How to Send Links Through Text Request ( & When You Should)

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Business texting can be used for anything from following up on leads and customer service questions to reminders and newsletters. The great thing is that you can even add clickable links to these texts.

There are many times when you need your customers to visit a specific link, maybe to:

  • Learn about a topic
  • Take action on their account
  • View or pay an invoice
  • Leave an online review, or some other reason

Text messages have a click-through conversion rate of 45%, so texting them a link is the best way to get them to complete a task.

Below I’ll show you how to text links to your customers and other contacts with Text Request, when the best opportunities are to do it, and what to keep in mind along the way. Let’s begin!

Basic Recommendations for Texting Links (URLs)

1. Pay attention to character count.

One SMS text message can hold up to 160 English characters. You can send a message as long as you want, but anything over 160 characters will count as multiple texts. (This is good to note for your Text Request usage.)

Don’t worry, your message will look the same to your contacts no matter how long it is. For reference, though, Text Request has a character counter everywhere you can type a message.

2. Shorter URLs are better.

When sending links, you want to use shorter URLs. They’re easier to read, and they keep your character count down.

For instance, if we were to send a text message including a link to our website, we would not want to send a message like this:

“Hello, team, head over to our new blog post!

When you need to send people to a longer URL, we suggest using a free service such as Bitly or TinyURL to shorten your links. So instead of the text above, we would send a shortened link like this (which goes to the same place):

“Hello, team, head over to our new blog post!

Bitly Example

Something to keep in mind - sending links at high volumes, particularly shortened links, is normally a spam indicator. It’s okay to send links, just be aware of this if you’re sending links to thousands of people at a time.

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How to Send a Link Through Text Request

This one is simple. Just copy and paste your link directly into the message! Make sure to include “www.” whenever you can. This helps create a rich link preview in the message when your contact views it.

For reference, I’ll take you through adding a link to individual and group messages step-by-step.

Individual Messages

  1. Log in to your Text Request dashboard
  2. Click “Compose Message” in the top right corner
  3. Type your message and paste your link
  4. Send your text!

Group Messages

  1. Login to your Text Request dashboard
  2. Click the “Messages” icon to the left
  3. Select the “Group Messages” tab
  4. Click “New Group Message"
  5. Choose your contacts
  6. Agree to Text Request's compliance agreements
  7. Type your message and paste your link
  8. Send your text!

Group Merge Messages

Group merge messaging lets you send customized (personalized) messages to as many people as a time as you want. Here's how:

  1. Login to your Text Request dashboard
  2. Click the “Messages” icon to the left
  3. Select the “Group Messages” tab
  4. Click “New Group Message”
  5. Click "New Merge Message"
  6. Add your list of contacts
  7. Select your merge fields 
  8. Type your message and paste your link
  9. Send your text!

4 Opportunities to Text Someone a Link (URL)

You text for all sorts of reasons every day, and here are a few where it makes sense to include a link. Just keep our basic recommendations (above) in mind when you do.

1. Help with sales and service.

Potential customers are going to have questions - maybe about estimates, your services, or even references. If you have a link on your website that can help you answer the question, then text it to them!

Current customers are going to have questions, too, and you can send them to either FAQ pages or product pages as needed.

2. Send a newsletter to all your contacts.

You probably create blog posts or send out a company newsletter from time to time. Why not share it through text?

This will increase your engagement, which can have all sorts of positive effects.

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3. Text promotions that convert into sales.

Your company occasionally hosts or sponsors events, and you need people to register for them. Sending a text that has a direct link to the registration page will lead to a high conversion rate.

You should also text to promote any sales or special offers. Send your customers a message telling them about the sale, and include the link to your website. This is a great way to drive up e-commerce sales and inbound conversations.

4. Remind people to pay their bills.

Sometimes it is hard to get your payments. Often it's because the customer just forgot, or doesn’t know they can pay online. Send them a quick text with a link to the payment site, and you’ll increase your collections.

Final Recommendations

Texting for business is a great tool, and being able to add links is a great accessory. However, it is important to figure out what works best for you and your customers. Don’t be afraid to test and try new things!

Also, don’t be afraid to contact us, or even to grab a time for a quick demo. We would love to help you start using Text Request, or learn how you can use it better.