5 Text Request Features to Help You Convert Website Visitors into Customers

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There are over 4 billion internet users worldwide, which means there is a huge opportunity for you to convert website visitors into paying customers.

How do you bring people to your website?

What are people looking for when they’re online? They’re looking for information. They’re looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. And they want this information provided quickly.

70% of U.S. internet traffic comes from mobile phones, so if you’re going to convert more website visitors, you have to pay attention to mobile.

Text Request will help you maximize conversions on both desktop and mobile phones. In fact, here are 5 Text Request features that help you convert more website visitors into customers.

1. Connect with your visitors quickly and easily using SMS Chat.

Most websites use live chat, which makes the visitor wait for a representative to log on so they can start the conversation, and forces them to stay on the same webpage so they can continue the conversation.

SMS Chat lets viewer text in and gets on with their day while still staying connected. In other words, someone can text you from either your desktop or mobile website.

Those messages come into your Text Request account, and your replies go straight to their cell phones, which increases their engagement and their conversion rates.

You can also customize the copy and colors of your SMS Chat widget to match your website’s branding.

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2. Have mobile visitors text you with Click-to-Text buttons.

Most website viewers come from mobile phones. These viewers would also rather text you than call, email, or fill out a form. Click-to-Text lets viewers text your business directly with the click of a button (or link), and brings you more leads than you’d otherwise have.

The easiest way to do this is to hyperlink “SMS:14232180111 to text or a button - like this. If you’re on a mobile device, clicking that link will open a text to Text Request.

Add this to your website, and you’re one step closer to converting more website visitors into customers.

3. Use autoresponder to improve customer service.

Our autoresponder is mostly used when you (or your team) are out of the office or otherwise unavailable. Here’s an example:

“Hey, thank you for texting in! We are closed today, but will contact you tomorrow morning.”

You can also use autoresponses to instantly share (or ask for) information with people who text in. Let’s say your business deals with estimates, you can use this feature to get details from a potential customer so that your next text can get right to the point.

For example, you could have a Click-to-Text button on your website that says, “Text us for an estimate.” And you can have an autoresponse asking for specific details.

“Hi! Please make sure we have your name, the service you need, and your availability for appointment. We'll get you an estimate ASAP - Home Service Business”

This helps you get and give information faster, which creates a better experience for everyone. Good experiences help convert visitors to buyers.

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4. Schedule messages to follow up with cold leads.

Sometimes you need to remind leads that your service or product can help them. Use scheduled messages to send reminders or check-ins to those leads, and more effectively move them through your funnel.

Scheduled messages are great for sending individual texts, like when a lead says “Maybe in a month or so.” Schedule that follow-up text for a month away, and continue focusing on other work.

You can also schedule group messages. You might use this to text all those leads you gathered from a trade show a few months back, reminding them you should still work together. Or you might even send them a helpful link.

Text Request is set up perfectly to be able to see which messages you have scheduled, and when they’re scheduled to send. It’s a hassle-free way to increase your sales productivity.

5. Save time with saved responses (templates).

Do you often type the same or similar messages to contacts? Then saved responses are perfect for you.

Saved responses let you type your message once, save it, and then use it over and over again as many times as you need. Often, companies will turn their answers to FAQs into saved responses. Other great options are sales follow-up texts and responses to requests for estimates.

Text Request offers unlimited saved responses, so you can continue to create more and more as you see fit. Saved responses are also unique to the individual user, so each user can have their own set of saved responses.

These will make following up with leads and customers much easier, helping you to convert more of them with less effort.

Last Few Ways to Convert More Website Visitors

A lot goes into creating a website that converts website viewers into customers. Text Request will certainly help, but there are several other things you want to do, too.

  • Optimize your website for search (SEO)
  • Use clear messaging to give viewers the info they’re looking for
  • Make sure your website is fast
  • Make sure your website is mobile Optimized

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When you combine that with Text Request’s SMS Chat and Click-to-Text buttons, you’re going to convert more website viewers into leads. And when you follow up with those leads via text, you’re going to convert more of them into customers. It’s that simple.

We want you to use Text Request most effectively to grow your business. If you’re already using Text Request, contact us for any help or training (support is free).

If you are not using Text Request yet, grab a time for a quick call or demo to learn more about how it works, and how it will help you increase revenue.

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