How to Use Texting for Internal Communications (and Stay Compliant)

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You're part of a business or organization, and that business or organization is made up of a bunch of people who need to communicate with each other to reach common goals.

Texting helps you communicate with these people to reach your common goals faster and more conveniently.

It can help you do other things, too, like generate leads and increase sales, but this article is going to show you how to use texting (SMS) for internal communication. I'll also cover why it's important to remain compliant when texting, and how you can do just that.

How to Use Texting for Internal Communication

A professional way to manage text conversations is perhaps the largest void in business communications.

Everyone texts, and most bosses even support texting for business purposes. But when you've got dozens of people all talking about confidential information from their personal devices, you've also got a gaping hole in your compliance.

Text Request can fix that. But first, let's talk about ways you can text for internal communication.

We work with a lot of people who use texting for internal communication, and here are the main reasons why they do.

To Communicate With Workers "In the Field"

A lot of companies have workers who spend their days out of the office. Easy examples include service-based companies like those in:

  • Residential and commercial cleaning
  • At-home healthcare
  • Pest control
  • HVAC
  • Utility services
  • Product installations (pools, garages, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Construction, and more

Employees need to touch base whenever they reach a new site, need the address of their next job, leave a site, and for may reasons in between.

Phone calls back-and-forth aren't great, because calls are often missed and tie up lines that should be reserved for customers. Employees don't need to speak to someone ASAP either - they just need to share a quick bit of info.

Emails tend to make things complicated, or just aren't seen. And pagers are a hassle, because then you have to play phone tag and worry about replacing devices.

Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone's comfortable texting (most actually prefer texting). So why not text? Texting in this situation makes everyone's job easier, and can save your company valuable time and resources.

To Communicate "Across the Hall"

Teams need to communicate when they're inside the office, too. You might need to follow up with different departments, or check in with so-and-so 12 cubicles over.

Yes, you can always walk over to someone's desk, or even call them. But that's a lot of effort for smaller communications, and you might not want that conversation overheard.

In many situations, a text is the perfect little tool for communicating with co-workers. You can get your message across without completely derailing someone's focus, and get a response as soon as they have a moment.

This works better than emails, too, because - frankly - emails are verbose, and often take hours to be seen. In this day and age, people enjoy texting for quick communications. So why not do that?

How to use Texting for Compliant Communications

Texting is great for business communications, but there's a catch.

If you're talking about business, you're probably talking about customers and other confidential information. Is that information supposed to be on personal cell phones?

It's not.

A company or organization needs to be able to access and keep secure all information regarding itself and its customers (clients, patients, etc.). If you're texting from a personal cell phone, the business or organization can be held liable.

So why not just have the business buy everyone a cell phone?

That's expensive, and for many reasons impractical. (It also leaves people on call 24/7, since we take our cell phones everywhere.)

Text Request provides an easy and compliant solution, because it's a secure software. Users can login to a shared dashboard from any device to send and receive texts.

Every message is permanently recorded, and you can always see who said what to whom at what time. You can also text people directly as needed.

This makes it easy for employees out in the field to check in with the office, for you to chat openly about customers or other confidential information, and to touch base with co-workers as needed.

Wrap It Up

Texting is the way most people prefer to communicate these days. Text Request combines that preference with business, and gives you an organized place to manage text conversations compliantly.

If you're interested in learning more, just pick a time to see a live demo and ask your questions.