Studies Show You Lose This Much Business by Placing Callers on Hold

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Phone calls can be great for your business! Except when you leave people on hold. When you leave callers waiting, you leave people wanting.

And since you've left those people wanting, they keep searching to solve their problems. By doing something as simple as placing (potential) customers on hold, you're giving them a warm introduction to your competitors.

That's terrible!

If people called your business, and one of your salesmen told them to go with your competitor instead, you'd probably fire that salesman on the spot!

In a similar (albeit less dramatic) way, this is what's happening whenever you leave callers on hold.

That's why 1/3 of them hang up immediately. Yes, 1/3 of callers aren't willing to wait on hold. They expect you to pick up and help them immediately.

Is that so unreasonable?

Callers hang up immediately after being placed on hold

If I'm a consumer trying to find a solution to my problem, and you won't help me quickly, I'll just reach out to the next business on Google's search results page.

If you really want to rely on incoming calls as a part of your customer growth strategy, don't you think it's worth investing in more employees to answer those calls?

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1 out of 3 callers will hang up if you don't help them immediately. If you lose one customer by not being able to work with them quickly, you also lose every customer they could have ever referred.

What would that look like over a customer lifetime?

Let's say every customer you have will, over their customer lifetime, refer 5 more customers to you. With a good referral program or great service, this is still a fairly conservative estimate.

Every time you lose 1 customer from not being able to answer the phone quickly enough, you're also losing the 5 customers they would have referred to you.

How word of mouth spreads

All in all, every call placed on hold could cost you 6 customers. How much is that worth to you?

$100 per customer? $500 per customer? What about repeat customers, clients, or monthly services?

Now multiply how much each customer is worth to you by how many calls you lose. That's how badly placing callers on hold is affecting your business!

Sadly, that's not even the worst part!

Because every time you lose a customer, your competitor gains a customer. They also gain all those referrals you would have gotten.

When you place a potential customer on hold, you lose 6 customers, and your competitor gains 6 customers.

Instead of losing customers, just text.

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With text messaging, no one has to wait on hold. Ever. Which gives all of your employees more time to work on other tasks or to help more people, while providing a better customer experience.

Virtually 100% of texts are read, it's how people prefer to communicate already, and studies even show that texting will improve your sales funnel.

Text Request gives your business the tools you need to manage text conversations professionally, and to provide a better experience for all customers.

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