6 Ways to Schedule More Appointments with Text Request

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Booked appointments are key to your business’s growth and revenue. But a lot of your appointment slots are never filled, and you’re struggling to decrease your no-show rate.

What’s an affordable, quick solution?

Texting is a proven way you can increase your amount of scheduled and kept appointments. 95% of texts are read within three minutes, and Text Request offers you the tools to send promotions that grab customers’ attention and prompt them to both book and arrive at their next appointment.

Let's look at six ways you can use Text Request to schedule and keep more appointments to increase revenue!

Why should you text to schedule appointments?

Texting is the number one preferred channel for consumers, and 91% of people would rather text than call your business.

Plus, 35% of people prefer booking appointments on their own during non-business hours over a digital channel like text, and 63% of people want to receive texts as appointments reminders!

You just need the right texting platform to help you and your team organize your scheduling process, and 61% of businesses get faster results easier when they use tools like Text Request to nail their scheduling workflow.

Below we’ll cover the wide array of features and goodies Text Request offers to help you fill your appointment slots.

6 Ways to Book and Keep More Appointments With Text Request

1. Book more first-time appointments with SMS Chat.

People don’t want to jump through a million hoops just to schedule an appointment.

But SMS Chat provides new customers an easy and accessible way to schedule appointments directly from your homepage. They simply type in their message, hit send, and then the rest of the conversation gets forwarded to their phone.

You both get to keep each other's contacts for follow ups. Plus set up a sense of trust when customers see you respond ASAP!

All you need is to add a call-to-action to your SMS Chat, like “Schedule your appointment today!” Plus a friendly face from your business displayed in the chat icon to draw customers in.

Our clients who do the same with their SMS Chat more than double their number of leads who reach out. It’s a fast, non-pressure way for consumers to see what openings you have, and they love being able to start a conversation with you immediately through a channel they already regularly communicate with!

2. Schedule appointment reminders in advance.

The number one reason a customer misses an appointment is because they forgot (or somehow missed their other reminders).

But since 99% of texts are opened, you know customers will actually see their reminders. Text Request will even let you schedule these reminders in advance with pre-made templates to save time.

These templates could be as simple as:

“Hey [Name], this is just a friendly reminder that your appointment on [Date/Time] is coming up. Looking forward to seeing you! - [Company]”

Automated reminders decrease no-show rates by 16%, and businesses without them are estimated to miss out on $26 thousand in revenue annually from no-shows!

So if you pay $1,500 a year for Text Request, and make $26,000 back—that's a 17x return!

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3. Use Text Merge to blast rescheduling opportunities.

Getting a customer to return is 7x more valuable than finding another new customer, so you need to nudge them to come back. And there’s no better way to do that than to take care of the rescheduling process for them.

With Text Merge, you can insert a spreadsheet of your contacts, including their previous and next recommended appointment dates, so they’re automatically inserted into a message like:

“Hello [Name], thanks for choosing [Company] for your last [Industry] appointment on [Date/Time]. You’re due for your next one on [Date/Time]. Want to go ahead and book? Visit: [Link]”

This ensures customers have to do as little work as possible to reschedule, plus gives them a friendly reminder that you exist. Everyone wins!

4. Fill last minute slots with groups.

No matter your best efforts, customers will inevitably cancel their appointments for reasons that are out of your control.

But with Text Request, you have a quick and easy way to reach out to other contacts who may be interested in filling the open slot.

Text Request’s group feature makes this process incredibly efficient when you categorize your contacts by the types of appointments they typically schedule.

For example, a beauty salon could categorize their contacts by “pedicures” vs. “hair coloring.” So when a client scheduled for a pedicure cancels, the salon employees know exactly where to look to fill the open appointment slot.

The best part is our group messaging works like BCC email, so none of your contacts will be able to see each others replies and the invite still feels like it's one-on-one.

5. Give your customers the option to reschedule over text.

Sometimes customers want to reschedule, but they don’t know they have the option—so they just flatout cancel instead.

Customers definitely want the ability to reschedule, and almost 33% of them wish they could do it over text. You just need to let them know they have the option by texting notifications and check-ins, like:

“Hey [Name], text CONFIRM to lock in your appointment for [Time/Date], or click here [link] if this time slot no longer works and you need to reschedule.”


“Hi [Name], we missed you at your last scheduled appointment. Did you just need to reschedule? Click [Link] to do so.”

The easier it is for your customers to reschedule, the more likely they are to take advantage of the option instead of cancelling. So be sure to add the appropriate scheduling links they need to pick a new time slot.

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6. Create keyword promotions to book more first-time appointments.

First-time customers have to decide between choosing you or a competitor for their initial appointment. But a fun promotion or discount can make that decision easy for them when you use keywords to capture their attention.

A keyword is a word customers can text you to receive more information or updates on certain topics. For example, if potential dental patient texts the keyword “FLOSS” to a clinic, they could receive more info on how to receive 30% off their first cleaning.

Keywords are also a great way to collect contacts for an SMS subscriber list, so you can continuously send customers updates and promotions to keep them coming back for more visits.

All you need is a creative way to advertise your keyword, and you’re good to go! We recommend either at your brick-n-mortar or on your website’s homepage with bright colors and sharp font to capture your visitors' attention.

Add Text Request to your appointment scheduling workflow!

The most important thing when texting to schedule appointments is to keep your messages short and concise. Always include a call-to-action to encourage prospects to pick a time slot, and make sure the scheduling links you include are correct.

Our customer support team works non-stop to offer feedback and solutions to help your business reach its scheduling goals!

Try a free demo today, or check out our Appointment Scheduling Tool Kit to learn more about how texting and Text Request can fit into your appointment scheduling workflow.