CustomViewbook, Text Request Partner in Higher Education Technology

CustomViewbook Text Request Higher Education Tech Partnership Integration

Tech companies CustomViewbook and Text Request have partnered to provide “mobile-first” advantages for higher education. The partnership enables real-time, two-way text communication between admissions advisers and student prospects.

Chattanooga, TN / February 14, 2017 – CustomViewbook™ has begun incorporating texting software Text Request into its Digital Viewbook Platform to provide higher education clients the ability to increase real-time communication with student prospects.

The decision is based on research indicating mobile and text as the preferred communication channels of Generation Z, and the need for recruiters to have more personal, real-time interaction with high school student prospects.

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CustomViewbook’s team of experts has worked closely with admissions departments and high schoolers for 20+ years to develop leading digital solutions that provide personalized experiences and drive recruitment success.

CustomViewbook Logo

“We see our integration with Text Request as another big step towards achieving our mission to help every college prospect find the right college experience for them,” says James Horigan, Executive Vice President of CustomViewbook.

“We work hard,” continued Horigan, “to provide our higher education clients with the most valuable data available so they can focus time and resources on best fit prospects.

“Also, we know that if you put student prospects in the driver’s seat and give them easy access to the information they need and want, the results are tremendous. Through this integration, students will be able to more quickly and easily communicate with recruiters how they prefer to communicate. This will pay off very well for our clients.”

“We’re excited to integrate with CustomViewbook,” said Text Request co-founder and CEO, Brian Elrod. “It’s always exciting to work with an innovative company who’s doing everything in their power to grow and implement best business practices.”

Text Request Logo

Text Request is an online texting software that gives teams a professional way to manage text conversations. Focusing on real-time, personal communications, Text Request works heavily with higher education offices and service-based businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

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“The move to mobile isn’t a fad,” continued Elrod, “It’s a trend that will continue to shift the foundation of the professional world. People are mobile-first.

“Texting is native to mobile, and it’s the most preferred form of communication in the world! Those who adapt will excel. Those who don’t will fall behind.”

About Text Request

Text Request is an online texting service that makes it easy for your business to manage live, two-way text conversations. Multiple users can login to a shared dashboard, where they can send and receive texts to gain and follow up with leads, schedule and confirm appointments, communicate with employees, encourage customer reviews, improve collections, and more.

Those wishing to learn more can contact visit to view pricing, get a free demo, or sign up and start texting today.

CustomViewbook Text Request Integration

About CustomViewbook

CustomViewbook, a product of Antech Systems, Inc. provides professional grade digital solutions that drive higher education admissions and recruitment goals. For nearly twenty years, our team of web and mobile application experts has been helping higher education clients better engage, target and focus resources on best fit prospects. CustomViewbook digital solutions are SaaS-based and work throughout the recruitment cycle to boost engagement, capture highly-qualified leads and reinvigorate interest. Based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, we have offices in Philadelphia, PA, and Auburn, AL.

For an online demo of the CustomViewbook Digital Platform, Recruiter iPad App, and ViewbookBlasts, please contact our sales director Mary Pannullo at  A brief video demo is available at

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Text Request Adds Texting to Business Landline, Toll-Free Numbers

Text Request Chattanooga

Text Request, the cloud-based business texting platform which enables consumers and businesses to engage each other in live text conversations, announced today the release of their new number hosting service.

This update will propel the company’s massive disruption of the U.S. and Canada business software-as-a-service markets.

“Here’s what we see,” said Text Request co-founder and CEO Brian Elrod. “In 2016, businesses are finally implementing mobile strategies, and texting is a crucial piece of those strategies.

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“It’s the way consumers prefer to communicate, and it gets results. Moving forward, businesses can’t afford not to be texting! But most of these businesses have been marketing their one main business number forever.

“Adding our text platform to current business numbers makes getting started so much simpler for them.

“Companies spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing specifically for lead generation, but even a mobile optimized website doesn’t contain the path of least resistance.

“One of our more popular features, Click-to-Text, makes it so that mobile viewers can just click a button to open a text to that company. We’ve seen this boost leads more times than we can count. It’s how many people prefer to communicate.”

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Businesses using Text Request get an online multi-user dashboard where they can send and receive texts, manage contacts, and choose their own local area code numbers.

Now, businesses can add the Text Request dashboard to their existing landline, VOIP, and toll-free numbers at no extra charge, and with no changes to their current phone service.

According to recent data, less than 30 per cent of emails are opened (Smart Insights, 2016). Phone calls are answered at an even lower rate. Nearly two-thirds of online traffic comes from mobile devices (comScore, 2014).

Yet texting is “the most prevalent form of communication for adults under 50” (Gallup, 2014), with message open rates of 99 per cent. Text Request provides a better, faster way to communicate, filling what they say is “the largest void in business communication.”

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“Text Request is like Outlook for texting,” continued Elrod. “We’ve taken the personalization, speed, and preference of typical text messaging, like what you do with your friends, and added all the organizational oversight, security, and customizations a business might need, including tags and BCC group texts.”

The platform can work well for small business and larger enterprises, particularly those looking to increase engagement and conversion ratios with mobile conscious buyers and Millennials.

Text Request is a contract-free, monthly subscription service starting at $25. To learn more, or to add live two-way texting to your current business number, visit

About Text Request

Text Request enables businesses to seamlessly harness the power of mobile, providing the easiest way for businesses and consumers to engage with each other.

Text Request is a cloud-based business tool built for live, two-way text conversations from any desktop or mobile device.

Currently available in the United States and Canada, Text Request is used for lead generation, sales, customer service, internal communication, collections, follow-ups, reviews, and more.

Visit to see specifically how Text Request can help your business.

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The Reality of a Tech Startup’s First Year in Business

Text Request Launch Party

Today is Text Request's first birthday! It's been a year since we formally launched, and we couldn't be more excited (or surprised at how fast the year's flown by). When you think of startups and startup life, your mind might wander towards the glowing halls of Uber HQ, or Snapchat waiving off billion dollar offers, or Zuckerberg putting on a gold hoodie every morning.

Let me stop you right there. Here’s what really happens.

You realize there’s a problem/pain in the world, probably something you directly experience. Then you set out to flip that pain into invention. In our case, this was realizing that you could text every single person you know, because it's the most popular form of communication in the world, but you couldn't text a business. If you're a business that needs to communicate with consumers (you are), why wouldn't you text?


Your head begins to expand as the potential market for your idea hits 10 figures. After mentally planning out how you’re going to configure your own personal island, you set out to change the world!

Then reality knocks you out of that dream, like your mom waking you up for school. Or when you're a kid that can't wait to be an adult, and then adulthood slaps you in the face.

One year ago today I stepped up to the mic, blinded by a spotlight, and welcomed distinguished members of the Chattanooga community to the launch of Text Request. I was ready for the press to swarm around me, Forbes to plead for an interview, every business in the world to share its credit card information, and Mark Zuckerberg to add ME on Facebook!

Text Request Launch Party

Foolish, right? In truth, you need that blind belief in your dream. You’re going to get hit, be disappointed, and completely mess up a couple (thousand) times. It’s in the job description.

The first year at a startup is like sailing a boat. You leave the Gulf of Florida, but you're not sure if you're supposed to be heading towards Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Oh, and you're sailing through a hurricane. Except, instead of a sailing, you're paddling. And instead of a boat, you're on an inflatable raft. And your compass works about as well as Jack Sparrow's.

Beginning a startup company is heading out on a giant excursion, where you're not really sure of your goal, and reality and other people are constantly tearing you down. But the most important thing is that you start.

The thought process was simple: where would this make MY life easier? Well, if I’m at a hotel, and I need something from the front desk, I would rather text them than pick up the phone. Let’s hit up hotels! Where else? Restaurants can be tough to reach, and text would be a great way to give owners feedback. Put ‘em on the list! Who texts the most? Teenagers. College admissions! We threw on dental offices, churches, salons, and we were cookin' (just with the wrong ingredients).

We needed help telling the world, so we made our first hires. One of the most surreal experiences was sitting in an interview, pitching our concept to 20-something wannabe entrepreneurs. Is this really happening? We set out to hire a team of rockstar sales(wo)men, and we failed miserably!

As fate would have it, we ended with a content/social/digital marketing prodigy, Kenneth. A customer service guy, Seth, so incredible that if physically replicated could raise Comcast’s CSAT score to 100 - or at least passing. (CSAT - one of those cool abrevs biz peeps use for "customer satisfaction.") And yes, we did get our sales guy! Sadly, he is no longer with us… He’s not dead, just doing other things now. Hi, Sam!

Full speed ahead, we cold-called college admissions departments, hotel chains, dental offices, salons, and the lot. (P.S. Don’t ever cold-call salons. Can you all caps a period? EVER:)

There’s a lot to be said about the knowledge gained through experience at a startup. Our mantra was "Fail fast, and learn quickly." (We did both. Mostly the former.) There was a vulnerability, a transparency, and an honesty that galvanized our team together. You didn’t come in everyday with the right answers, you came in with the determination to figure them out.

The environment built character, and it certainly showed your character as well. Our first big trade show is a great illustration. Thanks to Fleetwood Mac, the back entrance to the ATL Convention Center was a parking lot. What did we do? We marched through the front door with all our gear strapped to our backs (not the sexy displays you might be used to - we didn’t even have a solid rolling bag), through an auto show, and trekked over a MILE to our exhibit hall. FYI, trade shows are my jam.

We launched in November, made hires in December and January, now we're in April. We’ve got this great idea, we’ve clearly identified people that need our service, and we’ve got a great team. Sales just weren’t happening. At a startup you juggle many jobs, but sales is my primary focus, so I’m hurting at this point.

You hear the term “pivot” a lot in startup speech. What's a pivot? Well, for instance, Instagram started out with a focus on location check-ins like Foursquare. Obviously, they changed direction to find more success. This tool we built as consumers, for consumers, just wasn’t clicking with our target markets. So we pivoted.

College admissions sales cycles are too long, and hotels wanted to offer good customer service, but they didn’t want to pay extra for it. We were, however, seeing great success with places that used our customer service tool for acquiring new business or boosting revenue (go figure). Let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah, it took us a little while, too. The realization (that giant DUH moment) that customer service tools are NOT high on a business owner's priority list, but making money always is, was the catalyst of our pivot.

After 6 months of grinding, we ironed out a target market with the easiest penetration and fastest sales cycle. We presented our tool as a lead generation source. A sales tool. A game changer. It was time to redesign the website.

When we originally designed the site, we worked with a marketing firm, a branding professional, and one of the best copywriters alive (thanks again, Ludwick). But it didn’t deliver our new value proposition. We didn’t have the funds to hire help, so we took it square on the shoulders and knocked it out as a team. A nugget to be extrapolated here: just do it. Don’t wait for it to be pretty. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. Give it your best and make it happen. You’re the crazy person chasing your dream. Trust your team, trust yourself, and make it happen.

It all worked! We started gaining momentum. Our MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) was increasing by at least 15%/month. Our ship was starting to sail!

Too many times early on I'd lost opportunities because conversations were pigeonholed and our value proposition had been swept off the table with simple objections. I was learning how to build national sales relationships, and more importantly, I was learning how to really negotiate.

James and Foster with Text Request at Merry Maids Annual Seminar

In August we were invited to be a vendor at Merry Maids' (a cleaning service franchise) national seminar. That week we increased our overall revenue by over 20%! (Shout out to Foster for that.) Merry Maids, we love you, and San Diego was debatably our best call yet.

Along with success at trade shows, we were accepted to be a part of Techweek NYC. Over 200 startups pitched to get in and they accepted the top 70. I showed up for the demo day to join a room full of passionate entrepreneurs sharing their ideas with the public.

Judges roamed incognito and picked the top 16 for the semi-finals. We made the cut. Honestly I can't say I was surprised, since I spent 5 hours the day before preemptively memorizing my semi-finals pitch. But it still felt amazing to hear them call out“Text Request.”

James with Text Request at Techweek NYC

We didn’t win it all, but we went up to NYC and represented Chattanooga very well. It seemed as if this competition validated us. As soon we got back and news spread that we'd been there, everyone in town we talked to excitedly brought up the trip. It felt great!

The first year of a startup is not for the faint of heart. It is a stress induced roller coaster of emotional (and financial) instability and disappointment. Yet in the mess, in the crazy, you’re creating. Our dream of changing the world is still in tact. We’re still here, and we’re thriving. Our dream of changing the world is still in tact.

We still don’t have it all figured out (nobody does, don’t let them tell you different), but our sights are set on 10X growth this next year. We have some big things coming first quarter, and no plans on slowing down. Stay tuned, friends. We’re still here, and we’re thriving. Heck of a ride, gents, here’s to our next year!

----- James Dawson: Founding Member, Director of Sales & Communications

Text Request Takes on Techweek NYC, Impresses Crowd

Techweek NYC 2015 Text Request

Local Chattanooga startup Text Request is heading to New York City to compete in Techweek, which promotes itself as the city’s “greatest celebration of innovation and technology.”

“Chattanooga is an incredible place to be an entrepreneur, and to build a tech company,” says James Dawson, Text Request director of sales. “And New York is without a doubt a great place to compete.”

Techweek features a multi-round pitch competition that’s open to the public, and hosts dozens of speakers from Fortune 500 companies to venture capitalist firms, and more. There will also be a public expo of competitors, along with individual meetings between startups and investors.

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“There are several things we’re trying to get out of this trip,” Dawson continued. “One is fulfillment. We’re doing well within our niche, but winning this competition will validate everything we’re doing.

“Even if we don’t win, the publicity and feedback we’ll get from being involved in Techweek, in a town like NYC, could prove invaluable.

Dawson is also looking forward to the chance to sit down and talk with potential investors.

“Thousands of New York businesses are going to be in the crowds, and it will be great to get in front of people we can’t reach just in Chattanooga.”

Techweek between Wednesday, Oct. 14 and Saturday Oct. 17, and the team, reportedly, couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity!

The competition features a total of 50 startups from across the nation, who all compete for $50,000 in prize money, and the chance to work with seasoned investors.

Update: Text Request finished in the top 16 of Techweek NYC.

Learn More About Text Request

Text Request is a leading business solution for managing text conversations. Businesses can use their existing phone number, or choose a new local area code text number.

Users simply login to their account to send and receive messages at will. All accounts get unlimited users, and all the features your business needs to succeed! To learn more, visit

Learn More About Techweek

Techweek is a purpose-built conference and media company in 9 cities, with week-long conferences throughout the year.

Techweek partners with tech leaders, corporations, and the community to build a unique experience for investors, entrepreneurs, and Hero Companies. For more information, visit

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Text Request, Nooga Labs Team Up for Faster SEO Results

Text Request Nooga Labs Faster SEO Results

Digital marketing is a realm of countless experts, all trying to find that one nugget of Google magic to improve SEO and conversions.

A recent game-changer in this space is Text Request. The Chattanooga-based startup makes it easy for businesses to manage live, 2-way text conversations with prospects, customers, and employees.

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Nooga Labs, a local digital marketing agency, recently teamed up with Text Request, and has been using the service to capture significantly faster SEO results.

“When you search for ‘Chattanooga seo services or ‘seo company near me,’” says Nooga Labs owner David Hunter, “we’re not the first website that pops up. But we are the first business to respond, which is just as important.”

According to an InsideSales review, 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first.

“Speed is that important. When people search for businesses to work with” continued Hunter, “they check out several brands before making a decision.

“That’s where Text Request comes in. Even if we’re 5th on the search results page, we’re still the 1st to respond.

“We let viewers know they can text us on both our home and contact pages. And since 60% of all online traffic occurs on mobile devices, that ability for them to text us directly is huge!

Nooga Labs Using Text Request


Contact Nooga Labs Directly with Text Request


Text Request to Nooga Labs

“It will also be big for the businesses we work with. We’re always trying to find that next nugget to boost engagement, and this one’s golden. I think it’s the exact tool everyone needs right now.

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“Most phone calls aren’t answered, and the average email response time is anywhere from 45 minutes to over 6 hours!. But 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

“When someone sends us a text, I can respond from a computer or phone instantaneously with a personalized answer, and win their business by being there first.”

By servicing customers better and faster, Nooga Labs creates loyal clients who give them great reviews online, also improving the company’s SEO results.

More About Nooga Labs

Nooga Labs is devoted to “taking the science out of digital marketing,” by working closely with people to grow their businesses through web design, SEO, and social media. Got questions? Check out or text them directly at (423) 460-4212.

More About Text Request

Text Request is a online tool that helps businesses manage live, 2-way text conversations with prospects, customers, and employees. Businesses use Text Request for lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, customer service, collections, employee communications, and more. Interested? Click here for your free Text Request demo.

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This is How Text Request Improves Your Business Communications

How Text Request Improves Your Business Communications

In this video, Text Request founding member James Dawson shares how Text Request improves your business communications by enabling you to reach customers, prospects, and employees more quickly and more easily.

Click the video to watch, or keep scrolling for the transcript.

We know that texting definitely improves your business communications, and that it’s often the one piece a company needs to take their venture to the next level. It’s super simple, and incredibly powerful.

But far too many businesses have no way to professionally manage texting. We see this as the largest void in business communication.

Below, James Dawson, founding member of Text Request, explains how texting through Text Request improves your business communications.

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“We created Text Request because we saw a huge void in business communication.

You can call a business, you can email a business, so why can’t you text a business? Text is the most preferred form of communication in the world. Why not let your customers use it to reach you?

If your business relies on phone calls during work hours, and emails to reach your customers, you need to be texting as well. With a 98% 99% open rate, you’ll virtually always be able to get in touch.

Text Request is an intuitive online tool that enables a business to text back-and-forth with their customers directly in real-time. We are NOT short code messaging. Our system is built to help you engage in real conversations.

We give your business a unique, local 10-digit number to send and receive texts from your online account. [You can also use your current business number.]

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Need to fill an appointment? Text your customers to see who’s available.

Has someone reached out to you for a quote or estimate? Follow up with them quickly with a text, and shore up new business.

Connect directly with customers through text in a professional way that is 10X more efficient than a phone call.

We have a 60-day money back guarantee, no startup costs, and no contracts.

What are you waiting for? Engage today with Text Request.”

Click here to start texting.

Text Request Unveils New Features and Website

Text Request New Features Website

Text Request is making it possible for consumers and businesses to text each other the same way they text friends and family. The online platform is currently being used for anything from sales and lead generation to customer service and employee communications.

A recent Gallup poll shows that “sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50” (2014).

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Text Request is leveraging the largest growing communications trend to provide a solution for businesses of all sizes.

“We’re answering the question consumers have been asking for years,” said Brian Elrod, the company’s co-founder. “Why can’t we text businesses instead of calling or emailing?

“The statistics are overwhelming in favor of customers preferring to text. It’s almost irresponsible not to include texting in your communications.”

Details on New Features

Now Text Request is offering new features that will benefit both the customer and the business. At the top of the list are “Click-to-Text,” Android and iOS apps, and group messaging. They’ve also revamped their website,

Businesses who sign up for Text Request will be given a snippet of code to place on their website, allowing mobile viewers to open a text auto-addressed to that business.

“Click-to-call has been one of the most powerfully simple functions of a business’ website,” said Text Request Chief Technology Officer, Rob Reagan. “But people would often rather text you than call, which is what we’ve seen with businesses already using Click-to-Text.”

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The company believes that adding group messaging will drastically improve their service and appeal. “We intentionally left group messaging out of our original product” said James Dawson, Director of Sales, “because we wanted Text Request to be for one-on-one conversations.

“But we realize a business might need to spark several conversations at once, like when trying to fill last minute appointments, or sending out confirmations. So we added, basically, a BCC group messaging function.”

More on Text Request

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. It’s a communications tool for businesses who need to reach customers more quickly than current methods.

Interested business can create an account and start texting in just a few minutes. All features are included with all plans.

Click here to start texting.

Text Request Creates New Link Between Church and Community

Text Request Church Community

Chattanooga startup Text Request is boosting engagement between church and community by enabling both sides to hold text conversations in one, organized place.

This generally improves communications, keeps church staff from using personal cell phones and being “on call” 24/7, and makes it easier for community members to reach out for questions, prayer requests, and other things.

How Text Request Helps Church and Community

“Typically,” says James Dawson, the company’s co-founder and Director of Revenue, “churches have three main objectives. They seek to serve, engage, and grow.

“By appealing to today’s mobile preferences, churches are able to better serve their community. Texting with their community fosters better engagement. And that engagement, along with the management and oversight Text Request brings, enables both church and community to grow faster and stronger.”

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According to a recent Gallup poll, “Sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for Americans younger than 50.” Another recent study shows that people 18-44y.o. keep their smartphones by their side for 22 hours of every day.

By encouraging community members to text with them, churches meet people where they are and tear down barriers to ministry.

How Text Request Compares to Current Church Communication

“Everybody texts,” continues Dawson. “A lot of church staff members already text with their members for various reasons. But it’s from their personal cell phones, which means that other staff members have no idea what’s being said.

“This is important for the obvious reason of organization, and for keeping up with what’s going on. It’s also important for accountability, to know who says what and when. Particularly as a church staff, accountability is crucial.

“Communication with newcomers and people looking for a church is just as important as communication with members. Texting is a great way to reach out, and to let others reach you.

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“We know that emails aren’t opened very often, and that a lot falls through the cracks. The same goes for calls being placed on hold, and especially for voicemail.

“Let’s say I’m a community member, and I’m interested in your church. 60% of all online traffic occurs through a mobile device, so chances are I’m looking you up on my phone.

“I’m viewing your website on my phone, and like most people I prefer to text. Wouldn’t it make sense for me to be able to text your church from my phone, on which I’m already viewing your website? Text Request makes that possible.”

How to Get Started

To learn more about Text Request, or to get started instantly, visit www.textrequest.comThere are no downloads needed and no contracts to sign to use the system.

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the organizations they choose to communicate with.

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Text Request Revolutionizes Advertising Efficiency With New Software

Text Request Revolutionizes Advertising Efficiency

Text Request is improving business advertising campaigns by enabling businesses to manage text messages from their customers.

Instead of asking customers to call or email, businesses using Text Request can simply ask their audiences to text them for a quote or additional information.

By making their call-to-action the preferred form of communication for American adults under 50, businesses advertising their 10-digit text numbers are reporting percentage ROI’s in the thousands.

A recent CTIA and Nielson study reveals that the number of text messages sent each month increased over 7,700 percent in the last decade. A more recent study shows that consumers 18-44 y.o. keep their smartphones by their side for 22 hours of every day.

How Text Request Boosts Advertising

By engaging in text conversations, businesses are meeting customers where they prefer to be met, tearing down barriers to entry and improving the sales cycle.

Businesses spend billions on promotions trying to get consumers into their stores and onto their websites. However, consumers mostly see these promotions outside of business hours, while reading or watching TV before or after work, when there is little to no chance of reaching a business if they tried.

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“It just makes sense,” says Brian Elrod, Text Request co-founder and CEO. “Anytime I read or watch something I see ads, but that usually isn’t during my work day. When I do see them, though, my smartphone is either in my pocket or sitting on the couch beside me.

“If I see an interesting ad, I should be able to shoot that business a quick text that I’m interested. Otherwise I’ll just go on with my life, forgetting that business and how they can benefit me.”

“They already want me to call them or email them,” says Director of Communication James Dawson. “Why can’t I text them?

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“Everybody texts,” continues Dawson. “Over 80% of business calls are put on hold. Only 18% of people check their voicemail – Coca-Cola’s corporate office in Atlanta threw it out entirely. People prefer to communicate through text, and people run businesses. So why aren’t businesses texting? We connect those dots.”

More About Text Request

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the businesses they choose to communicate with.

Other than standard text messaging rates, Text Request is completely free to consumers.

There are no downloads needed and no contracts to sign to use the system. Click here to learn more about how Text Request can work for you.

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Text Request Extends Vendor Partnerships to Public

Text Request Reseller Affiliate Program

Text Request has been offering a solution to inconvenient phone calls and waiting on hold by allowing the public to instead text businesses. Now Text Request is extending its vendor partnership with the creation of its Reseller (Affiliate) Program.

About Text Request

Furthering their mission to “revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other,” the platform enables consumers and businesses to finally communicate with each other the same way people have communicating with other people for years.

“We’re answering the question consumers have been asking for years,” says Brian Elrod, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Why can’t we text businesses instead of calling or emailing?

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“The statistics are overwhelming in favor of customers wanting to text. It’s almost irresponsible for businesses not to take advantage of the most used form of communication in the world!”

About the Reseller Program

Now Text Request is enabling consultants, vendors, specialists and others across the nation to share this service with their clients, and to receive compensation for doing so, through their Reseller Program.

“We were exhibitors at an expo recently,” recounts Director of Communication, James Dawson, “and after the fifth or sixth person came up to us exclaiming how great and simple the service was, asking us if they could sell it to their own clients, we realized we had to make that possible.”

“This really is great for everyone,” says Elrod. “We’ve only had positive reviews from businesses using our service. Our Reseller Program allows those who already work in the small business space to become affiliates and get paid for it.

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“This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to people who appreciate what we do. I feel it strengthens our focus on customer service and providing quality every step of the way.”

Along with providing additional value to their clients, those who wish to add Text Request to their toolkit of recommendations will earn 20% of each account value (net transaction fees), paid monthly for the life of that account, with no caps on earnings.

Resellers will be given a free account for demonstrations, and only be responsible for introducing the service to clients. Text Request will cover all training and account maintenance.

Other than standard text messaging rates from cell phone providers, Text Request is completely free to consumers.

Early Success

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the businesses they choose to communicate with. 

The company rolled out a beta launch in the summer of 2014, using a diverse set of initial customers within a variety of industries including hospitality, education, places of worship, and food service.

These beta testers, and many users since, have encouraged contact through the platform, with reported growing satisfaction. To learn more about Text Request, click here.

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