5 Ways Real Estate Agents Close More Properties With Texting

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You want to be the go-to agent with the best track record of closing real estate deals. But converting your leads into clients is an uphill battle because none of them answer your calls or emails.

In fact, converting leads is such a challenge for all real estate agents that 87% of them leave the business within just five years.

But what if I said there was a way you could draw in more leads, drastically increase client response rates, and bump your conversations rates up by 328% with texting?

Why should real estate agents be texting?

62% of all home buyers prefer their agent to communicate with them via text, according to the National Association of Realtors. And that’s because texting has a 99% open rate and 90 second average response time.

That kind of fast communication means less time playing phone tag and more time closing deals. Which is why I’ve put together five use cases with examples to show you exactly what kinds of texts to send.


Let’s look at five ways you can text to grow your real estate business.

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Text to Close More Properties

1. Use SMS Chat to start conversations directly from your website.

To close more deals you need more leads. But you’re not the only real estate agent fighting to win over the potential customers in your area, so you need to be the first one who responds when they reach out with questions. In fact, 50% of sales go to the first responder.

Text Request’s SMS Chat makes it easy to be the first responder. It’s a customizable widget potential customers can use to immediately text you questions from your website. From there, responses to the conversation go directly to their cell phone where the rest of the conversation lives.

That means you’ll both have each other's numbers saved for future follow ups, which leads to exponentially more deals closed!

The best part is, even if you’re not readily there to respond to a potential client’s incoming question, Text Request’s autoresponse feature will let them know the message has been received and that you’ll get back to them ASAP.

These autoresponses can even be formatted to have links to your available listings, so clients have information to tide them over until you get back to them.

"Thanks for choosing Pinkster Real Estate! Text me your name and what you’re looking for, and I’ll get back to you soon. Here’s a peek at all my current listings: https://bit.ly/39R72zz"

2. Advertise keywords to collect more leads.

You try to make it easy for customers to reach out to you with the information on your ads and properties. But even with your contact information directly in front of them, the person may forget to actually shoot you an email or setup time for a phone call.

That’s why people are much more likely to take immediate action when you advertise they can text in keywords—because 80% of people prefer to text businesses over email and phone calls.

Text Request’s keywords automatically categorize the clients into groups, which means the people who text in the keyword “MAPLE” can receive information and pictures of houses on that street.

These clients also automatically opt-in for updates by texting these keywords, so you can continue to send them promotions and other valuable information to guide them to a close.

Keywords are a must for building a subscriber list of people you know are interested in your listings.

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3. Text updates to ensure customers see new closing and listing details.

You want to guide your clients down a straightforward path to make sure everything comes together when they finally purchase or sell their property. But that can be hard when they miss important updates on listings or closing details.

This is even more frustrating when you have updates that affect multiple clients. But remember, texts have a 99% open rate, and with Text Request’s group messages you can make sure all your clients see your updates at once.

Text Request even lets you sort your clients by categories, like where they are in the closing process. So you know who to send new listings to if they’re still looking at house, vs. who needs forms if they’re finalizing a deal.

And since Text Request’s group messages work like Bcc email, your clients won’t be able to see each others responses when you send messages like:

"Check out these new listings that fit your price range: https://bit.ly/39R72zz"

4. Fill more appointments, showings, and open houses with scheduled reminders.

You need to get face-to-face with clients if they’re ever going to feel comfortable selling or closing with you. But life happens, and your clients sometimes forget they’d scheduled a time for an appointment or showing.

With all you’re doing, you may also forget (or not even have time) to remind them the day of.

That’s why Text Request makes it easy to schedule reminders in advance to make sure your showings and open houses are booked. Clients also have the option to text you last second if they can’t make a showing, which gives you the option to reschedule or fill their slot.

"Hi James, it’s Lori. I had a client cancel their one-on-one showing at one of the houses you said you were interested in. Would you like to stop by instead at 4:30 p.m.?"

5. Rank as the top agent in reviews.

To reach the top tier of real estate agents, you need reviews—and you need a lot of them because:

1. They help you rank higher in Google searches

2. 84% of people trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from their friend

But as a real estate agent, there are several places in addition to Google where you’ll want to spread your reviews, like:

  • Zillow
  • Angie’s List
  • RankMyAgent

How do you dedicate time to directing your clients to all those review spots?

Texting makes it easy to copy and pastes links into texts, so your clients know exactly where you need them to spread the love. And since 70% of customers will always leave a review if you ask them directly, your request only has to be short and sweet, like:

"Hi Brian, glad we finally made it to a happy close! If you enjoyed working with me and adore your new house, I could always use a few more reviews on Zillow: https://bit.ly/31VKaME"

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