How Over 80% of People Are Texting for Business

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People are texting for business all the time. We text to schedule meetings, to check in with others, to discuss ideas, even to shore up new business!

Texting is just what we do. It's a natural extension of our own voice, and integrates seamlessly with our day-to-day lives. That's why so many professionals already text for business.

In fact, we use our mobile devices for all sorts of business purposes! It's interesting to look around and see exactly how mobile is used in the workplace.

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Gyms incorporate fitness apps for performance tracking. Financial firms use secure file sharing programs to streamline data. Schools use ebooks and videos for learning. And small businesses across the nation use mobile websites and apps to gain and convert more customers.

How does your business take advantage of mobile technology? What do you wish you were doing?

78% of professionals wish they could text from a business number, and over 81% of professionals already text for business (mostly from their personal cell phones).

Text Request People Texting for Business

So why haven't more businesses integrated text conversations into their routines?

Most businesses are constantly trying to catch up to where they feel they should be. Leaders see things trending one way, and then slowly adapt to the change. 

But it seems many businesses haven't yet caught up with business texting - manageable text conversations with customers, employees, and so forth.

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Leaders have started integrating text into their professional communications for anything from scheduling appointments to creating leads and closing sales. But they're doing it as a unit.

They're texting in a way that's manageable as an organization, not just on the individual level. This way, businesses can text, and still know who says what and when without having to confiscate personal cell phones.

We use our mobile devices every day for hundreds of reasons, and most people text every day to boost their business. Do you?

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