People Under 50 Prefer Texting to All Other Communication

Text Request Texting Most Prevalent Communication Under 50

"Digital Natives" are typically recognized as Millennials and today's teenagers who've all grown up using cell phones and the internet. But they're not the only ones who've integrated these technologies into their daily lives.

According to a recent (and rather thorough) Gallup poll, "sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50."

That's astounding! Especially when you think about how texting and mobile trends are perceived. They're often thought of as applying to hip, under-35 crowd who were "young enough" to appreciate new technologies as they came out.

But mobile usage is so much larger than that. Texting is the number one form of communication, and yet businesses and organizations across the board are neglecting to harness it in a professional and manageable way.

Maybe you think, "Well, a lot of businesses work with older demographics, so it doesn't really apply there." Au contraire mon frere!

Texting's the most common way for anyone under 50 to communicate, and well over half of those older than 50 text as well!

Texting is native to Millennials, but they're not the only ones who do it, nor the only ones to do it often.

Businesses and the people who work for them: why are you not using the world's #1 preferred form of communication to actually hold conversations, to build relationships with people and grow your organization?

Do you want to gain more leads? Do you want to service customers better? Would you like to leave people happier, and steal consumers away from your competition? Of course you would. That's what business is all about!

So why not use a simple tool that everyone wants to use, but that businesses have not made a staple? Stand out! Give the people what they want. Meet consumers where they are, and join the conversation. Text.