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5 Ways Spas Increase Revenue with Text Messaging

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Your spa has three major goals:

  • Bring in more new clients
  • Sell more products to those clients
  • Retain more clients for longer

The problem is that it takes a lot of communication and a lot of work to make any of these things happen. But there is a way spas have found to accomplish all three goals while also saving time, effort, and even money.

Text messaging.

How do spas increase revenue with text messaging? Let me show you.

Why do spas text at all?

Spas text because it works. It can be very difficult to reach clients - current or new - through email and phone calls, but a text cuts through the noise every time. A few stats:

Spas have found that 5-6X more people will read a text than open an email or answer a call, and it’s much more effective for accomplishing the goals mentioned above.

What about HIPAA?

It’s easy to text with clients - and your own staff - while following HIPAA compliance. We have a whole section on this in our SMS 101 guide, but there’s really just one rule to follow.

Don’t give out personal information, like birthdays and health conditions.

There are still plenty of ways to text with clients (and increase your spa’s revenue) while remaining 100% compliant. Here are a few.

How Spas Use Text Messaging

1. Send promotions that earn high ROIs.

Health and beauty products compliment your services, and for many spas are a significant source of revenue. Promoting those products through text will help your sales associates hit their goals while creating repeat business.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re currently running a sale - 30% off all [brand name] products. Great! Don’t you think all of your clients would like to know about it?

Grab your list of clients and send them a text like:

Hi [First Name], great news! We’re offering 30% off all [brand name] products now through the weekend! Come on by to stock up. - [Woodhouse Day Spa]

You can include a flyer (promo image), and you can send a promotional text for anything you’d put on a billboard or Facebook ad. Everyone is going to see your text, and many will take action, making returns higher and easier than other channels.

2. Generate new clients from Google.

People are searching for you online. What happens when they find you?

I’ll tell you what could happen. They could text your spa straight from Google to schedule an appointment or ask a question. How does that work?

Google Ads, Google My Business listings, and Google Maps all have options for viewers to text you. All you have to do is provide a phone number that can text.

(Sidebar: Text Request can add texting to your current business phone number.)

Spa Google Messaging

So people jump on their phones to look for great spas in their area, they find your ad or business listing, and they text you to see what openings you have. It’s a passive and effective way to bring in new clients.

3. Sell more products, increase clients through SMS Chat.

SMS Chat is like live chat, except messages come in to you as texts and your replies go to the contact’s cell phone.

It’s more effective than a normal live chat, because viewers don’t have to stay on your website to continue the conversation, and because texting is the #1 preferred way to communicate.

What this means for your spa is that you can sell more products and fill more appointments on your website.

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Let’s say I go to your website and I’m on your product page. I have “these things” on my shoulders and I don’t know the best product for getting rid of them. I ask, you tell me, and you share the link to that specific product.

I click the link on my phone to purchase. The same concept works for scheduling sessions with new clients, and for offering packages or upsells. Engagement is higher through text messaging, so revenue will increase, too.

4. Grow your online reviews (and client base).

People want to know they’re going to have a good experience before they visit your spa. That’s why 86% of people read reviews before deciding who to choose. In fact, 88% of people treat online reviews the same as personal recommendations. Wow!

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It’s clear, more reviews lead to more clients. So how does texting help you get more reviews?

Simply text clients after their sessions to ask for a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or wherever people are most likely to find you. Say something like:

Thanks for visiting [Massage Heights], Sandra! Would you leave a [Google] review about your experience? It would help us a lot. Thank you! [goo.gl/mybiz]

Because text engagement is so much higher than email engagement, you can earn up to 18X more reviews with minimal effort. That will go a long way towards bringing you more clients and increasing your revenue.

(Sidebar: If your therapists are each building up their own client list, they can each have their own number under one Text Request account.)

5. Streamline internal communications.

Internal communications is something business owners rarely connect with revenue - until they realize how much smoother everything runs.

You’ve got therapists and consultants and other employees who all need to coordinate schedules and events while keeping the location’s upper management in the know. Texting is perfect for these communications, and Text Request gives employees a central place to do it.

Better yet, it gives management an easy way to see who said what to whom and when. That’s a lot better than talking to three people to find out what happened or why. Text Request lets you spend more time focused on growing the spa instead of just managing day-to-day operations.

How does our spa start texting with clients and employees?

It’s easy. Pick a Text Request plan on our Pricing page. Choose whether to use your current business number or to get a text-only number on us. Then you’re good to go!

Our 5-star-rated support team will reach out to help you and other users get trained and start seeing value from our text messaging service ASAP. You can also schedule a demo or contact us with questions.