9 Social Media Marketing Experts Share Their Hottest Tips

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Everyone's looking for that golden nugget of information to take their social media marketing to the next level. We're all trying to boost engagement, increase our digital presence, and streamline our processes.

But wading through the digital sea of algorithms and conversations to find growth is no easy task! So we went to the experts for advice, and got them to share their hottest social media marketing tips with us.

Cassandra Nordyke, Social Media Manager at Fancy Rhino

Don't underestimate Facebook.

There have been many articles saying Twitter is the future of social media. Though Twitter has great capabilities, Facebook has added so many user-friendly ways for people to connect to one another.

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Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. That number nearly doubled since April! Facebook isn't going anywhere, so it's time to embrace and grow with it.

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Greggory Wiley, Owner at Technologic

Have your local social media in order. 

Google+ is hands down the most important social media platform to have correctly set up for local search. Search a local business by name on Google, and the hatch out on the right side that shows reviews, hours, pictures and descriptions, comes directly from your Google+ page.

Best Place to Hide a Dead Body on Page 2 Google Search Results

Depending on your industry, there are several other important networks to be on. Trip Advisor, for example, is important for the foodservice industry.

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David Hunter, Owner at Nooga Labs

Promote other people's content.

Use social media to promote other people’s content as well as your own. People will know if you’ve taken action on social sites to help them, and if they see that you’ve promoted them, the chances of them helping you out in return are much higher.

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Caleb Ludwick, Principal & Creative Director at 26 Tools llc

Virality is not the point, value is. 

Having something go viral is fun, but it always has shallow roots. It is hard for a product or a company - and even more difficult for an idea - to grow deep roots when it's spreading fast.

So either develop ideas to spread quickly that spark questions with deep roots or focus on delivering value. And if something takes off, fantastic.

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Seth Godin Not Adding Value is the Same as Taking it Away

Mike Castleberg, Owner at Chattanooga Marketing Group

Think about Google.

Social media has been continuously growing in importance for the past few years - and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. If your company is working on improving your online presence and you're ignoring social media, you are missing the boat.

In addition to all of the actual interactions you will have with customers, your social media activity also gives Google indicators that will affect your website's search rankings. When you make a post on Facebook, always remember to put a link back to your website.

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Sybil Topel, VP of Communications at Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

Don't forget to have conversations.

Engagement counts more than the sheer number of followers. Think of your social platforms as the starting point for a conversation, rather than a way to churn out what I would call “selfies” about your business.

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Always answer questions and reply to followers’ comments quickly. While industry-specific exceptions might exist, for most companies that means within one to two hours.

People expect virtually instant answers and, as your very important clients and customers, they deserve responsiveness.

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Christina Hooper, COO & Inbound Marketing Director at Sparkitive

Harness word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth marketing is very active on social media. People ask for referrals to businesses, check-in at their favorite places, and share their favorite business/products with their friends and family.

How Your Audience Grows Through Content

Instead of being a one-to-one communication like it used to be, these word-of-mouth interactions are fully visible to everyone that follows an individual. So leveraging this and participating in conversations is essential for businesses now.

Just remember - with everything you do online, stop being a salesman. Aim to educate, inform, and help your ideal customers reach decisions.

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Jackie Errico, Owner at Riverworks Marketing

Craft beautiful posts.

Focus on increasing your engagement in each and every post by using an impactful photo, short messaging, interactive contests, and humor (if appropriate for the page).

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Boosting posts on Facebook has also become a necessity, and likes are far less important than they once were.

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Jeremy Weber, Copywriter at The Johnson Group

Treat followers like the people they are.

Sexy copy’s like a great outfit. You could dress to the 9’s and still suck at your job. Imaginative people are good at making things beautiful, but they easily forget their customers aren’t there to read poetry.

When you can talk to your customers through copy without sounding like a crazy philosophizing freak, that’s where copy converts. Instead of posting the same kinds of stuff on social media again and again, observe what's performing well.

Even if you had a favorite post, if it didn't perform well, your audience didn't connect with it. Scrap what doesn't work and make more of what does.

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