How Can You Quickly Capture Mobile Viewers?

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On average, mobile viewers spend about 15 seconds on a website before their attention is taken by something else. Whatever it is your brand is trying to share with viewers (products, knowledge, entertainment, etc.), you clearly don't have very much time to capture mobile viewers' attention and contact info.

It's not surprising, really, It makes sense. Any given person's working memory maxes out after 10 or 15 seconds, and then there are hundreds of things (notifications, ads, messages, to-do's) constantly vying for viewers' attention. When you think of it like that, it's actually impressive to hold someone's attention at all! But there's one very important fact you have to keep in mind.

Mobile viewers are looking for something. They want answers. They want something to engage with. If viewers are leaving your site in only a few seconds, you're failing them. Briefly, here are several ways to quickly capture mobile viewers.

Check your page load time.

It's important to provide instant results. This is proven by how many people abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Step 1 is ensuring mobile viewers can get to your site in a timely manner. Curious on what your page load time currently is, and how you can improve it? Click here.

Make viewers take action.

If someone's getting to your site, it means they care about what you might have to offer. The ball is entirely in your court as a brand to provide at this point. To quickly capture mobile viewers, make them engage with you. Align your copy to give them a reason to scroll down your page. Provide some form of call-to-action at the top of the page. What action fits well for your brand and what you're trying to accomplish? Do that. The quicker you can initiate engagement, the quicker you'll be able to capture mobile viewers.

Immediately do what you said you were going to do.

Mobile viewers get to your page because of a headline they saw or a query they searched. They want instant gratification. If you don't provide an answer or solution to their interest quickly, you won't keep a viewer around long enough to gain any value from them. You can succeed at this by making your content more concise, by giving the answer first and the explanation after, or by making the crucial points stand out distinctly in some other way (e.g. listicles).

Command a next step that will provide value for both parties.

Maybe that means filling out a contact form in exchange for a longer, more useful piece of information. Maybe it's to quickly start a free trial so they can do [whatever] better. Maybe it's to contact you directly to keep the conversation going. Maybe it's to subscribe for future updates. If you don't give them something else to do and/or engage with, why would they stick around?

How specifically to capture mobile viewers' attention and contact info is going to look very different between brands. In any situation, two keys to remember are: you and your site have to be incredibly quick if you want to keep their attention; and you have to provide solutions (value) immediately, along with distinct commands for next steps, every step of the way.