14 Surprising Benefits of Texting at Work to Help Your Business Succeed

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Texting at work might be one of the most overlooked and undervalued tools in business. It's so simple and common, and that's what makes it great.

Whether you're using a personal cell phone or a dashboard like Text Request, there are plenty of benefits to texting at work that will help your business succeed! Here are 14 of them.

1. Texting at work could give your business the competitive edge.

Every business is looking for an edge over the competition. If you're on a relatively level playing field, texting gives you that edge.

Texting with customers helps you stand out by showing them you care about being personal, and that they're not just another data point.

In fact, texting is so preferred that most consumers would rather text you than have to call someone else! How's that for an edge?

2. Texting could save your business money.

The average total cost of a customer service call is about $1 per minute. So one full-time customer service employee will cost you about $2,400/week. Sheesh!

After doing the math, we know texting is about 10X quicker than phone calls. So if you could effectively reduce your customer service cost per minute from $1 to $0.10, why in the world wouldn't you?

Texting for customer service hang up and text

Another big advantage to texting for customer service is how many conversations you can handle at once.

With calls, you can only handle one conversation at a time. With texts, you can handle several. How much would that save you?

3. Texting gives your customers the service they actually want.

Almost 90% of customers want another customer support option. That's unreal!

I'm sure you don't want to leave 90% of your customers wanting more from you. It leaves the door wide open for another company to make them happier!

We also know that about 80% of people who text wish they could have a text conversation with a business. Putting 2 and 2 together, customers want to be able to text you.

Texting at work can be so valuable, because it gives you an opportunity to offer people what they really want. When you create great customer experiences like this, everyone wins!

4. Texting could earn your business more money.

35%-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. That's huge!

Timing is so important to consumers that half of them give their money to whoever follows up with them fastest.

People want to text because it's faster

In these cases, it doesn't matter how much better your product or service or location is. What matters is how fast you can solve their problems, and texting helps you be faster.

95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. What's faster than that?

If you call 100 people, roughly 20 will pick up. If you email 100 people, 20-30 will read it.

Texting helps your business bring in more money by giving you a reliable way to follow up with customers fast.

5. Texting could minimize barriers to entry for potential customers.

Even the smallest detail can have a drastic effect on conversion rates, and you need to streamline the customer journey.

This includes any communication they're going to have with your business!

You're probably familiar with click-to-call buttons, where mobile viewers can click on a phone number displayed on your website and start a call to your business. But what about a Click-to-Text option?

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People often don't want to talk to anybody. That's why 70% of the customer buying journey takes place before human contact, and it's one reason texting is so prevalent.

Texting is a smaller barrier to customers than calling, which helps you more easily capture and service mobile leads.

Click-to-Text button example

6. Texting at work makes your business more appealing.

Millennials are becoming a larger and larger percentage of total buyers, and they expect businesses to make things easier for them. Given what technology is already available, why shouldn't they?

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People started calling because it was easier than writing letters. We started emailing because it was easier than calling. And now we prefer texting because it's easier than emailing.

Everyone is interested in making their lives easier.

By texting with customers, you appeal to their needs and preferences, which is exactly what businesses should do.

7. Texting could reduce stress for your employees.

With texting comes a large degree of flexibility. If you're in the middle of something, it's okay to wait a few minutes before responding to a text.

But when the phone rings, you can't finish what you're doing. If you miss a call, you're "not doing your job well." You have to answer every call every time

Do you know how stressful it is to live like that?

Texting at work offers flexibility for employees to finish the task at hand, remove distractions, and reduce stress. This is great for employees, and for your corporate culture.

8. Texting at work could improve your business' productivity.

It takes an average of 25 minutes to regain focus after a distraction. So every time employees answer the phone, they lose half an hour of productivity.

Who is that good for?

How to Implement Texting at Your Business

With texting, employees don't have to let distractions control their day. They can finish what they're working on, and respond to texts as their day allows.

This way, employees can focus on what's important, and grow your business in the process!

9. Texting could drastically increase your business' engagement rates.

The average person under 50 spends hours a day on their phone and sends and receives over 85 text messages every day.

Want an easy way to engage people where they already spend their time? Text with them! And encourage them to text with you.

Ask viewers on your website to text you with a Click-to-Text button. Follow-up with leads through text. Send promos or Google reviews through text!

When your business interacts with people the same way they interact with friends and family, you'll see your engagement rates soar.

10. Texting increases your customer retention.

86% of answered calls to businesses are placed on hold. 32% of those hang up immediately, and another 58% will hang up within five minutes of waiting. 

That has a terrible impact on your customer satisfaction, which greatly affects your customer retention. Texting keeps people from waiting on hold, and provides several other opportunities to increase customer retention.

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A rule of thumb in customer service is that it costs 6-7X more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Plus, almost 90% of customers want another service option.

Texting is an easy add-on that can keep people from waiting on hold, provide another service option, and put more money in your pocket!

11. Texting could provide the mobile experience consumers demand.

Whoever provides the best customer experience is who's going to win, and texting helps create the mobile customer experience buyers today crave!

People want mobile personal and quick communication

Texting at work makes communication easier and more personal. It also fits with our natural behaviors.

If I can text you and your business for answers, recommendations, or anything else, I'm probably going to have a better experience with you than with your competition.

12. Texting gives your business the mobile functionality it so desperately needs.

If you haven't heard how important it is to be mobile-friendly, just know that it's crucial.

Being mobile-friendly includes optimizing your website for better search engine optimization (SEO) on mobile devices. But it also includes giving your business an edge on mobile viewers.

60% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices. If you knew 60% of your website's viewership were all on their smartphones scrolling through your site, you'd try to appeal specifically to them, right?

You'll be able to capture more leads if, say, there's a button on your site that says "Questions? Just text us!" or "Already on a phone? Click here to start the conversation!"

13. Texting could help you close more leads more quickly.

35%-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first, so it's critical that you can reach people quickly and reliably!

How many times do you call leads, leave voice mails, and send them emails before you actually start talking with each other?

People are busy. They're working while you're trying to close them, and answering a phone call is inherently disruptive. But people will text all day, during work or otherwise.

Convert more leads with text messaging

When you see a new lead come in, just text them!

"Hey Miranda, just saw your [quote request]. I have 2 follow up questions so I can give you the best answer. Do you have a minute?"


One business that uses texting this way says, "We're not the first company that comes up on search listings, but we're the first to follow-up. And that's just as important, if not more so."

14. Texting could save your business time and effort with picture messaging.

If you give estimates, build things, create things, move things, clean things, paint things, or generally need to see something before you moving forward, picture messaging is a great option.

Why would you drive half an hour across town to look at something for 5 minutes when that potential customer could send you a picture?

Have you ever had someone try to explain through a call or email something that was broken? "Yeah, the black curvy thing has a crack in it." That's not helpful! 

Picture messaging solves this problem.

A Final Word

Billions of people text for hundreds of reasons every single day. Take advantage of texting at work to help your business succeed!

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