared with you - maybe - but who needs a dozen notifications for something that may not apply to you more than once? You might think there's no way to use group texting in business.

Typically, we'd recommend avoiding group messages if everyone can see what everyone else says. Here, we'll be referring to group messaging where you send one message, and it instantly sparks individual conversations with as many people as you might need. We're talking about it this way, because this is how our group texting feature works. Think of it like a BCC email, but with the form of communication people actually prefer. Here are 6 ways to use group texting in business.

Surveys & Feedback

If you're doing your job well, you're using feedback from your customers to improve your operations and products. After someone has worked with you, used your service, visited your store, or attended an event, you have a couple options to get feedback through text.

You could send an individual message to each contact immediately after a transaction, for instance. Or you could group them together in batches, and save yourself a bunch of time. From here, you could text an open-ended question, like "How was your experience with [Company Name]? Is there anything we could do to make your experience better?"

Another option would be to text a survey link. You can set up a free survey on sites like SurveyMonkey, and then text patrons the link, like "Hi! Glad we could be a part of your life! Would you please answer our 3-question survey so we can keep improving? [insert link]"

Group texting in business works really well when you need to learn what all of your customers, clients, or attendees are thinking. It can prove to be an immensely powerful, yet very simple, business tool.

Starting Multiple Conversations Simultaneously

Sometimes you just need to start a whole bunch of conversations. Let's say you're in sales, and need to follow up with your leads. You could call everyone on your list for hours a day, or, since you're going to say the exact same thing to everyone based on where they fit in your sales cycle, you could just shoot them a text to spark the conversation.

A few minutes later you're handling multiple conversations simultaneously instead of endlessly calling. (Oh, and if you're worried about people giving you landlines, almost 90% of people give out their cell number - not a landline - even without being specifically told to do one or the other.

Another situation to start multiple conversations could be when you have open appointment slots to fill. Obviously, not everyone is going to be both willing and able at one specific time. It's a numbers game, right? So you ask several people, not just one or two.

If someone says "no," you can then ask what time would work better. If someone says "yes," but the slot's already been taken, then simply say someone got there first, and find another time. Here, you're group texting in business to start conversations that will ultimately (and efficiently) bring you more revenue.

Remind People of Events & Appointments

People forget. It's not because they don't care, they're just really busy. A person can only keep so many things in mind. Accordingly, it's great for you to help them out. When you don't want someone to forget an event you're hosting or an appointment they've committed to, just shoot them a text. It's that simple.

When someone schedules an appointment with you, you get their cell number, right? As as appointment-based business, it's very simple and very powerful to send a reminder text to everyone you're going to meet with the next day. One message and you've increased your number of kept meetings, because people aren't forgetting about you. That means more money in your pocket.

If you have an event coming up, you probably have a list of contacts you want to keep in the loop. Send them a group text. Don't harass them of course, but you can use this to keep your brand on people's minds and spark conversations as needed.

Follow-Up With People After Events (& Appointments)

People have just seen you. Great! Now let's make sure they don't forget you, or forget what they're supposed to do. Appointment text follow-ups are great for individuals, especially when next steps are in order, like in the financial, insurance, and medical fields, to name a few. People need to be reminded to fill out a form or take their pain meds or schedule a next meeting, among other things. But group texting in business works really well after you've had a big group in front of you.

Ideally, you have attendees' contact information. You want to keep up with them. You still want them to take certain actions with you, see what they thought of the event, etc. It's very easy to engage them through a group text without harassing them or having to put them in an endless email marketing campaign. Sometimes a quick check-up is all you need. This way, you can effectively and efficiently engage with your audience to get what you need without pouring time and resources into expensive campaigns.

Internal Communication

Nobody wants to be in a group chain with all of their coworkers. It doesn't matter if it's email or text, no one likes that. But group texting in business doesn't have to keep everybody on the same chain. Remember that our group texting is like a BCC email. You don't have to see everyone's responses.

This comes in handy a lot since employees commonly have to communicate with each other. If you need to toss a brainstorm out there, ask whether anybody knows about XYZ, share an office memo, or check-up on teams, a BCC group text can be a great way to go. It gets you the information you need quickly, and it keeps others from being frustrated by a never-ending chain.

Notifications & Alerts

Sometimes a ball game is going to be rained out at the last minute. Sometimes an appointment is going to fall through. Sometimes there's a special occasion that comes up on short notice. For all of these situations and so many more, you could send a group text. The purpose here is to share a piece of information with a lot of people very quickly, and make sure they all read it. Everyone reads texts within minutes. You can't say the same for email. And it would take you far too long to call everyone.

Without being told, you know that texting is a powerful tool. And now you understand (generally at least) the role of group texting in business. It's simple. It's surprisingly versatile. And if used correctly, can be a great value add to your business.

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