5 Ways to Increase CBD Sales by Texting

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CBD (cannabidiol) is the next big thing, and it’s your ticket to financial stardom. That’s the goal, at least - but first you have to sell your product (and lots of it). I’m going to show you how to do that.

I’m not going to show you how to negotiate big contracts, or how to make your ads go viral. I will show you how to use the most used feature on any smartphone to sell more CBD (and other products) while creating loyal and repeat customers.

Sound good? Here are five ways to increase CBD sales by texting.

Why texting?

People text more than they call, email, or use social media. Text messaging is the highest rated and most requested form of business communication.

99% of all texts are read, usually within just a few seconds. Compare that to email - only 16% of emails are opened, and only about 1% get a click-through or reply.

I’ll show you how to apply these stats to your business, but know this:

Most sales and marketing is reaching the right people at the right time. Across the board, texting’s the best way to do that.

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1. Share your Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Transparency is perhaps the biggest issue facing consumer CBD sales today. People need to know that they're getting a healthy hemp product.

The current fix is a QR code - you grab a product off a shelf, scan the code with your phone, and then it pulls up a COA for that product. There are two problems with this:

  • That QR code and the prompt to scan it take up a ton of space on your packaging, and more importantly…
  • No one uses QR codes!

Do people even know how to find the QR scanner in their phone?

Instead, text. All you need is a keyword. For example:

“Text [ProductName] to [PhoneNumber] to get the full Certificate of Analysis!”

That prompt can go right on the bottle, it can go online, and it can go on a sign on a shelf in your store. People go through 94 texts a day. They’ll gladly spend one to get the COA and learn how trustworthy your product is.

Watch keywords for CBD in action

But what happens when customers text the keyword? Two things:

  • They’ll be automatically sent a link to that product’s COA (you can customize this for each product or keyword)
  • And they’ll be added to a subscriber list that you can market to later

See an example of this in action by watching the short video above.

P.S.: A keyword is just a word people text to opt in to receiving information or offers, and there are more ways you can use them to increase sales.

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2. Fill subscriber orders and requests.

Repeat customers are your money makers. Luckily, anyone using CBD regularly is also going to need to buy it regularly. How does texting come into play?

First, you can text to fill order requests. Customers can just text your business when they need a new round. From there, you can:

  • Ship it to them
  • Ask them to come by the store
  • Tell them when it will be available
  • Or even text them the link to order it online

Second, you can initiate conversations with your subscribers when it might be time for them to place their next order. Most of the time, people are busy and forget to do things. A quick text will:

  • Offer great personal service
  • Engage your customers through their favorite channel
  • Help your customers get the products (and benefits) they need
  • And increase your sales

For example, you might send a text saying:

“Hey Roxy, it’s been 60 days since your last CBD order. Are you ready for another bottle? Let me know, thanks!”

You can even schedule these messages in advance, like a subscription reminder for customers.

The average response time for a text is only 90 seconds, so your customer engagement is going to soar. You could offer this kind of service to all your customers, or just to those who sign up for your loyalty program (which I’ll cover in point #4).

3. Earn exponentially more reviews.

Did you know that 90% of people say online reviews influence their buying decisions? As Ron Yates of Titanium Jewelry said:

“It is simple for us. When we got more reviews than our competitors, our business increased.”

Well said, Ron. But why would this be the case?

Because people want to buy from other people they trust. That means customers will either choose someone they already know and like, or they’ll choose whoever the internet says is best.

So how do you get more online reviews?

Text your customers asking for a review on your favorite platform, and include a link to leave you a review. For example:

“Hi Charity, thanks for shopping with us! Would you please share your experience in a Google review? goo.gl/mybiz Thank you!”

Here are quick references to find your company’s review link on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. And in case you're wondering, Text Request customers tell us they get 600% more reviews by asking via text than by email.

Imagine what that would do for your revenue!

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4. Create an exclusive loyalty program.

People love exclusive offers. They’re also a great way to simultaneously increase sales while driving customer loyalty (and referrals) through the roof.

Remember when we talked about keywords in point #1? You can also use keywords for your loyalty program. For example:

“Text SUBSCRIBE to (423) 218-0111 for exclusive discounts, contests, offers, updates, and more!”

Happy customers will subscribe, and you’ll grow a subscriber list that you can text as needed. A few good opportunities are:

  • When you get new products
  • To promote a raffle or giveaway
  • About your referral program (E.g. refer a friend and get a free item)
  • To fill out a survey
  • When you’re hosting or sponsoring local events

This will be your special group of loyal customers to keep in the loop, just like you would your best friends. And that engagement, as studies show, will lead to selling more oils, salves, and other CBD products.

5. Follow up on sales, or place your orders.

Vendors and wholesalers, you have to connect with your customers to (a) close sales, and (b) follow up for recurring orders. Studies show that adding text messaging to your sales cycle can increase sales by over 300%. That’s massive!

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So when you need to reach prospects, send them a text - even if it’s just to tee up a phone call. For example:

“Jim, wanted to touch base on your order. Let me know when you’ve got a moment to talk. Thanks!”

You might already be texting like that from a cell phone, but I’d recommend using a professional texting service so you can text from your office phone number and keep all your communications under the business’s roof.

Retailers can also text to place orders. If you’ve ordered products once, you’re probably going to need to order them again. You already know what you need, so instead of filling out forms or having your rep come see you, just text them what you need.

It’s that simple.

Bonus: Text for questions and customer service.

CBD products (and other hemp-based products) are still new. People have lots of questions, and they want to get answers quickly from professionals like you. How can that happen?

Text Request’s SMS Chat is a great option. It lets customers text you straight from your website, which is what they’d prefer to do instead of calling or filling out a form.

Messages come into your business number, and replies go to their cell phone. Watch the 1-minute video below to see how it works.


It’s convenient, customers can ask whatever questions pop into their heads, and you can respond when you’ve got a moment.

That’s a lot better than other live chat options that force viewers to stay on the site waiting for a response, and that keep your employees chained to a desk.

Improved service like this might or might not directly contribute to sales, but it’s going to provide much better experiences for your customers, which is always good for the bottom line.

How can your hemp business start texting?

It’s easy - just sign up for a text messaging plan, and you’re good to go. The specifics are more like this:

Start with one or two ways use text messaging in mind. You can schedule a demo to bounce ideas off one of our experts and see how Text Request works first hand.

When you’re ready to start texting, choose a plan on our Pricing page. If you want to text using your current business phone number, we’ll set that up for you. Then you’ll be good to start texting! You can also add other users (employees) to your account, so they can text, too.

If you have any questions, ask through the SMS Chat widget in the bottom right corner, or visit our contact page.