Should You Never Call a Sales Lead Again?

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Here's what we've seen. When you add texting to your business, all your numbers improve. It's faster, it's what a lot of consumers prefer, and it gets results. It makes you wonder, should you never call a sales lead again?

What happens when you call a sales lead?

Even if you're completely comfortable on the phone, and even if the leads you're trying to reach are hot, you'll be lucky if half of them answer.

In fact, studies show that only 15%-30% of consumers are likely to answer calls, depending on where the phone number comes from. And that's assuming they're able to answer when you call. People are busy.

Across industries, it's a safe bet that about 1 in 5 calls to a qualified sales lead will be answered. About half of those who answer will want to carry on the conversation with you - if you're good on the phone.

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1 in 10 leads you call makes it to the next stage of your funnel. That's not necessarily terrible, but you could get so much more out of your leads if you could only reach them.

People are busy. They value their time above all else. They won't answer your calls when they're working on something, which is probably what they're doing during business hours.

If there's no one to talk to, it doesn't matter how good of a salesman you are. But. People text in the middle of things throughout their work day all the time.

Lead conversion text vs call

What does the research say?

A recent series of studies showed that when given the option, about 90% of sales leads preferred to be texted for follow-up, compared to being called. Calling a sales lead still has its place, of course, but it's not what most people prefer.

That same series of studies showed that texts led to a 205% higher response rate from leads, compared to phone calls. And of all total responses, responses via text message were 295% more likely to be "yes" responses, when compared to phone calls.

Basically, people are more likely to respond to texts than calls, and those responses are more likely to be positive.

Also, if you send out 100 texts, 95 of those texts will be opened and read within 5 minutes. That is astronomically fast!

Texts are read within 5 seconds on average, have a 45% average response rate, and a 90-second average response time. What would that do for your sales ratios?

How do texts and calls work together?

Often, you need a phone conversation to completely explain a situation or answer a slough of questions. In a lot of sales situations, calls are better for everyone. But two people still have to be able to reach each other.

In these cases, a simple text saying, "This is [NAME] from [COMPANY]. Do you have a couple minutes for a quick call?" does wonders. Be your own wing man. Set yourself up. It works like a charm.

When a sales lead doesn't answer, shoot them a text. When you need to set up a time to call, text. If you haven't heard from them in a while, check in with a text.

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Should you never call a sales lead again? Maybe. Chances are you could make a lot of sales without ever making another call.

Calls have their place, though, and are certainly effective once you're able to speak with someone. Often that's the kicker.

Texts help you reach more of your leads more quickly. It's a small piece that can have exponential benefits! Follow-ups, closes, check-ins - even the quick "Update?" text works brilliantly.

Research continually shows that texting leads yields higher conversions and more positive responses. Why wouldn't you include that in your sales arsenal?

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