If I'm Not On My Phone, Am I Missing Out?

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For sometime now we've all lived in a flat world. Location means very little when we can be connected to anyone anywhere at any time. It brings up conversations and arguments around how we should handle all this opportunity. Let's lay a couple of those arguments to rest.

First, is mobile dependence ruining our lives? In short, no. It's actually empowering us to live better, more productive, and more fulfilled lives. For a full elaboration, click here. Second, if I'm not on my phone at all times, am I really missing out on anything? It's a great question! The answer isn't necessarily black and white.

Today, mobile technology is nearly synonymous with the internet, which means that our smartphones are nearly synonymous with being able to interact with anyone at any time for any reason from anywhere. At the same time, you know, and we've all experienced, that each of us needs time away from all the stimulation technology creates so that we may relax, destress, unwind, and rejuvenate.

But when we take these necessary breaks, are we missing out? The short answer is: Yes. You are absolutely missing out when you disconnect. Perhaps a better question, though, would be: Does it matter? The answer to that: It depends.

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, right? That's just one town with 8.5 million people. The internet is used by billions of people everyday! Facebook alone has a billion daily users. There is always something going on, and something going on with your connections. There's always a new life event, a next meme to break the internet, another viral sensation, an emerging story somewhere.

Maybe your friends and acquaintances are up to something you'd like to be a part of. There are always people interacting with each other. There is always something interesting going. And frankly, if you're not connected - if you're not on your phone - you're missing out. But does it matter? Well, that one's not as easy to answer. Let's start here.

Where are your priorities? To help answer this, a lot of times you have to put your job (or primary duties) into perspective. For instance, I'm in marketing. By default, it's a priority of mine to keep a pulse on what's happening in the digital world today. I can make it easier to keep up with via my Twitter feed or Google alerts, but it's my duty to be connected.

At the same time I have a wife to nurture, and my own sanity to keep. Both of those are rather important to me, so I'll forgo my connection to the rest of the world in order to spend time and energy there. Many of you have kids, friends, and other family members with whom it's a priority to spend quality time. Maybe your phone is exactly how you do that! Or maybe it's a priority of yours to stay physically active. Your phone could add value to this, or it could take away. It depends on you and your setup.

There's always something going on. If you're not connected - if you're not on your phone - you're going to be missing out. That's a fact. Whether missing out is a bad thing is up to you. Where are your priorities? What are your responsibilities? Are you a brand that always needs to be connected? Do you only need access to the outside world when you're sending email? There's not one right answer, because the answer differs for everyone. The same person may even have different answers depending on the time of day! It's up to you to decide.