5 Ways Moving Companies Grow Profits by Texting Customers

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You want to bring in more customers, serve them better, and grow your moving company, but you don’t have the budget (or employees) to implement the ideas you know will work.

That’s a huge problem. But what if I said you could generate new leads, close deals faster, and earn exponentially more online reviews without pouring dollars into ads or hiring?

Would you be interested?

Below I'll show you how moving companies are growing profits by texting with customers at each stage of the moving process. I’ll even toss in a case study or two.

Text messaging is easy to fit into your daily operations and costs next to nothing—but I’ll cover all that in a minute.

Why should your moving company text customers?

It can take you days (or longer) to get a prospect to commit. You spend a lot of resources driving targeted viewers to your website, only to have them choose a competitor. And you follow up with customers repeatedly to ask for feedback and reviews.

The root problem of each of these is communication, and text messaging is the solution.

You need to connect with customers quickly and consistently to grow your business. Now let me show you how to do that.

1. Convert website viewers into leads with SMS Chat.

You want qualified prospects coming to your website and reaching out for your help. That’s why you spend so much time and money on targeted advertising, search engine optimization, and local events.

The problem is you aren’t seeing the returns you’d like. These tactics work, but they aren’t game changers.

Consider this: Most people come to your website on their smartphones, they have questions, and they’d rather text you than dig for answers themselves.

That’s why SMS Chat is so powerful.

SMS Chat lets visitors text you straight from your website. The best part for them is they don’t have to wait around on your website for a response. Your replies will go to their cell phones as text messages.

The best part for you is you get their cell phone number with an open line to the #1 most used feature on their phones (texting).

SMS Chat consistently brings in more leads than other website conversion tools, and creates more opportunities throughout the sales process, too.

2. Win more deals by being the first to respond.

Between ⅓ and ½ of sales go to the first vendor to respond to a sales request. When prospects are checking you out, they’re also checking out your competitors. Want to win more of those opportunities?

Be the first person to respond! Here’s how you can do it.

When a lead comes in--whether they text you or fill out a form--have a text automatically sent back saying:

“Thanks for reaching out! We’ve got your message and someone will follow up ASAP.”

Then an agent can text the prospect as they’re able.

“Leo, saw your request. Have a couple questions to clarify a quote. Do you have 2 minutes to chat, or would you rather me text them? Thanks! - Carlyle @ Movers”

You can also have notifications from new leads pop up on your own smartphone (or computer), so you can quickly help prospects even after hours (which is when they’re most likely to reach out and have time to talk).

If you need to see a space to give a good estimate, prospects can even text you pictures of their rooms so you know what you’re getting into.

This positions you as the fastest, most helpful moving option, leading to more deals for you!

3. Follow up with prospects through text to close deals faster.

There’s typically a good deal of lag between the time you share the first estimate with a customer and the time you officially book the move. But during that gap, you’re continually trying to call or email your customer to move the process along.

The problem is you can’t reach them, and it’s costing you.

Texting closes this gap--all it takes is a quick reminder:

“Kevin, is the estimate I shared good with you, or shall we tweak? Want to make your move easy!”

Customers won’t answer calls or emails during their work day (which is normally the same as your work day), but they’ll answer texts in seconds or minutes.

From there it’s an easy conversation to make adjustments and actually book the move. You might even include a picture of the estimate to make things easier for prospects.

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4. Confirm moves (and upsell customers) in a flash.

Anyone who’s moved will tell you things get pretty hectic last minute. That’s where you can come swooping in to save the day. You need to confirm customers are ready to move at the time and day the movers are booked for. A quick confirmation text will keep everyone on the same page:

“Hey Sarah, ready to move tomorrow? We’ve got our team set to be at your house at 10am. Is that still good for you?”

If they need to adjust the time, they’ll text back to tell you. That confirmation text, or anytime during the conversation, is a great place to slip in your upsell questions, too.

“We have plenty of boxes and packing tape, would you like us to bring any?”

Whatever your question, if it might be helpful, ask!

5. Ask for reviews and feedback after the move.

You need to know how your movers perform for quality assurance, and when someone has a great experience with your team, you want to publicly highlight it. The problem is getting a pulse on those experiences doesn’t work as well as you want.

That’s why you have automated email campaigns and (probably) dedicated employees on the phones trying to get reviews and feedback from your customers.

The more reviews you get, the more customers you’ll bring in, but you’re spending a lot of time and money getting them. There’s a better way.

Just text to ask about customers’ moving experience:

“On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, how would you rate your experience with Our Moving Company?”

If they reply with a 5, follow up with a text asking for a review.

“So glad we could help make your moving experience great! Reviews help us a ton. Would you leave us one on Google? google.com/ourlink”

Texting will give you near instant engagement, which provides a lot of flexibility, but asking for online reviews through text tends to bring in 600% more reviews than asking by email.

Bonus: Improve quality control with MMS (picture messaging).

Processes need to be followed, loads and equipment need to be secured, and you need a record of all of it for liability. But having movers call in to walk through a checklist, or having managers inspect loads on site, is a huge drain on resources.

So just text pictures instead.

That gives you a confirmation and permanent record of the move. Your teams can also text to confirm arrivals and departures. The operations team is always looking to improve efficiencies, and here you go!

How to Start Texting at Your Moving Company

The easiest way to start is to pick one use case--say texting customers to follow up on estimates--and get your team on board with this step. We (Text Request) are here to help.

We’ve built tools specifically to help you generate leads, connect with customers, and manage all those conversations professionally as a team. You can even text using your office phone numbers (use the widget below to check).

If you’d like to see first hand how Text Request can help, click here to schedule your demo.