How to Use Text Messaging (SMS) as a Customer Service & Support Tool

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89% of the population wants another option for customer service. That's a big deal! Because it means almost 90% of people don't like the service they're receiving.

If people don't like the service you're providing, why should they stay with your company?

That's not a good situation, but what can you do about it?

It's interesting - 89% of consumers also want to text with a business. So about 90% of people don't like the service options available to them, and about 90% of people want to text with businesses.

What do you think you should do?

That's right, you should use text messaging (SMS or some other form of instant, 2-way messaging) for customer service and support!

We've covered a bit on why you should do this, but we'll go into more details below, and show you how you can add text messaging as a customer service and support tool.

Why should you use text messaging for customer service and support?

No one wants to call a customer service or support line. Customers might want to talk to someone directly, but no one wants to sift through an automated directory and wait on hold for what feels like forever.

This is something we all experience, but there's research to back it up. 86% of calls to businesses are placed on hold, and 32% of those callers hang up immediately.

Unless you have contracts that force people to stick with you (which is another topic entirely, though terrible), this experience pushes your customers straight to competitors.

Why You Should Use Text Messaging as a Customer Service Tool

Aside from losing customers, people want to text you! And they could text your business to ask for a quote or help or anything.

Your customers want it, and you could profit from it. Isn't that enough reason?

What's more, it takes anywhere from 5x-25x more money to get 1 new customer than it does to keep an existing customer happy.

Customers are unhappy with their current service options. They want to text your business. And keeping customers happy is exponentially better for your bottom line.

So how do you add text messaging as a customer service and support tool?

How do you use text messaging to your customer service?

This is the easy part, and there are just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get a textable number.

Customers need to be able to text you, and it's best practice for those messages to go to a business number instead of someone's personal cell phone.

We (Text Request) can add texting to your current business number. We can also give you a separate text-only number if you want.

Step 2: Make it easy to find.

If you want people to contact you via text, they have to know it's an option. Display your number (along with "Text or call us!") wherever you'd like to prompt people to contact you.

For many, this means 2 places on your website: Top of the home page, and on the contact page.

For more details, view our guide: 9 Ways to Let People Know Your Business Texts.

Let Customers Text You From Your Website

Now when people see this - particularly mobile viewers - they'll know they can text you. Many will choose to text, and everyone will think "Oh! that's a cool option."

Step 3: Handle requests like a pro.

You might have people texting in for sales, to service their account, or anything in between. At this point, your rockstar staff can handle the conversation to delight customers.

Doing so will help you boost customer loyalty, increase your profits, and provide great experiences for everyone you communicate with.

Wrapping Up

Whoever offers the best customer experience is who will ultimately win all the customers. Service and support is obviously a big part of this, so yours needs to be top notch.

People aren't happy with their current service options, and they all want to text with businesses.

Text messaging is easy to add to your customer service and support, and there's no telling what it could do for you long term!

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