12 Text Templates to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

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You’re trying to book more trips, but you're struggling to connect with guests who don’t want to deal with slow, inconvenient back-and-forths while they’re planning their vacation.

No one is answering your calls or emails, and you’re losing business to other property owners that offer faster, effortless communication. That’s not what you want!

You need a competitive tool that offers a more effective way to reach guests and grow your vacation rental business—and that’s texting.

Texts have a 99% open rate, a 90 second average response time, and are the number one channel people prefer to use (even with businesses).

But what kinds of texts would you send to rental guests?

Don’t worry, we went ahead and created 12 text templates you can use to get the best results for your vacation rental property business. Take a look!

 Send fast follow-ups to close more vacation rental bookings.

When leads come in, you have to follow up with them to close the deal. But if it’s during the day when the potential guest is at work, they may not be able to take a personal call.

That’s why a fast text will be more than welcomed by them. Potential guests can respond to texts on their own time and in a discreet manner.

Template 1:

“Hey Jane, it’s Dave at Bookings. Just wanted to let you know we have a few units left for the dates you requested. If you’re still interest, head over to bookings at: www.bookthisrental.com”

Your texts can also include pictures to help you further seal the deal. This saves you time explaining the layout and helps your leads decide which rental they want to pick.

The more straightforward the process, the more likely the potential guest will book.

Template 2:

“Hi Michael, this is Jess at Beachside Villa. We have two onceanside rentals still available. Here’s a peek of both their views: [insert picture]”

Template 3:

“Hi Todd, it’s Caroline at Scenic Point. Here’s a list of open spots: https://bit.ly/38gl3Gz Check out their reviews, and let me know which one you'd like to go with.🏕️ [insert picture]"

Picture messages can also be a great way to to share information about yourself or the cleaners who help take care of the rental space, so the guests know who to expect.

Template 4:

“Maria, meet Lisa. She’s the one who will keep the cottage clean and stocked with fresh towels during your stay at Spring Cabins. [insert picture]”

Messages like these build rapport, give an idea of the services you provide, and can increase your booking rates by up to 112%!

Bring in more leads with SMS Chat.

Traditional online chat works like this—the potential guest chats in, waits on the website for a reply, then goes back and forth stuck on your website unable to do anything (or worse, just leave). And that’s if it's a live chat.

If it’s a bot chat, the potential guest often won't get an answer and become frustrated when they can’t connect with a real human.

But with SMS Chat, the process starts the same, but then all the replies go straight to the person’s phone—which is where the rest of the conversation lives.

The best part is, even if you’re not immediately available to answer a potential guest's message, you can set up autoresponse templates that let the potential renter know you got their text and you’ll respond to them soon.

Template 5:

“Thanks for considering Royal Capes for your vacation destination! Tell us what dates and the amount of guests you’ll be bringing. A representative will get back to you with available spots shortly.”

These autoresponses can also announce and link to limited deals and spots. So your potential guests can mull over their choices as they wait for your response.

Template 6:

“Thanks for choosing Indigo Ridge Cabins! A representative will get back with you shortly. In the meantime, we have two one-bedroom cabins left with 10% pricing off for Valentines weekend. [link]”

And because those potential guests texted you first, you’re now able to reach back to them after the initial contact and increase those close rates.

Earn more online reviews by text messaging review links.

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a real person, which means you’ll want to have more than your competitors.

In fact, businesses with ten reviews have a 50% higher conversion rate than those with none, because the more reviews you have the higher you’ll rank on Google.

Luckily, 70% of guests will leave a review if you just ask them directly. And texts are the perfect way to directly link to the place where they need to go to review.

Template 7:

“Hey Jane, it’s Jeff at Coastline Rentals. I hope you had a great time at the beach! We would love it if you could leave a short review for us here: www.leaveareview.com. Thanks again!”

Texts allow you to directly copy and insert review links. If the link happens to be too long or looks messy, you can use a link shortener, like Bitly, to help you clean it up for the text.

Template 8:

“Hi Diane, it’s Stacy at the Villa. We hope you loved your stay! Please share your experience at: https://bit.ly/38gl3Gz”

You can also lead in by asking the guest if their stay was good before you send them the review link. This gives you feedback on how to improve if it wasn’t, and assures you know they’re a great choice to leave a review if it was good.

Template 9:

“So glad to hear that! Do you mind leaving a quick review for us?: www.leaveareview.com. Thanks again”

Reviews are a great way to increase business and stand out from the competition. And by texting, you can guarantee your request is seen.

Send promotions and deals to reel in past rental guests.

Staying top of mind is a great way to earn repeat business. It’s also how you can stay booked throughout the entire year.

Because you have your previous guests’ contact information, you can text them promotions and deals to entice repeat visits. Even if they're not in the mood for another trip, they probably have a friend or family member to share a deal with.

Here are some great examples:

Template 10:

“Hi Jane, it’s Jeff at Coastline Rentals. It's almost summer time again. Let me know if you are interested in renting the villa you stayed at last year. Thanks!”

Text Request also allows you to categorize your guests into groups, so you know who will benefit from which deals. So if you have guests who you know need pet friendly places, you could send them a group message catered to that.

Template 11:

“Hey Max, it’s Clark at Smokey Mountain Retreats. If you're looking to vacation with your pet again, we’re offering 10% off all pet-friendly cabins this summer!”

Text Request’s Text Merge also allows you to autofill your guest’s names and previous occupancy dates, so these group messages are a breeze to send.

Template 12:

“Hi [Bill], this time last year you stayed with us [date] to [date] in [short-term rental name]. Will we see you at check-in again?”

Ready to start texting to book your vacation rental homes?

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