What Is Text Request Focused On & Trying to Do?

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There’s a difference between the solution Text Request provides, and the mission of our company. Obviously, the two are married to each other, and, in our minds, synonymous. But that’s one of the questions we hear most: What is your focus? What are you trying to do? What is the driving force behind the decisions you make, actions you take, and why you’re around at all? Here’s the answer.

At the heart of everything we do is the mission: to improve, to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other. This comes about in two ways: our title product; and the ancillary value we provide to everyone we work with, as well as through the content we create.

We believe that a management solution for real-time, two-way texting is the largest void in business communication. Our solution to that problem is our online live texting software. In line with our bedrock focus, our SaaS solution makes it easier than ever for (potential) customers to reach out to businesses, and for businesses to interact with anyone in their audience immediately, without having to hire anyone else.

If you browse through our content, you can see it’s all about engagement - customer experience, business operations, social media, mobile usage, consumer behavior, and how we interact with the world around us today. Business-consumer engagement is a massive topic! There’s so many facets and forms, so many tips and recommendations! Obviously, texting and mobile usage are prominent, just look around you. We want to be there for you, to walk with you, to help you master all areas of engagement. We want to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other.

We get that every business owner and their employees is swamped, fighting to keep their heads above water in their own industries. That’s difficult enough. And then you add keeping up with technology trends and why this or that demographic has started doing this or that thing? That’s too much! You’ve got an operation to run. Let us do the research for you, and share how you can apply it to your operation.

Consumers expect instant gratification. Why shouldn’t they? Anything’s possible these days. There will always be somebody willing and able to do more, better. As a business, if you’re not at the top of the engagement ladder (at least in some niche), you’re going to miss out on more opportunities than you’d care to know.

Engagement is why people choose to work with each other. Mobile is the primary medium through which people engage. And texting is the most used form of communication in the world (by volume and time spent). Text Request takes these three truths and packages them into one mission: to improve, to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other.

There's several features of our SaaS solution designed to do just that. As a consumer, you're always hesitant to reach out to a business until you've given up looking for an answer you really want. But then your only options are to call, wait on hold, and speak to someone (which no one likes). Or you can send an email and wait hours or days for someone to respond. In a good situation, you can live chat with a rep, but then you still have to stay on the website to continue the conversation.

We provide a Click-to-Text feature, that helps you capitalize on mobile engagement and consumer behavior (avoidance). You're familiar with click-to-call buttons that open a call to your business. This does the same, but with a text. Highly effective, and good for everyone. View our homepage to get an idea.

Another big one is our group texting feature. You don't want to be stuck in a group conversation, constantly pelted with notifications that may or may not apply to you. As a business, you certainly don't want to send a message and have everyone on the list see who else is on the list! On top of annoying and unprofessional, that's a huge compliance breach. So we added BCC group texting. You can send out a message to few people or few thousand (spark up as many conversations as you want or just get a notice out there), and never have to worry about unintentionally sharing confidential information or blowing up someone's phone.

Consumers choose to engage with businesses at all hours. You'll notice peaks in engagement during the early morning and late evening hours, because that's when hard working professionals have time to work on things outside of their to-do list. Obviously, the same applies to you and your business, which means there's not always going to be someone available to handle these engagements. That's okay! We've got features like an Autoresponder to let people know if you're going to be unavailable for a few hours or over the weekend. There's also an Escalation feature to have messages forwarded to your cell, in case you never want to miss anything no matter what else you're doing.

Engagement (broadly) is the number one factor for whether someone chooses to work with you. That's a lot of responsibility to keep up with! That's why every single Text Request account has unlimited users. One person isn't always going to free to handle these important engagements, so why not have several to help each other out?

Our mission is to improve, to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other. If you look through our content, our branding, our messaging, and our product, you can see this rather clearly. We want to create a better experience for consumers, and we want to help businesses improve every aspect of their organization. Text Request does both.