6 Ways Marketing Agencies Increase Customer Engagement Through Text Messaging

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You're trying to stand out from other marketing agencies, and you're trying to make your clients stand out from their competitors. So how can you go above and beyond to make sure everyone wins?

Through text messaging.

It's the number 1 form of communication, and you can use it to easily:

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales, and
  • Get more online reviews

That would be valuable to you and your clients, right? 

That's why I'm going to show you five ways marketing agencies increase customer engagement through text messaging, and how your agency can implement texting starting today.

Let’s dig in!

What value does texting bring to your clients?

Texting makes things easier for your clients' customers, and for you. It's the most used feature on any smartphone, and it's the most requested channel for business communications.

By texting, you will:

  • Meet customers' preferences
  • Create more personal relationships
  • Provide better customer experiences
  • And improve each of your marketing strategies (we'll get to that in a second)


These are basic concepts that you're working towards every day, and you'll have a lot more success by adding text messaging to your arsenal. Now here's how to do it and why it works.

1. Achieve massive leads with SMS Chat.

Most website traffic comes from mobile devices, and text messaging is the number one way people choose to communicate from those devices. So why not let people text your clients straight from their websites?

Better yet, what if viewers could text your clients from their mobile site and their desktop site?

You'd get more leads, because viewers can quickly ask their questions ("How much does it cost?"), and they don't have to stay on the site waiting for a rep to respond. They can send their message and move on.

This is what SMS Chat can do for your clients.

You can see an example of it in the bottom right corner of this page (or watch the video above to see it in action). Messages go into your Text Request account, and replies go directly to that contact's cell phone as text messages.

It's proven to increase both the number of leads you get and the percentage of leads you close.

Plus, you can integrate Text Request with your CRM to automatically add these SMS Chat leads to your pipeline. You can even add custom fields to the SMS Chat form to get the most important information.

... I have closed numerous deals by texting only, fixed scheduling issues for current clients, and I've set up a lot of sales calls as well. Thumbs UP!!" - Charlie, Merry Maids

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2. Use Group Messaging for mass-communications.

Texts are going to be more effective for mass communications than email or ads. Not only will it save you time (a text only takes a few seconds to send), it will also guarantee your message is seen.

99% of texts are read, and 95% of those are read within the first three minutes! (That's way better than the 16% of emails that are opened.)

Plus, our group messaging works like a BCC email. You can send one message to as many people as you want, and the recipients can't see each other. Any replies come directly back to the sender, not the group.

Group Texting in Business


You can use this for promotions, newsletters, or any other updates. Example:

“Hey there! We're proud to announce that we now have an in-house video production team ready to make great content for you. Reply if you'd like to learn more!”

In this example, you get to (a) share a company milestone, and (b) use that update as an opportunity to drum up new business. That's a win-win!

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3. Personalize texts at scale with Merge messaging.

Sometimes you need to send messages to lots of people, but each message needs to be personalized to that individual. You might use the person's name, account balance, appointment date or time, or some other unique identifier.

That's why Text Request created Merge Messages. Here's an example:

“Hey [name], this is is a quick payment reminder. You have a balance of [amount due] that's due by [due date]."

This is extremely helpful for the person sending messages, and is sure to increase customer engagement (and revenue), because over 50% of business texts get responses and click-throughs.

You can also schedule these messages to go out at specific times in the future.

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4. Schedule messages so you never miss an opportunity.

Scheduling reminders or promotional texts will help your productivity. This allows you and your team to set up various texts to be sent out at a later date, so they can continue with other work and not have to worry about pressing send.

Scheduled messages is a flexible tool, and there are lots of ways you might use it.

Let's say you schedule an appointment with a client. You might then schedule a confirmation text to be sent the day before the appointment, like:

"Hey Jim, are we still good for tomorrow at 9am? Let me know, thanks!"

Or you might schedule messages for client anniversaries, like:

“This marks our first month working together! Is there anything else we can do for you? We are excited to help your business grow! ”

Or let's say you have an event coming up, and you want to remind people to register for it:

"Good morning! We're excited to host [Event Name] on [Date]. Come see us to learn more about [XYZ] and be entered to win a $100 gift card!"

One last example - let's say you've been talking with a prospect, and you need to follow up in a week or two to close a sale. You might schedule a text to say:

"Hey Cynthia, just following up like you asked. Do you have an update for me? I'm open this morning if you want to jump on a call for a few. Thanks! - Brian."

5. Get back time and money with picture messages.

Visuals are a huge part of marketing and sales communications, as is client approval. Text Request allows for two-way picture messaging so that you can:

  • Send engaging promotions or flyers
  • Share design mock-ups
  • Order specific items or parts
  • See what something looks like to give an estimate on what it takes to fix

Here's an easy promotional example:


You're going to get higher customer engagement by using visuals in your communications. That can save your clients time and money. It can increase revenue for your clients. And it can provide better customer experiences all around.

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6. Increase online reviews (and local search results).

We know how important local search is to your clients, and you know how important good reviews are to local search. Plus, 90% of people check out reviews before deciding to work with a business.

So, to get more reviews, simply text customers and ask them to leave a review on your favorite platform (like Google). All you need to say is:

"We enjoyed working with you! Will you please share your experience on Google? [link to Google reviews]"

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How can your agency manage texting for clients?

Since you probably handle marketing and sales communications for your clients, you need a system that lets you manage each business under one account. Text Request is perfect for this.

Each business can get their own text number (usually their main business line) under your account, and you can also have several users manage each or all of those lines from any device. 

The amount of value you will add to clients through text messaging is boundless, and Text Request makes it easy for you to manage those texts for all your clients.

How to Get Started

You probably want to see how Text Request works before recommending it to clients. Just grab a time for a quick demo.

We'll show you how all the features and use cases mentioned above work, and give answers to any and all of your questions.