7 Ways Marinas Text to Schedule More Rentals and Services

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Your marina does everything from selling new boats to providing rentals, to even scheduling services and aquatic events. The problem is that’s a ton of moving parts with many different kinds of customers you constantly need to communicate with.

How do you manage it all, plus keep drawing in leads?

Texting has become the go-to tool for marinas like yours, because its 90 second average response time keeps boats moving in and out of your dock.

Text’s also have a 99% open rate, which means your customers will almost always see your appointments, reminders, and updates—instead of missing them if they were sent by voicemail or email. And that means more deals and closes for you!

Think texting might be a good solution for your marina? Here are seven ways your marina can increase profits through text messaging.

1. Bring in more leads by answering their questions.

Customers always have questions, and they'd often rather ask than scour your site. Plus, the business to answer questions first is usually the one who wins the business.

That's why it's so important to advertise that they can just text you questions. It's going to bring out the quickest answers, whether they’re looking to buy, rent, or schedule services on a boat,

Text Request’s SMS Chat widget makes this easy by letting your customers text you from your website. From there, their replies go to their phone where the rest of the conversation lives.

This is way more efficient than other chat bots that keep your potential customer tethered to their desktop. Plus it gets you the customer’s cell number for future follow ups!

2. Seal the deal on more boats, accessories, and services with MMS.

Boats are a huge investment, and your customer is going to want every nitty gritty detail on your available models and accessories before they make a purchase.

Why not make their decision easier for them with picture messaging?

Texting pictures is a great way to showcase the condition of your boats—especially if the customer is buying a used one.

Customers can also use pictures to show the specific parts or repairs they may need, which allows you to have conversations like:

“Hi Dave, thanks for choosing to shop with GreenWater for your replacement parts! We do have that kind of motor in the picture you sent available. Want me to place an order for you?”

3. Schedule more boat services and pickups faster.

Getting boats in and out of your dock can be a nightmare, particularly when customers aren’t responding to your updates.

You service boats and make repairs all the time, but you can't actually move forward on the work until you get approval from the owners. And some customers may not want an entire set of accessories installed on their boat until they see what the first one looks like.

This means you can get backed up fast.

That’s where texting’s 99% open rate and 90 second average response time come into play, to turn what was once an hours-long process over the phone into a short back-and-forth over text.

Text Request’s user-friendly dashboard also makes it easy for your staff to jump in and see which customers have or haven't been reached out to yet with updates.

From there they can send a short and sweet message, like:

“Hi Diane, it’s Clark at GreenWater Marina. Your new motor has been installed and your boat is ready for pickup.”

4. Attract return customers by texting them event and deal announcements.

Your marina hosts a ton of seasonal events, like boat shows and waterfront concerts.

Customers can opt-in to receive announcements and info about these events when they text in keywords like, MARINA or BAYSIDE. You can customize these to suit your marina.

You can advertise these announcements on your website or have physical signs at your marina that offer deals for people who opt-in. This also helps you keep gathering customers' numbers for futures sales and events.

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5. Organize rental drop offs and pickups more effectively.

When a customer contacts you for a rental, you need to be prepared to send them the information on where and when they’ll pick up their boat. More importantly, you’ll also need to communicate when you expect the boat back and how the customer should leave it for the next guest. This gets complicated when you have multiple rentals a day.

But Text Request makes sharing rental schedules and expectations with customers easy with Text Merge. Text Merge allows you to insert a rental’s scheduled pickup and drop off times, like this:

“Hi [name], thanks for choosing GreenWater Marina for your boat rental! Your rental pickup is scheduled for [time] on [date], and your rental dropoff will be at [time] on [date].”

6. Make scheduling payment reminders a breeze.

It takes a lot to run your marina, and you want to make sure you get paid for it. But with all the boats coming in and out of your dock, it can be hard to keep track of who still needs to be reminded to pay.

Text Request makes it easy to schedule payment reminders in advance for everyone, so you don’t have to worry about who to send what. Simply import a CSV file with all your contacts and Text Request will put them into a group message. You can also copy and paste links into these messages so it’s easy for customers to make online payments.

7. Garner more online reviews.

When a local types “marina” into Google, you want to be the one that shows up first.

Reviews can help you do just that—and texting is one of the fastest ways to get them.

And since you can copy and paste links into texts, leading your customer to the exact place they need to leave the review is a cinch. In fact, 70% of customers will leave reviews if they’re directly asked, like this:

“Hi Clara, thanks again for choosing GreenWater for your boat rental. Would you mind leaving us a review at: https://bit.ly/31VKaME?”

84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend, so the more you gather from texting the better.

Ready for your marina to make a splash with texting?

Text Request gives your marina the power to text from your business phone number to increase your leads, sell more boats, organize rentals, and schedule more services.

If you’re ready to take the next step to start texting, you can schedule a demo, or even try out our SMS Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this page to ask us any questions! You can also check your current business number below to see if it’s eligible for texting.