3 Ways Mechanics, Auto Shops Text to Schedule More Services

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Whether you run a repair shop or an auto body shop, your mechanics have to constantly coordinate with different kinds of customers and their vehicles. And considering most people are incredibly protective of their cars (and their wallets), this can be super stressful.

Your clients are pushy for updates, and scheduling services and keeping the flow of traffic moving in and out of your shop can be a nightmare!

The problem is everyone’s too busy for voicemail and phone tag (the stats are depressing):

  • 80% of calls go to voicemail
  • 90% of first time voicemails are never opened
  • The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%

So, what’s the solution?

You text them, because texting is the best tool you already have with an:

  • Open rate of 99%
  • An average response time of 90 seconds
  • And 89% of people who want to text businesses

3 Reasons Mechanics and Auto Shops Should Be Texting

1. Schedule more appointments by being the quickest shop to respond.

When there’s multiple car shops around town, you know a lot of times your customers are going to whoever answers them first—in fact, 50% of sales always go to the first responder.

But how can you stand guard by the phone, or hold lengthy conversations with first-time customers, when you need to be working on the cars already in your shop?

The reality is, texting is the number one preferred form of communication for American adults under 50. So, most customers are not even trying to call in anymore—they’re looking at your competitors who can text.

Your shop can easily advertise that you do the same by adding an SMS Chat widget to your website.


SMS Chat gives anyone who visits your website the immediate option to text you. The widgit is completely customizable, so you can prompt your customers with a header like, “Need to schedule an appointment?”

And once you get that influx of new appointments, Text Request makes it easy to schedule appointment reminders and follow ups with merge messaging.

This is great for sending out personalized message to seperate groups of clients, like:

Hi [James], we’re looking forward to seeing you on [11/09] at [8:30 a.m.] to get your tires rotated.


Hey [Clark], the new [RADIUS WI17 tire rims] you requested are in. When can you stop by to have them installed?

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2. Get customers to respond faster to your status updates.

Getting vehicles in and out of your shop can be a disaster if customers aren't responding to your updates.

During repairs, you can’t move onto the next step if your client hasn’t given you the greenlight to fix the problem you’ve located. And some clients may not want a full set of new accessories until after they’ve had a chance to see what just one looks like installed.

This causes you to get drastically backed up, which is bad for everyone.

So how do you make sure things keep flowing? You text instant updates.

Text Request’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for all of your mechanics to see which clients have or haven't been updated yet. And since the average response time for texts is 90 seconds, you’ll be turning a process that used to take hours over the phone into a lightning fast back and forth over text.

The best part is, Text Request allows you to text from you business's number, so your team can always be on the same page.

The updates your mechanics send can be short and sweet, like:

Hi, Mrs. Dee! Your new windshield is installed, and your car is ready for pickup.

3. Rank number one in reviews.

Local mechanics and auto shops live and die on reviews—and that’s because 90% of people treat online reviews like personal recommendations.

Even a business with ten reviews has a 50% higher conversion rate than those with none, so you know you don’t want to be the only shop in town without them. Google’s search engine also prioritizes mechanics who have the highest ratings so they appear first.

Luckily, texting is the perfect, low-stakes way to ask a customer for a review. You can even directly attach your review link in the text, so it’s as easy as possible for your customers to start the process.

70% of customers will leave a review if you just ask them directly. Texting can make that question quick and painless, so you can get back to work (and bring in new business).

So what’s the best way your auto shop and mechanics can begin texting?

You want a learning curve that is quick and easy, so you can get your hands back in the shop. That’s why we offer free demos, training sessions, and tutorials, even long after your purchase is complete.

Check to see if your office number is eligible below, and get started today!