5 Ways Tutoring Services Should Be Texting With Parents, Students

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Communication at your tutoring service can be a source of chaos and frustration. Your students have questions, parents want updates, and your staff need to know when their next session will be.

Plus, no one is answering emails or phone calls anymore! You’re not even sure anyone is getting your messages. So what’s your solution?

You text them, because text messages have an open rate of 99% and an average response time of 90 seconds.

What does this lightning fast speed mean for your tutoring service?

I’ll show you how texting can improve your students learning experience, draw in new clients, and make life easier.

Tutoring and texting go hand in hand in the digital age.

Texting is the number one method of communication, and it beats email and phone calls every time. 85%-90% of parents and students say text messages prompt them to complete an action they wouldn’t have otherwise completed.

Why is that?

Because 99% of texts are read, and 90% of texts are opened within three minutes.

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With texting, you’ll be able to reach your students and parents whenever and wherever you want. And in an industry where mobile tutoring is expected to grow by almost 14% in 2022, fast SMS communication is a must.

So how do you use these numbers to accomplish your tutoring service goals?

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5 Ways Your Tutoring Service Can Excel by Texting

1. Answer parents’ questions anywhere at anytime.

Parents have questions and want updates on how sessions are going.

You need a platform where both prospective and established clients can reach you quickly.

With SMS chat, parents can reach you directly from your website. Questions come into a shared dashboard where your staff can handle them at any time, and your responses will go straight to the parents’ cell phone.

Typing notices and timestamps are on all messages, so you can see if your staff is already handling a conversation.

Autoresponses and escalation are also useful whenever it’s after hours or your staff is out for lunch.

  • Autoresponses automatically reply letting parents who texted in know that no one is currently available, but someone will personally reply later
  • Escalation automatically sends a text to a staff member’s cell phone after a set amount of time, if a parent’s message hasn’t been responded to yet

Both features help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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2. Send out news, schedules, and celebrate successes.

Have specific milestones or updates you want to share with your parents? Did hours change for a holiday or is there an upcoming event? You can text this information to multiple contacts at once.

Sort contacts into group messages as needed, or use Keywords, to let parents choose which news and topics they want to see.

So say you have digital flyers you send out every month. You can invite parents to receive them with a text like:

“Text LEARN to (427) 298-0117 for the latest updates and facts about our services!”

Parents can also reply to these group messages if they have additional questions. The best part is that these group messages work like BCC email, which means any replies come back to you, not to the entire group.

You can schedule and send as many messages as needed, and parents won’t be able to see every contact in the group.

3. Make internal communication with fellow staff a breeze.

Between you, your staff, your students, and your students’ parents, there are a ton of moving parts to your company. Lining up communications between everyone means smoother business.

Staff will have the option to use either their computer or smartphone to communicate with the rest of your team through your office phone number.

Your staff will also appreciate having compliance and security features, like permanent records of all messages and timestamps, so you’ll always know who said what to whom and when.

And if you ever need to get the word out quickly to your entire team, you can send a text to all the members of a relevant group at once. This is great in case a student gets sick, soccer practice runs late, or a last minute session needs to be filled.

4. Increase reviews.

Companies with the most online reviews tend to receive the most business.

That’s because 90% of people treat online reviews like personal recommendations, and personal recommendations are important to any parent who is considering entrusting their child to your tutoring service.


To increase your number of online reviews, simply include a review link in a message to a parent who’s booked multiple tutoring sessions. Or use keywords to target parents who are eager to spread the word about the success of your services to others.

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5. Bring in new business.

Making it easier for parents to reach you will increase your chances of being trusted with their child.

Why? Because 35 to 50% of people go with the first service that responds to them. SMS Chat lets parents text you straight from your website so you can respond to their needs instantly and earn their business.

Parents will also appreciate being able to ask you questions directly, rather than having to search your site for answers.

When parents’ questions are quickly addressed, or are even answered after-hours through texting, your desire to create a positive learning experience will be transparent.

After all, one-on-one attention is why these parents are seeking a tutor in the first place.

Ready to learn?

Smooth communication means happy parents, engaged students, and grateful staff.

If you’re ready to start your own texting strategy, check to see if your office number is eligible below, and sign up for an account to begin. Your team can even book a free demo, or you can test out our SMS Chat at the bottom right corner of this page with any questions.

Even after your purchase, Text Request trainers will be available with their own tutoring sessions to help your team master the platform.