4 Ways Salons Book More Appointments With Texting

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You want to grow your salon and give customers a great experience, but you’re having trouble communicating with them. People don’t answer your phone calls, and emailing to schedule their appointments just doesn’t cut it (literally)!

You’re not alone though. In fact, across all businesses:

  • Only 5% of calls are answered
  • Only 15% of phone calls are answered

Most likely your team already texts with customers from your phone, because 99% of your texts are read. But your salon needs a texting platform that streamlines that communication across a single landline number, so all your stylists and specialists are on the same page.

So, to make things easy for you, we went ahead and mapped out four strategies your entire salon’s team could use across a texting platform solution to increase your salon’s clients.

Why should your salon's team be texting?

You need a gameplan to avoid no-shows and other complications that drag your salon’s profits down.

Texting helps you avoid those things and draws in more customers, because:

This means when you text customers things like appointment reminders, promos, and answers to their questions—you know they’ll see them. Which equals more confirmations, more visits, and more revenue!

And when your entire salon texts under the same number, any stylist or specialist can continue a conversation with a customer if the teammate who started it needs to get to their next appointment. This means more customers’ questions answered, more relationships started, and more confirmations.

Here are four ways your salon’s team can text to increase its amount of clients.

1. Schedule appointments and reminders with ease.

Addressing scheduling changes in between your actual appointments is a drain on your team. What’s even worse (and costs you lots of money) is when people flat-out forget to come in.

But with texting, you can easily confirm, cancel, reschedule, and send appointment reminders throughout the day. And since texting is so much more discrete compared to a phone call, your team knows a quick text won’t doesn’t disrupt their current appointment.

Your team can also text clients who haven’t booked since their last appointment.

“Hi Pam, it’s been a few weeks since you last came in. Would you like to schedule an appointment this week?”

And they can use Text Merge to schedule appointment reminders in advance for multiple clients:

“Hi [name], this is a reminder that your appointment at Southside Salon is scheduled for [date] at [time].”


A salon that avoids $300 (or 2 to 4 appointments) in weekly no-shows can potentially increase their revenue by $15,000 a year! So you’ll always want to use text reminders to ensure your customers come in.

Using texting for your salon’s scheduling can drastically improve the number of appointments made and kept, while also decreasing the amount of time it takes to actually make them.

“We book about 2,000 appointments every week, and that’s much easier to do via text than phone call. Our customers say their experience with our team feels much more personal by texting than calling, because that’s how they’re used to communicating.” - Brandon Hensley, Tangerine Salon

2. Increase your salon’s leads with SMS Chat.

New customers always have specific questions when they visit your website for the first time:

  • How much is just a trim?
  • What brand of dyes do you use?
  • How much do root touch ups cost?
  • Are you taking new clients?

The list can go on and on—and customers don’t want to spend time on your website looking for answers to each of them.

So, if your website advertises that your salon texts, customers will be thrilled they have the option to immediately reach out to you for help!

That’s why an SMS Chat widget that says something like, “Text us any questions!” can drastically increase your leads. SMS Chat allows customers to text you directly from your website. The rest of the conversation continues on their phone, and the two of you get each other's phone numbers for additional follow-ups.

It’s a win-win for both of you!

The first person who responds to a customer is usually the one who wins their business, and SMS let’s you be just that person.

3. Send hair and product promotions that actually get seen.

Promotions are a great way to increase revenue and gain repeat clients. The problem is the average email open rate in the salon industry is under 11% promo emails get lost in spam, and digital promotion can get pricey.

But with texting, you can build an SMS subscriber list, increase content engagement, and send links that actually get clicked.

That’s why the ROI on promotional texting is better than other forms of promotion delivery, when you send short and sweet messages like:

“Get 20% off any hair coloring this week!”

You can even add a visual, which can double engagement by over 250%.

Your promotion can also include a direct link to your bookings site, since you can add links to texts.

“Appointments that exceed $100 this week get a free candle! Grab an open time slot: www.hairbookings.com”

All of these work together to get your salon’s promotions seen so you can bring in more repeat customers!

4. Increase your online reviews by texting review links.

Online reviews are a cornerstone for growth. When a potential customer is stuck between two options, they’ll most likely go with the one that has the most online reviews. And that’s because 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

It’s an absolute must to increase your salon’s reviews, especially when you consider that your ranking in Google searches are directly influenced by your amount of reviews.

Texting can help your salon increase its amount of reviews by 600%, when you text customers a review link, like this:

“Hey Beth, we're so happy you chose Tangerine for your hair coloring. We hope you love it and consider leaving us a review: www.salonreviewlink.com”

You can also have a short conversation with the client first, to get feedback and ensure they’re a solid choice to ask for a review.

70% of guests will leave a review if you just ask them directly. Which is great news for you, because more reviews equals more customers, which also equals increased growth!

Start Growing Your Salon Today With Texting

Texting can help grow your salon into a fully booked and efficient business. You just need a software that offers top-of-the-line features, like:

  • Group messaging
  • Keywords
  • Autoresponses
  • Templates

Text Request has all that and more, plus free training, guides, and customer support staff who are readily available to help.

Schedule a demo to find out how Text Request can provide a texting solution and strategies to help your salon bring in more clients, schedule more appointments, and increase your online reviews. You can also check your number below to see if it’s eligible.