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Startup Journal: Keeping Faith in Your Business

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Being part of a startup is not easy. Whether you're a freelancer trying to grow, an expert turning herself into a brand, or someone trying to revolutionize an industry, the startup lifestyle can be rough.

Working for someone else's early stage startup is rough, too. The daily struggle doesn't change much, and you have less ownership.

The thing is, if you're struggling for your business day-in and day-out, you're probably struggling for your home life, too.

Your bills aren't getting any smaller. They just stare at you with more and more malevolence.

Your friends and family don't understand. Why wouldn't you look for something more stable? Maybe find a position you don't have to worry about still being there tomorrow?

It's easy to lose faith - in yourself, your idea, your business, everything.

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Even if you're gung-ho about your idea and trust your abilities to make it bloom, there are going to be moments where you falter, where you stumble and begin to doubt.

How do you keep your head in the game when this happens? How do you stay resilient when it feels like the world's against you?

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I don't have a perfect answer. I wouldn't trust someone who claimed they did! It's unrealistic not to expect a few low points.

Maybe prospects keep saying "no." Maybe you can't get your tech the way you want it. Maybe you're constantly short on cash, and a family emergency pops up.

Something is going to happen along your startup journey, whether it's with your business directly or in your personal life. For all of those times, I want you to keep these few concepts in mind. They're fairly simple, and they've helped me a ton.

You can't control the way other people behave or what happens around you. But you can control how you respond to each situation.

Sometimes things are going to be great! Don't get cocky. One good event does not necessarily mean you're on your way to stardom.

Sometimes things are going to miserable! Know that it's only temporary. Don't lose hope of your goals and dreams because of a momentary setback.

You can't control the world, but you can control your attitude and your work ethic.

Tell yourself to be positive, to stay positive, to think positive - even when you don't feel like it in the moment. Especially when you don't feel like it! Make positive thinking an intentional act.

Don't lose your ability to work hard all day every day because you feel discouraged. When you reach a setback, the only thing that will get you through it is to keep pursuing your goals as hard as ever. Chalk up your discouragements as lessons to learn from, and keep moving.

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You're part of an infant company learning to walk and talk and fit in with the big kids. You're going to get knocked down. Your wallet is going to feel extraordinarily light. Discouraging things are going to happen. But you control whether you feel bad about it.

You control whether your dream will ultimately be a success. You can choose to have a positive mindset and to keep chasing your goals.

You have to keep telling yourself to think positively, and you have to keep working if you want your infant company to grow!

Everyone wants to see you make it. Don't let them down.

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