6 Ways Logistics Companies Simplify Communications by Texting

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You want to simplify driver and customer communications for your logistics company—and in a cost-effective way, too. The problem is that phone calls and emails take up too much time and go unanswered.

Texting is the solution, but any texting you do at the moment is on a personal cell phone. There are issues with security, and you still have to get all of the info (message history and other details) into your customer or driver software (CRM or ATS).

Managing all these communications can feel like a massive burden, but it doesn’t have to. I’m going to show you how other logistics companies simplify communications and increase profits through professional texting.

If after that, you want to see how Text Request can help you specifically, just grab a convenient time for a quick demo.

Why are logistics companies texting?

They text for the same reason you or I might text. It works. You almost have to text to reach someone quickly these days. Here’s some research to back that up:

  • 91% of people would rather get a text than a call from a business
  • The average text message response time is only 90 seconds
  • Businesses who ask for feedback through text get 600% more

These are powerful! I’m going to show you how to apply this data to improve your business (and make people happier).

1. Streamline dispatching by texting jobs.

You always need loads taken from Point A to Point B, but keeping track of where all your drivers are in real-time and knowing who’s available is a bear. Instead of trying to manage all that, streamline dispatching by texting drivers one question: Who’s available?

“We need a shipment taken from Chattanooga to Orlando today, then Orlando back to CHA tomorrow. Are you available?”

You’ll get that message to everyone instantly, and the gig goes to the first response. It’s much more effective internal communication system than calling, emailing, or tossing up opportunities on a message board for your supply chain management.

2. Schedule and recruit drivers more effectively to save time.

Licensed drivers are looking for new opportunities, and you’re looking for new drivers. How can the two of you better connect?

The trouble is basic schedulinggoing from a resume to a kept interview and completed paperwork. But texting makes that scheduling easy. Texts get people’s attention, so you’ll be able to book, confirm, and follow-up on the hiring process like never before.

You can even schedule messages in advance, for interviews, important reminders, and more. Check out these templates:

“Jeff, can you come in to interview Thursday at 2:30 for our inventory management role?”

“Jeff, looking forward to seeing you at 2:30, don’t forget your driver's license and social security card.”

“Quick reminder: We need your paperwork signed and returned by EOD Friday. Excited to work with you!”

3. Record driver progress, mileage.

You need to know when loads are delivered or delayed. Drivers need to know they’re going to get paid for their work. The problem is it takes expensive software to track all these daily operations with an automation, and you’re big on keeping costs low.

Our Locations feature makes it effortless to track who is where and when.

Whenever you need a location update, you click a button to text a location request. The worker clicks a link in that text to automatically send you their address. It's as simple as that.

These messages and delivery notifications will be permanently recorded and searchable in Text Request, and can also be integrated with ATS, API, or other software. It’s cheap, and it makes the workflow easier for everyone involved.

4. Bolster reviews and feedback.

The logistics industry is notorious for its high driver turnover. That can make building a strong online reputation difficult, particularly if disgruntled employees are leaving comments. This creates problems for two of your strongest marketing tactics.

First, 90% of people check online reviews before deciding to do business with you. They want to know they can trust you before they reach out. Negative reviews, from past customers or employees, make your company look bad compared to others and less likely to win new business.

Second, replacing drivers is expensive and a massive headache, but timely feedback and reviews can both save employees from turning over, and make it easier (and cheaper) to recruit new people.

How does texting help?

All you have to do is text a simple question asking for reviews or feedback. For reviews, include a review link to your chosen platform. For feedback, you can start with an open ended question (e.g. “How are you feeling about your job?”), or share an NPS survey link. That gives you a chance to intervene before a negative event, like quitting or a bad online review.

“William, we’ve enjoyed serving you these past few months. Would you leave us a review on Google? This feedback helps us a lot. Thank you! google.com/ourbiz”

“How are you feeling about our warehouse management systems? Your response will be anonymous unless you choose to disclose.”

Plus, all those good reviews will help you rank higher in search results.

5. Bring in new customers with SMS Chat.

Who doesn’t want new customers? Business development is increasingly being done online, meaning people who need your services are reaching you online before they reach out with questions or for pricing.

When they do have questions, the first vendor to respond is normally who wins the deal.

Guess which two-way communication channel has the fastest response time and open rates?

Text messaging.

That’s why you should use SMS Chat—it lets customers text you from your website (which is proven to increase lead generation). It also lets your team respond, both automatically and personally, to follow up and close more opportunities.

One reason SMS Chat is so effective compared to other channels is because it starts an open dialogue through text, which is where most people are most likely to respond quickest.

6. Close new deals and follow up with customers.

It takes a lot of communication to close deals and keep customers happy, particularly in logistics management. There are a ton of moving parts, customers are relying on you for their own businesses, and they want to know you’re there for them.

But did you know that texting prospects during the sales cycle can increase conversions by over 300%? A few well-timed messages (like the ones below) can send your results through the roof!

“John, still looking for someone to run shipments between your vendors and warehouse?”

“Carol Ann, saw your note on shortages, have a couple questions. Do you have a moment to chat?”

“How’d your first order go? Let me know what we can do to better support you.”

“Kevin, just waiting on that signed contract before we get rolling. Let me know when you’ve got it, and I’ll take care of the rest!”

What does your logistics company need to start texting?

All you need is a way to manage text messaging professionally as a team during logistics operations. Text Request was built just for that—you can even text using your office phone lines and providers, plus have multiple teams on the same account (like Sales and HR).

We’ll help you accomplish all the goals mentioned in this article (and more), just choose a time for a quick demo to talk to a real person, and see how Text Request works.

In the meantime, check your office phone number below to see if it’s eligible for texting.