Your Customers Text a Lot, Let Them Text Your Business

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It almost doesn't matter what your business does. Your customers text, and they're texting a lot.

Texting is the number one form of communication in the world. But I don’t need to tell you that. You already see it everywhere you go!

The average American adult (18-49 y.o.) sends and receives 85 texts every day

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Texts are being used to check in with loved ones, to catch up with friends, to finalize weekend plans, even to build businesses and close leads.

What’s so powerful about this isn’t so much the frequency of texting as much as how pervasive it is throughout multiple age groups.

But how many of those texts are being sent or received by your business? How are you joining in on these billions of conversations each and every day?

Millennials (roughly those 20-40 years old) have become the staple of the consumer base, and they’re continually growing into a larger and larger percentage of any business’ buying demographic.

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Millennials are incredibly mobile-conscious. They want things quickly, and they want those things to be accessible from anywhere on their mobile devices.

How is your business responding? Are you capitalizing on it? Are you letting your customers text you?

If you’re not making it possible for customers to text you (and making it easy for them to do so), you're missing out! And there’s a large chance that one of your competitors is taking advantage of the opportunity.

Make it a focus to be included in at least one of the messages your customers text today!

We want to see your business continually grow. That’s why we want you to take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

Text messaging is incredibly simple. That’s why everyone does it!

Texting is also quick, and enables you to reach customers at far higher rates than calls or emails.

You need to apply this simple tactic to your business strategy so that customers and potential customers can engage you instead of your competitors. 

You also need to reach your customers where they already are, which is on their smartphones.

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Very few consumers, if any, enjoy receiving calls from businesses. And we all get enough emails as it is.

Calls and emails are often distracting during work, a nuisance after work, and tend to flood our unending to-do lists. But people will gladly text throughout the day.

Consumers text. A lot. And they respond incredibly quickly to those texts.

Aim to be the target of at least one of your customers’ texts today. Spark conversations and be the change that consumers are asking for!

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