7 Ways Lawn Care Services Grow Revenue by Texting Customers

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You’re doing everything in your power to connect with customers, provide great work, and grow your lawn care service. There’s just one problem.

Communicating with customers is a huge pain!

You love your customers, but they don’t answer your phone calls or emails. This makes it difficult to schedule landscaping, get paid, and grow. That’s why I’m going to show you seven ways other lawn care businesses text with customers to boost their marketing and increase sales.

Why should your lawn care service text?

It all comes down to the numbers.

  • 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes
  • 89% of people prefer to text with businesses
  • The average response time for a text is only 90 seconds
  • Customers are about 20X more likely to take a next step after getting a text compared to an email

So what does this mean for your business?

It means that by adding text to your arsenal you’ll be able to communicate faster through a channel people enjoy using. That leads to more prospects, customers, reviews, and revenue. Here’s how.

1. Bring in more new leads.

Homeowners need their yards cared for, and they’re searching online for businesses to do it. What happens when they make it to your website?

Most of those potential customers are viewing your website on their smartphone, and they would rather text you than call.

SMS Chat, is a chat widget that floats on your website for both mobile and desktop viewers. Like any great live chat, there’s a message prompt to draw people in. But unlike other chats, your replies go to the contact’s cell phone.

Sidebar: Check to see if you can text with your current business phone number using the form below.

That means they don’t have to wait around on your site for a live representative, and you get the best way to follow up with them — an open line to their texts.

2. Close deals before competitors have a chance.

Did you know that up to 50% of prospects go with the first vendor to respond? That means even after you get a lead — after someone asks you for an estimate, for instance — you’re not guaranteed to get their business.

Why is that?

Because in most cases people have a problem. Their yards and gardens are getting out of hand, and they don’t have the time (or physical ability) to take care of it. So they jump online and reach out to the first three-to-five businesses that show up in Google search results.

Then they wait.

Who’s going to help them solve their problem the quickest? That’s who’s most likely to win the business. Texting will help you help them faster, so your landscaping business can close more opportunities.

Autoresponses are one way. They're instant, and you can't be any faster than that. When someone texts your business or fills out a form on your website, you can have a text be automatically sent to them, like:

“Thanks for contacting [Beautiful Lawn Care]! A real person will reach out ASAP to help. Our normal office hours are 8-5.”

That message is huge, because it makes yours the first response that customer gets. It also opens the line of communication for you to reach out later. When they see your personal text (or even a call), they’ll recognize your number and respond as soon as they’re able.

Then all you have to do is be your normal helpful self! By texting with prospects, you’ll place your business ahead of the competition and win more customers.

3. Schedule, confirm, and reschedule with ease.

Scheduling lawn care isn’t that difficult, because you don’t have to get inside anyone’s house or make sure someone else shows up on time. Still, things change all the time thanks to weather, sickness, equipment, etc.

The trouble is you have to let customers know what’s going on. A quick text is the best way to keep everyone in the loop:

“Hey [Mr. Johnson], yesterday’s rain put us behind on mowing this week, so we’ll be getting to your place later than normal. Let us know if that’s not OK. - [William @ LawnServ]”

It’s also a lot easier to schedule work with new customers, or to reschedule if something changes on their end. Check out the quick exchange in the image below for reference.

4. Earn more online reviews (and more new business).

The company that has the most online reviews is the company that shows up highest in search results, and the one that earns the most new customers. So how do you get more online reviews with your current staff and resources?

You ask customers for reviews via text.

Texts are 6X more likely to be seen than emails, and their click through rate is on average 18X higher. This leads to more reviews and more customers for you.

The key is to include a link to your review page in the text. So you might say something like:

“[Mr. Rayfield], we’ve had a blast making your yard gorgeous. Would you be willing to leave us a review on Google? It would help us a lot. Thank you! [google.com/myreviews]”

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5. Increase (and speed up) customer payments.

When you provide a service for someone, you ought to be paid — and in a timely manner. The problem is, your customers have a lot going on, and they often forget about you.

In fact, forgetting is the #1 reason people miss a payment. So how can you get more of your money?

Text your customers:

  • An invoice
  • A link to pay online
  • Or a reminder when they’re bill is due

For instance, you might say:

“Hi [Rodger], just a quick reminder that your bill is due on [10/21]. Pay online at landscapingwork.com or call us at this number. Thanks! - [Carolynn]”

Most people will pay right then, and you can take advantage of Text Request’s merge messaging to send out personalized texts like these to your customers (or a specific group of them) all at once.

This is great if you want to send a reminder to everyone towards the end of the month, or if you want to follow up with just the customers whose bills are overdue. Messages like these can even be scheduled in advance.

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6. Send promotions that actually connect with people.

A lot of your work is seasonal, and everyone loves a good deal. Why not combine those two points to increase revenue?

Use text messaging to send your lawn care promotions (or at least to complement what you’re already doing).

The average text is read five seconds after being sent, so if you want to connect with customers — past or present — to give your business a little pop, text them! Let’s say you want to run a promotion just for fall. You might say:

“Fall is here! What does that mean for your yard? We’ll come seed and groom your lawn - 20% off if you book before Friday!”

When it comes to marketing and promotions, the world is your oyster for what deals or opportunities you might pitch. The real value is in getting more of your customers’ attention for less cost than any other platform.

7. Provide amazing customer service (and upsell products).

The best customer service is always proactive. For example;

“[Mrs. Farmer], What’d you think about the new flowers we planted?”


“[Greg], it’s been a pleasure working with you for [3 months]. How’s your experience, what could we do better?”

In these cases, you’re proactively starting conversations that will either (a) give you important feedback before it has time to fester into an unhappy customer, or (b) give you opportunities to ask for online reviews and referrals, and to upsell other products or services you offer.

All it takes is a response saying:

“That’s great to hear! We’ve also got a new mower you might like. Just let me know if you’re interested.”

Customers love having text conversations like these with businesses like yours, and this gives you one more opportunity to build strong (and profitable) relationships with them.

Bonus: Keep up with employees in the field.

You’ve got landscapers and crews all over the place, and you need to keep up with who’s where and when. The trouble is it either takes a lot of phone calls or expensive software to do this.

Or, you can text.

Text Request gives you an easy-to-use dashboard so your office staff can send and receive texts from their computers. Each message is permanently recorded with a name and timestamp.

That means your employees in the field can just text your office phone number when they arrive at and leave a location. You’ll always have a record, even if no one’s available exactly when they text in.

How can your lawn care service start texting?

You need a professional tool to text with, preferably using your current business phone number. Text Request is just that. It’ll give you the power to do everything in this article (and more), so you can grow your lawn care company.

Step 1 is to schedule a free demo of Text Request.

A real person will work with you to answer your questions and accomplish your goals. You can also check to see if your current business number is eligible for texting below.