How to Use Text Messaging (SMS) for B2B Customer Orders

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Let’s talk about something that should be simple but isn’t - fielding your B2B customer orders. What do I mean?

You’re a vendor. You provide products that other businesses need to keep their doors open. Maybe you serve:

  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Dealerships
  • Hotels
  • Bookstores
  • General business offices
  • Or another industry

In any case, there’s a large chance that you experience one common problem. Handling your customers’ orders is a nightmare.

What’s the problem?

You send order forms to customers, you call them, you might even show up in person to take their order. Just connecting with one customer is difficult, not to mention time-consuming. And then you multiply that struggle times everyone you work with!

It’s a headache that costs you lots of time and money. Shouldn’t there be an easier way? 

There is. Here’s what you should do.

What’s the solution?

Text with your customers. It’s a fast and easy way to communicate - plus it’s how people say they’d prefer to communicate with a business.

Below I’ll show you how texting would work for handling your customers’ orders, and how you can start texting professionally in a matter of minutes.

How would texting for B2B customer orders work?

There are two ways this would work. One is you reach out to your customers whenever you would normally touch base with them - once a week, for instance. You send them a text saying,

Hey Courtney, what can I get for you this week? - John @ Vendor

Then they text back saying,

Hey John, let me get the same thing as last week, plus one case of this other thing. Thanks!

You process the order and text Courtney a confirmation when you’re done.

Option #2 is for those of you with customers whose orders are more sporadic. This is more of an inbound approach where they text you whenever they need something.


Hi Vendor, I need to get two of these parts, please. [Includes picture of needed part.]

If you offer similar-looking parts, you might confirm the right one before placing the order, but then you hop on your computer and submit it. Whether it’s an outbound or inbound conversation, texting for these B2B customer orders is delightfully simple.

How do we start texting professionally (what would it look like day-to-day)?

Let’s say you use Text Request to manage your text conversations.

Text Request is an online dashboard for sending and receiving text messages through your current business phone numbers. (You can also get new numbers from us if needed.)

Multiple users can share the same dashboard, and can login from any device. This makes it easy to text whether you’re sitting at a desk or are moving around all day. All messages in or out of Text Request are permanently recorded.

To start using Text Request, go to our Pricing page and choose a plan (based on how many texts you think you’ll use in a month). During the sign-up process, you’ll get to choose whether to text with your current business phone number or to use one of ours. Then you’re good to go!

You can upload your list of contacts and add other employees as users, or you can just start texting customers as needed. If you have any questions, contact us!