16 Reasons It's Inexcusable for Your Business Not to Text

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We all text. You text, I text, even my grandma texts. But does your business text?

Texting has become synonymous with personal communication, so why wouldn't it also be a staple in business communication?

It is inexcusable for businesses (yes, that means your business) not to text just like everyone else. And here’s why:

1. Small talk wastes your company’s time and money.

Seems harsh, doesn't it? Check this out.

The average person spends 8:21 (eight minutes, twenty-one seconds) every day just talking about the weather. The weather! Forget kids and gossip and anything else going on!

How much are you paying employees to just shoot the breeze with customers? Better question: How much business are you losing every day from idle chit-chat?

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Texting gets to the point. It's effective while remaining personal, and that's what your business needs.

2. Texting is 10x quicker than a phone call.

And that’s after you do the math on how many texts it takes to complete a full conversation.

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If you could handle 10X as many business inquiries, 10X as many customer service requests, or 10X as many estimates in the same amount of time, would you do it?

You can.

3. The average person under 50 sends and receives over 85 texts every day.

People spend more time texting every day than anything else on their phones. Shouldn’t you be reaching people where they are?

Why wouldn’t you communicate with people how they already prefer to communicate?

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You know that's what your business need to do, and you know you need to keep up with consumer trends to stay successful. Texting does both! Plus your business will likely make more money in the process.

Number of daily and monthly texts sent by age group

4. 78% of people who text wish they could text a business.

Your customers and clients want to text you! Why not let them?

Why not forgo all the voicemails that no one listens to, or the verbose emails that flood customers' inboxes, and just have a text conversation with customers?

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It’s short, it’s simple, it's to the point, it's convenient, and it’s what your customers want.

5. Customers would rather text you than have to call someone else.

If there’s an easier option, people are going to take it.

If I know I can text you whenever, I will. I won’t even think about trying to call someone else unless you don't treat me well.


People would rather text you than call someone else

6. You need to minimize barriers to entry.

Even the smallest little hiccup of an inconvenience can keep someone from buying. More importantly, minimizing even the smallest barrier to entry can be the difference in getting more customers!

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If I need to communicate with you, what’s easier than a text? I don’t have to stay online for a live chat, wait on hold, or worry about this conversation getting mixed in with my overflowing email inbox.

7. Customers don’t want another automated service.

People want to work with people, not an automated server. Texting provides the human interaction people crave, without being cumbersome.

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8. Nobody wants to wait on hold.

Seriously! Why would you ever want your business leaving people on hold? Who is that good for?

People don't wait on hold because they want to. It’s because they have to because there's no other option for them. Nobody wins in that situation. Why not provide a better option?


People ignore business calls

9. 86% of phone calls to businesses are placed on hold.

Maybe your business has a much better response rate, but is even missing 1% of calls or leaving 1% of callers on hold really acceptable?

If I’m the customer that can’t reach you, it certainly isn’t!

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If you’re unavailable at the moment, just let me text you. Texting leaves a record of my intent and the best way to reach me.

10. 89% of customers want another support option.

We’re clearly unhappy with what customer service options your business currently provides. Why not offer an option that resonates with us (particularly Millennials and today’s youth)? Texting is that option.

11. 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

For the average website, the majority of your viewers find you through mobile devices. What’s the most used form of communication from a cell phone?


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So why not let all your mobile viewers text you directly from their cell phones, which they’re already using to view your site? That just makes sense!


Why You Should Appeal Specifically to Mobile Viewers

12. Customers are on the go, all the time.

Even when we need something, we can’t always afford the time or be in the right place to have a full conversation about it. We have kids and jobs and everything else going on!

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But with a text, I can shoot you a quick question or comment, and continue the conversation in between meetings or errands as my day allows.

13. You need to provide the best customer experience.

At the end of the day, the business that provides the smoothest, most enjoyable customer experience is who will win.

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If I can have a personal text conversation with your business, I’m probably going to have a better experience with you than with the other guys. That means I'll give you my money.

14. You want to close more leads.

How many times have you tried to follow-up with a lead via email or calls to no avail? If you’re an average business, about 80% of your leads never convert, mostly because you aren't able to communicate with them.

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But everyone reads texts. So when you're having trouble setting appointments, closing the deal, or generally reaching the people you need to reach, texting helps bridge the gap.


Most Leads Never Convert Because of Poor Follow Up

15. Up to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

When people are searching for companies to work with, they usually check out several (or several dozen) before making any decisions. So if your business doesn't respond quickly, that prospect just moves on to the next option on the list.

Clearly, you need to be able to reach people quickly. Most texts are read in 5 seconds. What's quicker than that?

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When someone asks for a quote, fills out a form, downloads an ebook, or whatever else they do to become a lead, just shoot them a text to follow-up.

16. Customers will gladly give you more money, but not more of their time.

We live in arguably the most comfortable society in the world. Billions are spent every year on conveniences.

That means being the most convenient service will make people more likely to work with you. Particularly for those under 50, texting is the most convenient form of communication.

Bringing It All Together

The fast and short of it is that your business already uses email and phone calls to communicate. But you're likely missing the third pillar - texting!

Texting is a staple of everyday communication for billions of people around the world. Shouldn't it be a staple of the way your business communicates, too?

Click here to start texting.