4 Ways Our HVAC Company Sends Promotions that Convert with Text Request

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You need to build a database of recurring customers if you want your business to consistently bring in more revenue. Focusing on customer volume alone won’t help you maximize your profits, especially when it costs 5x more to bring in a new customer than it does to keep or resell an existing one!

Our HVAC business realized that to continue growing we needed to keep a direct line of communication open with our customers and keep them working with us past the initial service.

We wanted to build long lasting relationships with customers, and Text Request gave us the best way to do that through textable promotions and seasonal checkups. One month we even generated $17,000 in new revenue using Text Request to send promotions!

That was a 6,800% return. Want to do the same?

Here’s how!

Why did we switch to sending promotions through text?

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25%+ increase in revenue! But to retain customers, our team at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning needed a communication channel that would grab customers’ attention and give them a reason to keep working with us.

Texting was the obvious choice, because 99% of texts are read and responded to within 90 seconds. People love to text (it’s the number one consumer preferred form of communication), and our customers would much rather do that than call or email us.

In fact, phone calls and emails almost never encouraged customers to reschedule with us before their maintenance plans expired. But now they almost always reply to our texts, which is great for revenue when a $49 tuneup turns into a $1,500 AC repair!

It came down to basic facts for us. In today’s world your business has to be able text. Customers pretty much expect you to!

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How do we increase engagement with text promotions?

Since adding Text Request, my team has gathered over 17,000 contacts in our dashboard. We’re able to communicate with all of them at a lightning fast speed, plus organize them by their specific needs.

For example, we have over 1,500 annual maintenance memberships, and every spring we send a message to that group reminding them to schedule their tuneups. Not only do we know these customers will see these texts, we also get ridiculously high response rates from them.

Earlier this year we sent out 1,320 texts to remind people about their AC tuneups. 41 people responded and we generated $7,900 in revenue!

Our monthly Text Request bills are always paid within the first ten people who respond to our promotions.

Those numbers and ROI don’t lie!

4 Ways We Get Returns on Promotions Sent Through Text Request

1. Templates save us time and help us multi-task.

Text Request saves us a huge amount of time when we can text multiple customers at once. It even gives us the option to create templates, or pre-made messages, to streamline common conversations.

For example, we always schedule calls with customers, so we can best educate them about their unit and what can be done to service it. We have templates that walk customers through scheduling those calls and why they’re important.

We always get a better turnaround time on our inspection process through Text Request. And if we accidentally miss a service call we booked, we just use our templates to let customers know how to reschedule another one.

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2. Scheduling links give customers an immediate way to take action.

Text Request lets you text links, which is great when you use a scheduling software like Schedule Engine.

All our texted promotions include Schedule Engine links, so customers who are interested in scheduling an AC checkup know exactly what step to take next. They just click the link, schedule the time and date they want us to stop by, and we’re ready to go!

Our text promotions are much more likely to convert customers when they include links, because texted links have a 40% to 45% click-through rate!

We regularly see spikes in our booking volume through Schedule Engine when we include links in our text campaigns.

"Reminding customers to contact you is one thing, but giving them the option to schedule right then & there at their convenience (without having to pick up the phone) is a game changer. Companies like Joseph Giannone can use Text Request to get in front of their customers, and then through Schedule Engine, turn that read text message into a booked appointment. Today's homeowners use text messages to communicate in all aspects of their lives. When Text Request + Schedule Engine can team up to use text message to convert real booked appointments, that's a game changer!" - Ray, Schedule Engine 

"Joseph Giannone sees spike in appointments booked after sending text promotion."

3. We can send recruitment opportunities to our entire contact list at once.

We collect hundreds of resumes at job fairs, then type all of their listed phone numbers into a spreadsheet. Text Request makes it easy to upload these spreadsheets, so we can text the contacts promotions for our open houses.

We just drop the .CSV file into the message, and Text Request is able to send a text to all of the new numbers at once.

We can even use Text Merge to auto-populate the message with certain fields like name, date, and time, if the .CSV, so it feels like they’re getting a personal message.

“Hey [name]. We have an open house this Sunday! Come by [address] to see if a job with Joseph Giannone is right for you!”

These kinds of recruitment updates and promotions help us fill positions immediately!

4. Clients can individually respond with pictures of their units.

Since Text Request group messages work like BCC email, none of our customers can see each other's responses to our promotions.

So when we text a promotion about our seasonal tuneup offerings, customers can text us back pictures of their units. This immediately jumpstarts our servicing process by giving us an idea of what needs to be fixed.

We always double check to make sure the problem our customers are having isn’t something they can solve on their own before we charge them for an inspection. Customers being able to text us pictures helps us accomplish this, so we can provide the best customer service possible! Plus it saves us time and money when we have a better idea of what the problem is.

It’s also so much easier for customers to text pictures when they’re in a professional setting, than it is for them to try and explain what their unit looks like over the phone.

How can your own business start sending promotions through Text Request?

Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning was one of the first HVAC companies in the northeast to incorporate texting as a communication channel. We place a massive emphasis on quality customer service, and we’re always looking for ways to adapt and provide the best customer experience!

Text Request wasa natural fit for our innovative spirit, and we’ve gotten huge returns since using it to send promotions and updates to customers.

Don’t underestimate how texting can change your business for the better. Our advice is to start now.

To learn more about Text Request, talk to a representative, or get pricing information, visit our Demo page. If you are ready to sign up for Text Request, visit our Pricing page.