20 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

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Scheduling appointments with customers is an ongoing struggle for most businesses. The problem is calling and emailing isn’t as convenient (or as effective) as most would like.

In fact, the average response time for a text message is 60X faster than email. Texting is the best way to communicate with customers so you can book more appointments more easily.

Here are 20 text message templates that can help you book and confirm appointments, meetings, and interviews. Get ready to copy these down!

1. Find times for interviews.

HR is a big part of most businesses. It isn’t always its own department, but the role of hiring and managing employees remains effectively the same. Here are a few texts you can send in those situations.

Template 1: “Congrats [first name]! We want to interview you for the [Title] position. Do you have time on [day] or [day] at [time] to come in?”

Template 2: “Hey [first name], will you come by my office today, to discuss [topic]?”

Template 3: “Hi [first name], thanks for applying for [position]. We are reviewing resumes and will follow up in the next week if we’d like to interview you.”

Template 4: “Hey team, we have three different [topic] training classes for you to come to. [dates and times]. Please respond with the time you want. Space is limited and is first come.”

These messages give the reader the excitement of being able to interview, is clear about the position, and gives them some flexibility to pick a time to come in.

Now here’s a quick and simple message to a current employee about coming by the HR office. No one has to be in trouble, it can just be a good text to schedule a quick meeting. You can even send group messages to all applicants, employees, or a certain department. E.g.

You can even send group messages to all applicants, employees, or a certain department. E.g.

Text Request's Group Merge Messaging also lets you personalize these messages at scale, so it will look like you just sent these messages one at a time instead of to a group. Learn more about group merge messaging here.

2. Set up sales calls by texting.

If you work in sales, these messages are crucial to your success. Instead of blindly calling leads, send them a text to set up a good time to chat. If you’re like others, your success rates will go up by 100% or more. Texting is also a great option for following up with prospects after the initial sales conversation.

Template 5: “[first name], I saw your request come through. Do you have a few minutes to talk through it?”- [rep], [company]

Template 6: “Hey [first name], it was great talking to you today! Looking forward to touching base next week.”

Template 7: “Hi [first name], do you have time today to discuss options in regards to [thing/item]? It shouldn’t take more than [x] minutes. Thanks!”

Template 8: “Hi [first name], good to hear from you. There are a few details. When do you have a couple of minutes to talk through things?”

Sometimes, your potential customer might text you first. 

3. Improve your internal communications.

If you’re like our office, you have meetings to get everyone on the same page - maybe weekly, monthly, or quarterly. With Text Request, you can send out a group message to the whole team to confirm a date and time for office meetings.

You could also segment it by the department, or use it for one-on-one meetings such as performance reviews, weekly chats, and other things that pop up from time to time.

Template 9: “Hey team, are you all free [date and time] for our monthly recap? Let me know!”

Template 10: "We need to get together to talk through [topic/project]. How is [this afternoon] at [time]?"

Template 11: “Hey [first name], it is time for you 6-month review. Can we meet [date and time] in my office?”

Template 12: “[first name], would love to talk with you! I have some free time [date and time]. Let me know if that works for you.”

Sometimes, your employees will try and set-up a meeting. Maybe they want to discuss their own performance, ideas, or just how life is going. For things like this, it is important to hear them out and to respond quickly.

4. Schedule more services.

If you work in home services, medical, law, or other appointment-based businesses, you know how important it is for your business to keep those appointments on the books. Texting makes it easier to do that. 

Template 13: “Hi [first name], when is a good time to meet you at your house to check out your [item]? We will have someone in your neighborhood on [date].”

Template 14: “Hey [first name], you have a chair open [date and time] for your teeth cleaning. Does that work for you?”

Template 15: “Thanks for wanting to use [Law Firm Name]. When can you come by the office to discuss your case?”

Template 16: “Hi [first name], you had an appointment on [date], but we just had a recent opening on [date]. Would you like to change your appointment?”

If you have an SMS chat widget on your site, you might get inbound requests. Having a quick reply helps you keep those leads and convert them to revenue.

5. Get financial meetings on the books.

It can be difficult to get clients to shift gears from thinking about their daily tasks to focusing on something financial. Luckily, text is the best tool available to grab your clients' attention.

Use text messages to quickly inform clients when there is an issue, you're ready for them to sign something, or it's time for their annual review.

Template 17: “Hey [first name] we have found a discrepancy in your cash flow. When can you come by to discuss this?”

Template 18: “[first name], we are almost ready to move forward with your loan, we just need to verify some info. When is a good time to call you?”

Template 19: "[first name], thanks for reaching out! We'd love to help you with this. Our [position/officer] has time available on [date and time] and [date and time]. Would one of those be good for you to come by? - [rep], [company]"

Template 20: "Hi [first name], good to hear from you again! When are you available to either jump on the phone or come by our office? Let me know, thanks."

A lot of financial companies also use SMS Chat on their websites to let people start conversations. 

Final Tips

1. Texting is the most effective way to reach someone and get an appointment scheduled. Just be careful not to overload clients and prospects with too many messages. You don't want to annoy them, right?

2. Always share enough information so that they can make an informed decision. Don't just say, "Hey, we need to talk." Give a reason why you need to talk.

3. Lastly, make sure you are using a good text messaging system to manage all of these texts. Text Request allows all of your employees to send and receive messages, schedule messages, and send group messages. There are lots of other great value-adds, too. 

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