5 Ways Property Management Companies Grow Their Business by Texting Prospects, Tenants

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Your property management company has a ton of different people you need to communicate with. Prospects need quotes, tenants need services, and contractors need to know where to make repairs. The problem is that you can’t reach everyone exactly when you need to, because no one is answering your calls and emails.

This means work piles up, tenants get frustrated, and prospects move on to competitors—all of which costs you time and money.

Instead, you need a way to reach everyone instantly, which is why other property management companies, like yours, have started texting.

Just check out the numbers:

  • 99% of texts are read
  • 95% of texts are read in three minutes
  • 40% to 50% of text messages are responded to
  • 91% of people would rather text than call a business

When you compare that to the 15% of emails that are opened and the 5% of calls that are answered, it’s no wonder why texting has become a must in property management. That’s why I’m going to show you five ways your own property management company can text prospects and tenants to grow your business.

1. Let prospects text you from your website.

You need to stand out from your competitors, and the best way to do that is by being the most convenient option for prospects.

That means letting them reach you the way they want to (which is through text).

When prospects Google property management companies, they’re going to have questions—and they don’t want to dig for answers. But when they see they can text you their questions, they'll contact you first. That also means you'll close more deals, since text leads tend to close at 2-6x the rate of those that fill out a form!

You can advertise your property management company texts by including an SMS Chat widget on your website. Prospects use this to text you directly from their website. Any replies you send go directly to their phone, where the rest of the conversation continues.

They get the answers they need, and you get to keep their number for any additional follow ups.

You can even set up autoresponses, so even if you can’t immediately answer the prospect’s question, they know you received their message.

Your autoresponse can also be formatted to prompt the prospect to start giving you any information you may need to help them, like:

“Thanks for choosing Sharp Properties! Please tell us your name, and if you’re interested in vacation rental or long-term lease. Our reps have received your message and will respond soon.”

2. Close more deals by texting follow ups.

Your work isn’t over once a prospect reaches out. You also need to work with them to:

  • Provide requested quotes
  • Schedule meetings
  • Confirm timelines
  • Get paperwork signed

This process can take a huge amount of time—and you can’t get that timeback if the prospect suddenly loses interest and moves on.

So text them follow ups throughout the closing process to make sure they stay engaged and give you the information you need to keep moving forward.

You can even include links in your texts so prospects can directly be led to any:

  • Online portals for paperwork
  • Calendly or Google Calendar invites
  • Forms from your website

Texting like this can improve sales conversions by up to 600%!

3. Provide the best customer service for long-term and short-term guests.

Whether your tenants are vacationers at a beach house or home renters in the suburbs, they need to be able to reach you for different things.

Texting gives them the ability to do that—you just need the right tool to help you manage and track the messages they send.

Text Request has a user-friendly dashboard that lets you see which messages from tenets have been resolved and which still need to be prioritized. Every message is also time-stamped and saved, so you have permanent records of who said what to stay compliant.

You can also categorize your tenants with Text Request’s groups feature. That way if you need to send an update to your short-term tenants vs. your long-term, you can easily select their group and hit send.

That kind of efficiency saves you time and keeps tenants happy—which leads me to my next point.

4. Showcase your happy tenants and guests by collecting more reviews.

Whenever someone searches for a property management company to work with, they’re going to start by looking at reviews—so you don’t want to be caught without any. Even a business with just ten reviews has a 50% higher conversion rate than those with none.

Your ratings are also a big factor in how Google’s search engine ranks your business’s search result.

So how do you get more?

You just ask your tenants and guests directly, and texting is the most effective way to do that.

All you need to do is send a quick message, like:

Hi [name], happy with your new home? Tell us how your renter process went at: [link] — Shimmer Properties


Hey [name], we’ve enjoyed helping you plan your trip. Tell us about your experience at: [link] — Clyde, Riverside Rentals

70% of your tenants and lessors will leave you a review if you just ask them directly like this.

5. Speed up maintenance requests with MMS messaging.

Your clients count on you to schedule repairs and provide upkeep on their properties—which means you need a fast way to get in touch with contractors and staff when they send requests.

But this can be a ridiculously time consuming process when you need to:

1. Review the repair or service request.

2. Visit the property to see what needs to be done.

3. Contact the correct staff or contractor to fix the problem.

4. Schedule a time between the tenant and staff member for them to stop by.

5. Wait to see if any additional services are needed.

Luckily with texting you can cut this process in half by allowing your tenants to text you pictures of what needs servicing on the property.

From there you can send that picture to the right contractor or staff member for the job, and they can go on to visiting the property. They’ll also be sure to have the appropriate tools for the job the first time, instead of inspecting the problem and returning later to fix it.

You can even introduce the tenant to the contractor by texting them a picture of who to expect at their door. People love this!

How can your property manager company start texting?

You have your use cases, now you just need the right tool to help you get started. Text Request can help your property management company with everything mentioned above, plus extras like:

  • Text templates
  • Message tags
  • Custom signatures
  • Response reports
  • And more!

The best part is you don’t even have to get a new number—we can give your current one texting capabilities! Check below to see if your number is eligible, and schedule a demo.