3 Reasons Why I Should Be Able to Text Your Business

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"Can I text your business?" 

I've been hearing this question more and more as the trend of business texting grows. And it makes sense that this trend will continue growing, too.

Businesses spend loads of time and money funneling people to their websites, and most of these people are now viewing those websites on their smartphones.

These people - generally - also prefer texting over any other form of communication.


I'm a consumer who's interested in your business, and I want to get in touch. I'm viewing your website from my phone, and I'd rather text you than call or email.

Can I text your business?

1. Speedy and personalized communication matters.


Did you know that 35%-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first?

It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, or how good your product is. If you can't respond quickly, you're going to miss opportunities. How much does that help your competitors?

Here's another question. Did you know that 86% of answered business calls are placed on hold?

32% of those callers hang up immediately! In fact, you’ll lose an additional 58% of callers within five minutes of leaving them on hold.

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The big problem here - other than the poor customer experience - is that when you leave people waiting, you leave people wanting.

If you can't provide for customers when they need you, they just go to the next business in Google's search results. You don't want this!


What about email? No one has to wait on hold this way, which sounds good.

Email is a great tool, but emailing with businesses is convoluted at best. The average business email account gets 88 emails a day, but only sends 34.

(Personal emails tend to be even more crowded, because that's what most people use for newsletters and promotions.)

How many emails people send every day

Emails sent and received to and from business accounts every day

You can see the discrepancy here. People get far more emails than they send, so it's difficult to trust that yours will stand out and get a response. 

Research says it takes an average of 6 hours or more to get an email response from a business. One study even said the average response time was 48 hours! That's not quick, or helpful.

People care about solving their needs quickly, and about being treated like a human instead of just a number. Your business should care about the same things!


Friends and family further relationships by texting back-and-forth with each other. You can do the same thing - and solve your customers needs quickly - by texting with customers.

Texting is quick, personal, and it gets the job done.

Plus, if I'm texting with someone, I'm much more likely to save their number in my phone for future reference.

2. People text a lot.

6.3 billion texts are sent every day, which adds up to 2.27 trillion messages sent every year. And that's just in the U.S.!

Plus 95% of all text messages are read within just a few minutes of being sent. This means if you send the same message to 1,000 people, 950 of them will have read your message within 3 minutes.

This is powerful, because it's the speedy and personalized communication that customers crave!

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By being able to text with customers instead of having to repeatedly call and email each other, you up your response rates by about 450% and make people happier in the process.

That’s huge!

If I can text your business, and I know you can text me, then our communications with each other just got a lot easier. They also just got a lot more effective for your business, because now you can reach people quickly and reliably.

3. Text messaging is so convenient.

People live busy lives. Between jobs, kids, and other activities, who has time to sit down and talk on the phone between 7am and 10pm? Who would want to?

We all know how convenient it is to send a text between meetings, on-the-go, during meetings, while you're physically talking to someone else, in the bathroom, and in so many other situations.

FranchiseHelp Leads Preference for Texting

FranchiseHelp Lead Communication Preferences

If I know I can text someone, I'm much more likely to interact with and reach out to them. The same applies to your business. If I know I can text your business, I'm much more likely to reach out and interact with you.

The majority of people are using their smartphones to surf the web. These people prefer to text, and businesses can do themselves a monumental favor by taking advantage of the situation.


Can I text your business?

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