5 Ways Managed Service Providers Use Text Messaging for Client Communications

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You’re a managed service provider and you need to successfully maintain your clients’ marketing, sales, and communication efforts.

But that can be difficult when their customers hate answering phone calls and email is a black box.

How can you reach consumers when you need to?

Your clients’ customers live on mobile devices, which is why texting is their #1 preferred form of communication.

Here are five ways you can use text messaging to improve marketing and customer communication efforts on behalf of your clients to grow their business.

Why should MSPs be texting?

99% of texts are opened and 95% are read within three minutes of being sent.

That kind of speed can have a huge impact on your clients, especially when you throw in the fact that the average SMS click-through-rate is 45%.

This can improve everything from:

  • Customer service
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Marketing campaigns

Some clients report seeing as much as a 62% increase in response rate with texting!

89% of consumers want the option to text message businesses, so giving them the ability to text your clients is going to be a win for everybody!

Below are five tactics you can start using today to grow engagement for your clients through text messaging.

1. Manage communication on behalf of your clients all in one place.

When there’s an update, question, or problem, customers want to hear from you ASAP. Your clients depend on you to reach those customers quickly, which is why text is such a great way to manage communication on behalf of them.

Only 5% of calls are answered and 15% of emails are opened. But when text responses are seen 99% of the time, no one gets lost in an inbox or a game of phone tag, and you can move on to other tasks faster!

You can quickly reach customers for all sorts of situations, including:

Template 1: “Hi [Name], this is a reminder that your appointment is scheduled at [time] today. You can check in or reschedule at: [link]”

Template 2: “[Name], how’d your [service] go today? You can leave a review at: [link]”

Template 3: “Hi [Name], we saw you weren’t happy with your last [service/appointment]. Your next one will be complimentary.”

Template 4: “We have a new seasonal [service/product] that you can check out here: [link]”

The best part is you can handle all this communication from one place.

Text Request’s multi-user dashboards make communications on behalf of your clients faster and more convenient for everyone. Each dashboard comes with a unique text line, contacts, settings, and user permissions to make toggling between multiple clients easier.

2. Track analytics and ROI.

You need a way to document your clients’ growth through business texting.

Text Request can help by tracking your amount of usage, leads by marketing campaigns, and response rates.

You can generate reports based on details from your texts into one spreadsheet that showcase improved services based on messages you tag as important.

For instance, you might want to note every time you get a conversion, so that your team can periodically sit down to determine which marketing efforts work best for a particular client.

In that case, you could create the tag “Conversion” to attach to all messages where a conversion took place.

You’ll be able to narrow down which tactics you need to hone in on, plus have detailed reports you can share with clients to show the value you’re bringing.

3. Create mass marketing campaigns that convert.

When you’re managing marketing for your clients, sometimes you need to get one message out to lots of people at once to drive conversions.

This is useful for:

Text Request’s merge messaging makes this a breeze.

A Text Merge message is a group message with customizable fields that allow you to personalize each message to the individual receiving it.

All you have to do is drop in a CVS. spreadsheet formatted with the customers’ phone numbers and custom fields you’d like to appear in the message. Then you can select where you want the custom fields to go within the message.

Here are some examples of what a merge message could look like.

Template 5: “[Name], from now until [time period] we're offering 20% of [product/service] for customers like you who have been with us for over a year!”

Template 6: “Hi [Name], just a reminder that our seasonal [service] starts back up again from now until [time period].”

Template 7: “Hey [Name], just a reminder that your first [service] is complimentary. You can schedule at: [link]”

Template 8: “[Name], we have a new VIP program for customers like you who frequently purchase [product/service]. Check it out here: [link]”

Because text merge sends as individual, two-way messages to multiple people, all replies become one-on-one conversations you can handle just like any other incoming message.

This means you can keep the conversation feeling personable for a quality customer experience.

Consumers who feel they have a personalized customer relationship with a business have a 306% higher customer lifetime value.

4. Generate leads and answer questions directly from your clients’ websites.

Consumers would rather text your clients to start sales or support conversations.

Our SMS Chat lets them do that directly from your clients’ websites!

All messages go to your dashboard, where you can manage their inquiries, plus save their contact information for later follow ups.

The best part is, even if you’re not immediately available to answer, you can set up autoresponses that direct consumers to automatically start processes like:

  • Scheduling a service or appointment
  • Giving their information for a quote
  • Filing an IT or customer support request
  • Completing digital forms

Below are some examples of what an autoresponse message could look like when a customer reaches out through SMS Chat.

Template 9: “Hello and thanks for contacting [Business]! You can schedule your next appointment at: [link]”

Template 10: “Thanks for choosing [Business]! How can we help with your [service] today? You can get a personalized quote at: [link]”

Template 11: “Hi! You’ve reached [Business]. Text your name and question, and someone will get back to you ASAP.”

Template 12: “Thanks for considering [Business]! Tell us about the kind of [service] you have in mind at: [link]”

When you use SMS Chat and autoresponses together, you’ll always be able to get back to customers ASAP. And 50% of sales go to the first person to respond to the customer!

Some businesses have seen as much as a 2600% response rate increase on their website using Text Request's SMS Chat to automate conversations vs. email forms or chatbots.

5. Share images and custom signatures to engage customers.

You want your text messages to stand out as professional and capture customers’ eyes, so you can increase engagement and conversions.

Including images in your texts will help, because 65% of people are more enticed by visuals than they are by just words.

Text Request allows you to send images, which is great for:

  • Advertising flashy, digital coupons
  • Sending an infographic to push a deal along
  • Adding gifs to a message to engage customers
  • Including a picture of the rep the customer will be working with

You can even include custom signatures at the end of messages, so you stand out from your clients’ competitors.

Small businesses that use custom signatures see a significant response rate increase from customers.

Start texting your clients' customers today!

Business text messaging has a night and day open rate compared to other communication channels, which is why consumers prefer it.

You just need a professional platform to keep everything streamlined and ensure customer satisfaction.

Text Request offers all the features described above to help you provide a quality messaging service, plus:

  • Templates: Saved messages (like the examples above) that you can use for recurring conversations
  • Groups: To help organize customers by their specific interests
  • Keywords: Words customers can text to opt-in for updates and new deals
  • Chrome extension and mobile app: So you and your team can text from wherever you please

For more info, or to schedule a demo with our Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, click here.