Text Request Increases Security for Schools, Venues & Cities

Text Request Increases Security Schools

Text Request increases security and improves security departments by enabling students, residents, and attendees to text in security-related tips.

Efficiently utilizing the “see something, say something” mindset, this ability to text for safety measures without an expensive automated system greatly benefits organizations and their patrons.

A recent CTIA and Nielson study shows that the number of text messages sent each month increased by more than 7,700 percent over the last decade. Texting is the preferred means of communication for adults under 50, particularly in confrontational situations.

Use Cases

“It just makes sense,” says Brian Elrod, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “If I’m in a crowded area, and I see something suspicious or dangerous going on, I’m not going to strut over and try to stop it, but I’ll gladly text somebody who will.”

With residents and tourists able to “text-tip” police departments about drug trades, violence, theft, overly-loud parties, and even when one car backs into another in a parking lot, this new text management platform could have a huge impact on cities and police departments.

The same applies to students in schools and colleges everywhere, who can instantly notify their Security Enforcement Officers of suspicious behavior or weapons around campuses.

Receiving information as quickly as possible is crucial to preventing and resolving crime. Text Request makes this easy, by communicating in the most efficient way possible.

How Text Request Works

No one needs to download any apps or expensive software. And there are no contracts.

Patrons simply text a 10-digit number, just like they’d text anyone else. Organizations receive these alerts immediately, as they are happening, and can respond in real-time to clarify a situation or to tell the alerting individual what they should do.

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the organizations they communicate with.

Text Request is an online tool that brings organization to the most used form of communication – the text message. Click here to see how Text Request can help your organization.