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Text Request Adds Texting to Business Landline, Toll-Free Numbers

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Text Request, the cloud-based business texting platform which enables consumers and businesses to engage each other in live text conversations, announced today the release of their new number hosting service.

This update will propel the company’s massive disruption of the U.S. and Canada business software-as-a-service markets.

“Here’s what we see,” said Text Request co-founder and CEO Brian Elrod. “In 2016, businesses are finally implementing mobile strategies, and texting is a crucial piece of those strategies.

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"It’s the way consumers prefer to communicate, and it gets results. Moving forward, businesses can’t afford not to be texting! But most of these businesses have been marketing their one main business number forever.

"Adding our text platform to current business numbers makes getting started so much simpler for them.

"Companies spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing specifically for lead generation, but even a mobile optimized website doesn’t contain the path of least resistance.

"One of our more popular features, Click-to-Text, makes it so that mobile viewers can just click a button to open a text to that company. We’ve seen this boost leads more times than we can count. It’s how many people prefer to communicate.”

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Businesses using Text Request get an online multi-user dashboard where they can send and receive texts, manage contacts, and choose their own local area code numbers.

Now, businesses can add the Text Request dashboard to their existing landline, VOIP, and toll-free numbers at no extra charge, and with no changes to their current phone service.

According to recent data, less than 30 per cent of emails are opened (Smart Insights, 2016). Phone calls are answered at an even lower rate. Nearly two-thirds of online traffic comes from mobile devices (comScore, 2014).

Yet texting is “the most prevalent form of communication for adults under 50” (Gallup, 2014), with message open rates of 99 per cent. Text Request provides a better, faster way to communicate, filling what they say is “the largest void in business communication.”

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“Text Request is like Outlook for texting,” continued Elrod.

“We’ve taken the personalization, speed, and preference of typical text messaging, like what you do with your friends, and added all the organizational oversight, security, and customizations a business might need, including tags and BCC group texts.”

The platform can work well for small business and larger enterprises, particularly those looking to increase engagement and conversion ratios with mobile conscious buyers and Millennials.

Text Request is a contract-free, monthly subscription service starting at $49. To learn more, or to add live two-way texting to your current business number, visit www.TextRequest.com.

About Text Request

Text Request enables businesses to seamlessly harness the power of mobile, providing the easiest way for businesses and consumers to engage with each other.

Text Request is a cloud-based business tool built for live, two-way text conversations from any desktop or mobile device.

Currently available in the United States and Canada, Text Request is used for lead generation, sales, customer service, internal communication, collections, follow-ups, reviews, and more.

Visit www.TextRequest.com to see specifically how Text Request can help your business.

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