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This is How Text Request Improves Your Business Communications

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In this video, Text Request founding member James Dawson shares how Text Request improves your business communications by enabling you to reach customers, prospects, and employees more quickly and more easily.

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We know that texting definitely improves your business communications, and that it's often the one piece a company needs to take their venture to the next level. It's super simple, and incredibly powerful.

But far too many businesses have no way to professionally manage texting. We see this as the largest void in business communication.

Below, James Dawson, founding member of Text Request, explains how texting through Text Request improves your business communications.

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"We created Text Request because we saw a huge void in business communication.

You can call a business, you can email a business, so why can't you text a business? Text is the most preferred form of communication in the world. Why not let your customers use it to reach you?

If your business relies on phone calls during work hours, and emails to reach your customers, you need to be texting as well. With a 98% 99% open rate, you'll virtually always be able to get in touch.

Text Request is an intuitive online tool that enables a business to text back-and-forth with their customers directly in real-time. We are NOT short code messaging. Our system is built to help you engage in real conversations.

We give your business a unique, local 10-digit number to send and receive texts from your online account. [You can also use your current business number.]

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Need to fill an appointment? Text your customers to see who's available.

Has someone reached out to you for a quote or estimate? Follow up with them quickly with a text, and shore up new business.

Connect directly with customers through text in a professional way that is 10X more efficient than a phone call.

We have a 60-day money back guarantee, no startup costs, and no contracts.

What are you waiting for? Engage today with Text Request."

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