How Does Text Request Help Me Capitalize on Mobile Trends?

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Why Mobile Trends Matter

It’s no secret that everyone’s on their smartphones all the time. Just look around! If your business isn't fully integrating with these mobile trends, you’re going to be left in the dust.

Nobody wants to see that. And truthfully that's why Text Request exists!

Below we outline several mobile trends, how they affect consumer behavior, and how Text Request helps you to to capitalize on those mobile trends.

Capitalizing on Mobile Website Traffic

The majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices these days. Consumers are searching for answers, and they're doing this on their smartphones.

According to Gallup (and other sources) “sending and receiving text messages is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50.” Apparently, people would rather text you.

Text Request takes what people are doing (searching for answers on mobile) and what they prefer to do (text), and gives your business a simple way to profit from it.

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We give you a piece of code to place on your website wherever you want to display contact information. This Click-to-Text function can include your text number and/or a call-to-action.

Now mobile viewers can just click a button that automatically opens a text addressed to your business. This is a gold mine for generating leads and sparking conversations.

click-to-text button mobile trends

Case Study:

Little Sally Walker’s walking down the street, searching for a company that can help her and her roommate move across town next month.

They find Local Movers ‘R’ Us, and want to learn about pricing. Sally clicks their Click-to-Text button at the top of the website, and asks:

“How much would it be to move from Highland Park to North Shore? We’ve basically got 2 couches, a recliner, 2 queen beds, and 2 dressers.”

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Local Movers gives a quote, and continues working with Sally through the process. They finalize the transaction by sharing credit card information over the phone.

Little Sally Walker walking down the street didn’t know what to do, so she texted you, and now you have another customer.

Capitalizing on Consumer Engagement

Being able to reach people when you need is crucial to business growth. Particularly since almost 50% of sales go to whichever vendor is the first to respond.

Emails work well for a lot of people. Phone calls can be effective. But let’s look at how each compares to texting.

  Email Text   Call Text
Reach Rate 33% 99% Reach Rate 10%-30% 99%
Response Time 6-48 Hours 90 Seconds Hold Rate 86% 0%
Response Rate <20% 45% Your Time 1 Call = ~2 minutes 1 Text = 15 Seconds

Case Study:

Johnny Salesman has 100 leads to follow up with today.

He could call them, wait on hold, leave voicemails, and then send each person an email. Or, instead, he could just send a text.

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Sometimes, Johnny will send out an individual message to each lead. But more often, he'll send a single BCC group text to everyone at once.

Within half an hour he’s done, and he’s even heard back from most! Now he's making sales with texting. Good job, Johnny!

Improving Organizational Control

Chances are your ideal customers - even your employees and coworkers - are already following today's mobile trends. That means your employees and coworkers are already texting, too.

But are they texting for business? If so, how are you managing that? Is everyone texting from a personal cell phone, or from an office cell phone?

Text Request gives you a professional dashboard to manage your text conversations. Multiple users can view the same dashboard if needed, and everything is permanently recorded, providing your business with complete organizational control.

Case Study:

Becca’s an account manager, and has great relationships with her accounts. She shoots them emails and texts for work, or whenever something reminds her of them. But she does this from her cell.

Then you’ve got Sarah, who, let’s be honest, could be better. She generally has poor communication with her accounts.

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Text Request enables both Becca and Sarah to improve what they’re doing, and to do it in a place that can be overseen by the organization.

Now you know everyone’s information is secure. You know when you should praise Becca, and when you should correct Sarah.

With Text Request, all communications are 100% compliant, and backed by the highest security measures available. Why wouldn't you want that for your business?

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