13 Text Message Templates to Revive Cold Leads

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There’s nothing more frustrating than when a lead who was once incredibly invested in your product goes completely silent. Maybe they got busy at work, didn’t see your last email, or they don’t know which step to take next.

You know you just need to make contact with them again—but doing that can feel impossible when 85% of your emails aren’t opened and 80% of your calls go to voicemail.

Luckily, there’s a third major communication channel the majority of sales reps aren’t taking advantage of.

Texts have a 99% open rate and are usually answered within the first three minutes of being sent. They can also increase conversion rates by as much as 328% when used regularly as follow-ups!

That’s why I’m going to show you 13 text message templates you can steal to revive your cold leads.

Get ready to hit send!

5 Opportunities to Review Cold Leads

1. Follow up to make sure your last email wasn’t lost.

Sometimes prospects may not respond just because it’s been a busy week or your previous emails got buried (or even put in spam).

Sending a follow-up text is quick, harmless, and will make your prospect incredibly thankful if they wanted to close the deal and just got sidetracked.

A follow-up text could look like:

Template 1:

“Hey Joe, it's Howard from Text Request. Did you get my email last week? Just wanted to make sure you have everything.”

Template 2:

“Hi Melissa, it’s Jack from Text Request. It's been a minute. Are you still interested in doing a demo? Just following up in case my last email got buried. - Jack @ Text Request.”

Always focus on reminding the prospect who you are and how they know you.

The ideal followup is:

  • Short
  • Clear
  • Non-demanding

A text asking for a simple verification like these are also 250% more likely to get a response than an email.


2. Reignite a cold lead’s interest with helpful updates and deals related to their problems.

Sometimes leads go cold because they’re still deciding if your solution fits their needs.

That’s why updates and deals directly related to solving a problem your prospect has can be great hooks for cold leads. And with a text’s 99% open rate, you know the lead won’t be able to miss the great opportunity you lined up for them.

Here are a few examples:

Template 3:

“Hi Jane, we've created a new tool specifically to help with lead generation. Do you want to take a look? I remember that was an area you were trying to improve. Thanks! - Kenneth, Text Request”

Template 4:

“Hey Max, this is Jess with Text Request. Would you be interested in a 15% discount on a tool that helps with managing leads? Let me know if you have any questions or want to schedule a call before the discount ends in March.”

Template 5:

“Hi John, this Jamey with Text Request. We’re currently offering 20% off our lowest priced plan until February. Would you like to set up a demo to try it? I remember you saying that was the plan you were most interested in.”

You’ll always want to make sure your text is framed with a question or a next step to further pull the lead into your offer. A few of these examples also include deadlines to grab the prospect’s attention.

3. Put your lead back into the game with helpful resources.

One of the reasons your lead may have gone quiet is because they’re busy trying to prove how your product will be helpful to their supervisors.

That’s why a quick text with a helpful resource can restart a conversation once the lead has new material to show their higher ups.

Resources you can link to in your texts, include:

  • Stats
  • Guides
  • Articles
  • Ebooks
  • News

Links to these types of resources are incredibly easy to add to texts, like:

Template 6:

“Max, are you still interested in using our software for hiring? We actually have a tutorial with template examples you could use: https://bit.ly/35UrQUr. Let me know if you'd like more resources like this. - Howard, Text Request”

Template 7:

“Janice, it’s Matt with Text Request. Here’s an infographic of similar customer ROIs I thought you’d appreciate. Want more resources like this? You can check out our blog: textrequest.com/blog”

Template 8:

“Hey Jane, it’s Ramey with Text Request. Need some customer testimonials? Here’s a case study from one of our customers who received 5x the inbound leads by using our SMS Chat. www.casestudy.com”

Testimonials, guides, and statistics are all great resources for a cold lead who just needs more ammunition to get their higher ups on-board. Just make sure the resources you choose are directly related to industries similar to the lead you are currently working with.

4. Show you care about your lead’s team (and not just about your product).

Just like with sharing resources, sometimes your lead grows cold because they need more evidence that you’ll be a good partner to work with.

That’s why a quick text celebrating a cold lead’s recent success can reopen a conversation by showing you still actively follow the lead’s company—even if they haven't talked to you about your product in a while.

Template 9:

“Jake, saw you and your team are celebrating reaching one million in annual revenue! Congrats and good luck on the next million.”

Template 10:

“Hi Jack, it’s Matt with Text Request. I just saw that you hosted your first panel, congrats! Here’s an article we wrote on finding top conferences to host at, in case you’re looking for your next gig: https://bit.ly/2NnutaM Best of luck!”

Remember, the sales climate has changed, and your cold lead may just need to see you’re more interested in being a friendly guide than closing a sale.

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5. Keep the ball rolling by offering a next step.

Sometimes leads go silent because they don’t know which step they should take next. Maybe they got overwhelmed by all the new information you gave them, or they didn’t know how to best use the resources you shared.

Either way, you can easily get a prospect back on track with a text that points them to an easy action step, like:

Template 11:

“Hey Mark, it’s Jess with Text Request. I was hoping we could jump on a call next week. Is there a time that works best for you? www.calendar.com”

Template 12:

“James, you probably have questions about the proposal I sent. Want to jump on a call for 10 min and go over it? Happy to help. - Brian”

Template 13:

“Hey Mark, it’s Jack with Text Request! Did you know we offer free training? Let me know if you’d like to schedule one together and learn more about the software: www.calendar.com?"

Asking to schedule a call or demo is a low pressure way to reopen the conversation that doesn’t have to directly relate to closing the sale. You're also much more likely to have that call or demo by texting first than if you'd just called them first.

To make the process even quicker, you could include a link to your Google calendar, like in the examples above.

Are you ready to schedule your own demo?

It can take multiple calls, demos, and resource exchanges to resurrect a cold deal. Texting is just a great way to schedule and share those good things.

If your own cold leads need reviving, and you’re ready to try using texts to re-engage them, schedule a free demo of Text Request.

The best way to get started is to set up a system that allows you to text all of your leads from a single number in a professional way. Text Request let’s you do just that and more.