10 Text Message Templates for Marketing and Promotions

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You need to get positive results when you spend hard earned revenue and time on any marketing effort.

Great returns on marketing and promotions usually come down to using channels that resonate the most with your audience. So how do you ensure you pick the best one to deliver your message?

We recommend SMS because texting is the #1 preferred communication channel across all generations and 99% of texts are opened.

You just need enticing messages to go along with the texts you send, which is why we went ahead and put together 10 templates for your marketing team to use!

Why should you text for marketing and promotions?

Let’s look at the average conversion rates by marketing channel:

  • Paid Search - 2.9%
  • Organic Search - 2.8%
  • Referral - 2.6%
  • Email - 2.3%
  • Direct - 2.0%
  • Social - 1.0%
  • Display - 0.7%

These are all incredibly low when compared to texting’s 65% conversion rate!

Every effective marketing strategy needs to employ multiple channels simultaneously to be successful, and texting’s high conversion rate makes it a perfect channel to add. Texts also have an average click-through-rate of 40-50%, when email is typically only 10%.

While all texts are typically read within 90 seconds, the texts that are going to make the most consumers convert are the ones with clear and concise messages.

The templates provided below have just that, plus some extra pizazz to make sure you reach your marketing and promotions goals.

4 Kinds of Texts for Marketing and Promotions

1. Stay top-of-mind with general promotions.

You need a strategy to stay top-of-mind, so your business is the first one consumers think of when they need something in your industry.

Top-of-mind strategies are less about creating sales or special items, and more about general consumer awareness. Texts can help you achieve that consumer awareness by making sure people never forget you!

Just send little nudges and reminders, like:

Template 1: ‘“Hey [First Name], haven’t seen you in a while! Hope you’re doing well, just wanted to let you know that we still have some of your favorites in the shop. Come on by!”

Template 2: “Hi [First Name], we miss you! Come by soon and show us this text for 10% off.”

Template 3: “Anything our team can do for you? Remember, our customer service is available 24 hours!”

Top-of-mind texts can include incentives to draw customers back, or they can just be casual check-ins on what you can do for them. In either case, the point is that you’re reminding the customer you’re there.

2. Text promotions with direct links.

51% of American consumers prefer to shop online, and they’re way more likely to make a purchase from their phone than they are to go to a brick and mortar store. So include clickable links in your texts to show customers exactly where they can make online purchases!

The more convenient it is for a customer to make a purchase, the more likely they are to actually do it.

Template 4: “Hey [First Name], check out our newest order of hammocks: www.buymyhammock.com. ”

Template 5: “This just in! We have new meme shirts: www.buymememeshirt.com. Buy 2 and get 1 free (online only).”

E-commerce provides greater margins for you and your business, so it's always a bonus when customers buy online. And all you have to do is copy and paste the link to your store into the text!

3. Use MMS to engage more consumers.

Consumers pay more attention to copy when it includes a visual component. They’re also more likely to remember and act on text promotions with images, because people retain 80% of what they see in comparison to the 20% they read.

Text messages can be either SMS (normal text with no links or images) or MMS (links and or visuals), so you have the ability to easily put in any image or link at any time.

Here are some examples:

Template 6: “Hey [First Name], here is our new summer dress selection. www.summerdress.com. Get ready for the summer heat! [Image]”

Template 7: “Hi [First Name], new Nike’s dropping this Friday. Line-up starts at 8:00PM Thursday night. Will we see you there? [Image]”

MMS is the perfect way to show off inventory, while guiding your customers to your store!

4. Create keywords to draw in customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way customers could opt-in for automatic updates for ads and inventory?

Keywords help you do just that!

A keyword is a word people can text to receive more information or ads related to that topic.

People are much more likely to take immediate action when you advertise they can text in keywords—because 80% of people prefer to text businesses over email and phone calls.

You just need a message that will automatically send when someone texts in your chosen keyword. Then you advertise the keyword and wait for those messages to roll in.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you can assign each property their own keyword. When texted in, all the information pertaining to that property will be sent.

Here are a few examples of texts that would appear after a keyword is texted:

Template 8: “Thanks for your interest in Redwood Apartments. For more info on the 2500 sq ft, 3bd, 2bth, unit www.redwood.com”

Template 9: “Thanks for texting SKATE to Rolling Queens. We’ll send you details on the hottest new skating gear as they come into our store.”

Template 10: “Thanks for opting in for weekly updates on our inventory! You can expect a text every Tuesday and Thursday. - [Business Name]”

Keywords can also help you build SMS subscriber lists, which are great for continuing your promotions cycle. Consumers who text keywords are automatically qualified leads you can text compliantly because they messaged you first.

Text Request can make it easy to manage keywords and SMS sub-lists, plus you can use your current business’s phone number!

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Want more ways to text promotions?

A good goal for any promotion is to bring in 5x the amount the promotion costs—which is easy to achieve with texting!

But there’s more to a good promotion strategy than just picking the right channel, and our Promotions Cheat Sheet can help you identify the rest of the tools and tactics you’ll need.