Here's How Often the Average American Checks Their Phone Every Day

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Americans check their cell phones 150 times a day, every day.

That means on an average day (6:00am - 10:00pm), we each reach for our phones every six minutes. That's incredible! What in the world are we doing on these things?


The most used function on cell phones is text messaging. People text for 101 reasons every day!

We also use them to check our emails, and to interact with friends on Facebook or Instagram. Our phones are how we keep up with the news. They're how we keep up with our favorite sports teams and major tournaments.

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We use them to find delicious recipes to try, and creative ideas to add in our homes. We find entertainment through them, and listen to music on them.

Our smartphones - whatever anyone wants to say against them - are integral to our daily lives. They're a part of how we interact with each other, and how we manage our careers.

What People Check Their Phones for Every Day

We spend a lot of time on our phones, but we're not necessarily glued to them like this number might lead you to believe. Often, Americans check their cell phones just to see what time it is, or to see if any new notifications have come in.

Between the 88+ emails, 150+ advertisements, and everything else people are hit with every day, it's actually a bit surprising that we aren't checking our phones more often!

All of this sends a rather powerful message to brands.

Consumers are looking for engagement. People want something to interact with!

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Whether you're a personal brand, some blog, a B2B enterprise, a small business, or anything in between, we are all looking for you to provide something engaging! Where are you?

If I'm on my phone every six minutes of the day, how many times will I see your brand? Will I see it at all?

The amount of times Americans check their cell phones every day is a massive opportunity to build your brand's engagement and customer base!

How Often Do People Check Their Phones Every Day

Are you in consumers' emails? Are you texting with them? Will they find your sponsored content on Facebook?

You need to take advantage of this opportunity to be where your targets are 150 times a day. If you don't do something to grab their attention, someone else will.

You don't want someone else taking your targets' attention. How will you respond?

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