Where Does Mobile Fit in the Customer Buying Journey?

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People want answers before they buy. They want to see reviews, comparisons, pricing, and more. That's why they turn to mobile! But just where exactly does mobile fit in the customer buying journey?

Think about your own customer buying journey.

You're thinking about getting something new. You want to see how much it costs, or maybe what other people think about it.

What do you do?

When we ask this question, the answer is increasingly, "I pull out my phone, and Google it."

Call it a micro-moment, call it a touch point. Call it whatever you want! People turn to their phones for help when making purchasing decisions.

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Mobile Online Reviews Influence Buying Behavior

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By the numbers, here's what we know.

How many people use smartphones?

77% of the American adult population own a smartphone. When you narrow the population down to adults under 50 - the primary buying demographic - the number of smartphone owners rises to about 85%.

85% of the primary buying demographic own a smartphone as of the spring of 2015 (recent smartphone sales data suggests the percentage has increased since).

And it's safe to say (the research suggests) that each and every one of these consumers has used their smartphone to look up a product.

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That's huge!

But it makes sense, right? You use the internet to get answers, and smartphones act as a faster way to get answers.

Here's what else we know.

Where does mobile fit in the customer buying journey?

93% of people who use mobile for research - at any step - go on to make a purchase. That's where mobile fits into the customer buying journey.

Mobile is integral to the purchasing process! It flows through every step.

Desktop search and usage is still very powerful. That's where most of the final transactions take place. But in between the first thought of a product and the swipe of a card are a lot of mobile touch points.

Think with Google Smartphones Help Product Buying Decisions

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People pull out their phones when they have questions or want answers, often long before they make a purchase.

Maybe they're relaxing on their couch at home when they pull out their phone for answers. Maybe they're at work.

Did you know that 82% of smartphone users pull out their phones in the middle of stores to look up reviews and comparable products?

Consumers will physically hold an item, and still look for a better option on their phones! 

Mobile fits in every step of the customer buying journey, from awareness through transaction. And you have to be able to deliver via mobile at every stage. 

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