3 Simple Steps to Provide the Customer Experience Millennials Want

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Customer experience is one heck of a buzzword these days, particularly when it comes to web development. We get it - if you don’t give customers what they want, they won’t be your customers.

But how do you improve your business’s customer experience? What do people want, anyway?

Creating a better customer experience is primarily about streamlining the decision-making process. You want to make it easier for viewers to find what they need and understand what you do.

Amazon, for instance, has done this really well through their one-click purchase option. They also offer tailored recommendations based on items you’ve already viewed or purchased.

You don't have to think!

Everything you want or need is placed right in front of you, and with one click, you’ve bought it.

Super simple.

Customers are always looking for an easier way to do and get more

Customers love that! Amazon's ease and simplicity creates a better customer experience.

But most products and services take more than an image and a purchase button to sell. So put yourself in your customers' shoes. 

When a potential customer goes to your website, what are they looking for? What do they want to find?

1. Provide relevant and straightforward information.

Currently, about 60% of the buying process happens without any human contact. And it's predicted that 80% of the buying process will happen without human contact by 2020.

In other words, people are more interested in doing the research and comparing products themselves. We'd rather not reach out to sales or customer support reps.

But there's a problem.

A lot can go wrong in that 60%-80% of the journey! And the last thing you want is to lose customers because your website's too difficult to understand.

The Customer Experience and Buying Journey Millennials Want

It's surprisingly common for a business to describe what they do on their homepage, but to never tell you what they can actually do for you. You don’t want to be one of those businesses.

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You want to be clear and straightforward, because that makes it easier for customers to go farther in the buying process faster. So drop the marketing speak. When customers show up to your website, tell them up front exactly what you are and do, even if it seems dry.

2. Don't make viewers have to think.

A lot of this can be resolved by your homepage navigation.

It's simply having the right tabs and pages vividly displayed on your site, or having items in the right order as viewers scroll down the page. An easy search function never hurt anyone either.

Think like your customer. “Okay, so I know exactly what you do (because you listened to point 1). Now I want to see if you provide everything I’m looking for.”

Where are your features and benefits? Or your pricing?

The first thing customers do when looking to purchase is compare products. So show them your products or services! If you hide your details, how can you expect viewers to trust you?

(An exception to this could be quote-based businesses, where you can't give a flat rate or estimate, because every case is so different.)

Mark Cuban Customer Experience Millennials Want

Viewers - especially Millennials - are not going to call you or schedule a demo to find out what you're hiding. That's too much effort!

To create a better customer experience, keep viewers from having to think. Make sure the information people want and need is easy to see.

3. Conveniently answer viewers' questions.

"Convenient" doesn't mean that you'll give me what I want if I'm willing to wait on hold or be patient as you (hopefully) respond to my emails.

You need to conveniently answer viewers' questions across the entire journey. Website navigation, FAQs, and simply offering up information that viewers need to help them make buying decisions are all crucial to this.


It's also important that - when viewers are ready for human contact - you make it easy for them to reach you quickly.

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Live chat options are personal, helpful and definitely a good choice for desktop viewers. But using a business chat feature also means viewers have to stay on the same site to continue the conversation.

This can be cumbersome, especially since consumers today are mobile and always busy.

Customers On Hold Meme

You need to streamline the customer experience. That means making the right information available quickly, and making it easy for me to engage with you at my convenience.

Email, and phone calls are standards leftover from yesteryear, but fewer and fewer people are willing to use either. Waiting on hold is a nightmare, and emails usually take too long (which gives competitors time to swoop in).

If I have a question or comment, can I just text you? That way we can carry on the conversation after I’ve left your website, and in between my day's tasks.

That way I get what I want - personal and convenient service - and you get what you want - continual engagement with a potential customer.

To create the customer experience that consumers - especially Millennials - want, make it easy. Make it easy for viewers to understand what you do, to find what they want, and to contact you when they're ready.

For instance, you can schedule a demo with Text Request and improve your business through that orange button in the corner. It's easy!

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