Why Text Messaging for Business Lead Generation is So Powerful

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One of the most common questions we get is "How can texts make us money?" That's a great question! And it starts with lead generation.

A typical sales cycle looks like this:

  • Brand puts themselves out there
  • Interested viewers offer contact info and become leads
  • Brand works tirelessly converting leads into paying customers

Typical Sales Funnel

Without leads, you have no potential customers. And without potential customers, you're in deep water. So generating leads in some capacity has to be a priority, and text messaging is a great way to do this.

In this article, I'll give an overview of why text messaging for business lead generation is so powerful. For more explicit details on how to generate leads through sms / text messaging, view our guides:

Why is text messaging for business lead generation so powerful?

Mobile usage passed desktop usage in 2014. Since then, Google has been making changes to its mobile search algorithm, consumer behaviors have changed, and businesses are all trying to figure out how to capitalize.

The solution isn't so difficult. It's texting.

Texting is the preferred and most used form of communication, so it makes sense to use it for lead generation. But how does that work?

For the average business and website, most people find you on their phones.Texting is what people do most from their phones. (They'd also rather text you than call someone else.)

So it would make sense if people could text your business directly from your website, which they're already viewing from their phone. Don't you think?

Click-to-Text makes this possible, and this is why text messaging for business lead generation is so powerful!

What is Click-to-Text?

Essentially, Click-to-Text is a button (or link) on your site that opens a text message addressed to your business when clicked.

You can add this to your site with a little piece of code - so long as you have a textable number for the messages to go to.

For more details on setting up a Click-to-Text button of your own, view our Click-to-Text guide. To see if your current business number is eligible to receive texts, check your number here.

Click-to-Text Lead Generation Button

Why do people choose text over other options?

Most people enjoy texting, and dislike being on the phone. We also know that 86% of answered business calls are placed on hold.

Emailing is another option, but thanks to spam filters, you're never guaranteed that your email will make it to your target, and then it could be hours or days before they see it (if they see it).

The option to text gives people more incentive to take a next step with your business, and that's exactly what you need to generate more leads! 

It's super simple to text you from your mobile website, so that's what people do. They text you, and they turn into leads.

The best part is, after adding a Click-to-Text button to your site, you don't have to do anything else you weren't already doing. But you'll start getting in more mobile leads.

And, because of the nature of text, you'll automatically have a record of the person's message, cell phone, and potentially more details, depending on how the conversation goes.

Quick Disclaimer

Text messaging for business lead generation is powerful, but it's only so effective as the amount of traffic your website gets.

A button isn't going to magically bring more viewers to your website, but it will help you convert more of the people who get there.

How do I get started?

This part's easy, because you only need to 2 things:

  • A number that can receive texts
  • A way for your business to handle those texts, preferably as a team.

Text Request gives you both. All you have to do is choose a plan based on how many texts you think you'll send/receive. You can sign up here and start texting today!