15 Text Templates Your Moving Company Can Use to Draw In More Clients

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Your moving company wants to provide the ultimate customer experience, so you can bring in more clients and spread the word about your services. But it’s difficult to provide a word-of-mouth worthy move when customers won’t answer your follow up calls to share estimates, book moves, and confirm times.

People don’t want to talk over the phone at work or when they’re with their families (and they won’t if they don’t recognize the number), which is a major problem when your team has a ton of details to work out in the moving process.

How can you solve this communication problem?

You need to give potential customers the ability to communicate with you the way they most prefer—and that’s through text.

Being able to send customers a quick text to ask them when they’re available, or if they still need more time to review an estimate, can help you do what’s best for them.

Here are 15 text templates and ideas to help your moving company provide the best customer experience that draws in more clients.

Why should you text clients during their moving process?

Being the first company to respond to a potential client is one of the fastest ways to build trust and get them to book a date.

Consumers have the ability to reach out to multiple movers on their smartphones at once, and up to 50% of the time they will go with the one that answers them first.

Texting ensures you’re that first responder.

Check out the facts:

  • 99% of text are opened
  • 89% of customers want to text with businesses
  • The average text response time is 90 seconds

That speed's really important for closing deals.
But what do you say to customers to get the job done?

We've done the work for you. Here are 15 text message templates to help your moving company draw in more customers.

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1. Follow up with customers as soon as they reach out.

You’ve made it easy for potential customers to reach out for an estimate or to ask a question. But they ignore your phone calls and may not even see your email when you go to follow up.

What else can you do?

Text Request even gives you the ability to set up autoresponses, like the templates below, so potential customers automatically get a response as soon as they reach out to you.

Autoresponses set up the expectation that your movers are quick and ready to help.

Template 1: “Hi, thanks for considering [Company Name] for your next move! What day and time are you currently planning on moving?”

Template 2: “[Company Name] is here for all your moving needs! Click here to submit the locations and date for your move, and we’ll respond with an estimate: [link]”

Template 3: “Thanks for choosing [Company Name]! How can we help you with your next move?”

Remember, the first company to respond is typically the one the customer goes with. So having autoresponses like these can make all the difference in winning a potential customer’s trust from the get go.

95% of your messages are going to be read within three minutes, so most people are going to see your message instantly.

2. Close deals and share estimates over text.

You need to finalize details of a move, but customers aren't answering your phone calls or responding to emails quickly, and that costs you lots of valuable time. It's frustrating, but what can you do to speed things up?

Customers won’t answer calls or emails during their work day, but they’ll answer texts in seconds or minutes.

Below are some templates you can use to nudge them to finalize booking the move.

Template 4: “Hi [First Name], attached is a picture of your estimate. Let me know if everything looks okay!”

Template 5: “[First Name], how is the estimate I shared looking? Are there any tweaks you’d like made?”

Template 6: “Hey [First Name], just checking in to see if you have any questions before we book your moving date.”

You can even attach a picture of the estimate to make reviewing final details easier for them.

3. Ask for referrals and feedback.

Local companies like yours live and die on reviews. 72% of people won’t take a next step with a business until they’ve read its reviews, and the more positive reviews you have the higher you’ll appear in local search results.

Asking for reviews needs to be part of your customer experience, and texts are the perfect way to do it.

Template 7: “Hi [First Name], thanks for choosing [Company Name]! [Mover 1] and [Mover 2] loved getting you moved into your new home today! Please leave us a review at: [review link]”

Template 8: “[First Name], how’d we do today? Tell us about your moving experience at: [review link]”

Template 9: “Hey [First Name], all settled in after the big move today? Please consider taking some time to tell us how we did at: [review link]”

The key is to include the review link in the text, so customers know exactly where you need them to leave their feedback.
The easier it is for the customer to locate your review link, the more likely they are to do it, and the higher you’ll rank in local Google searches.

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4. Send updates on moving truck departures and arrivals.

Your goal is to help clients have an easy move, so they spread the word about their awesome experience and direct more prospects toward your business.

Clear communication is crucial to creating great customer experiences, and that includes driver updates.
That means giving them updates on when your movers are heading their way, so they know exactly when they need to be home or when they need to unlock the door at the next location.

Texts are an easy way to send these updates, so your movers are never locked out and you can keep the process chugging along.

Template 10: “Hi [First Name], our team is on their way to [location]! They expect to be there by [time].”

Template 11: “[First Name], our team has packed everything at the first location and is on their way to the second. They expect to be there by [time]. Will someone be there to let them in?”

Template 12: “Hey [First Name], we have a small delay in between moves, but we expect our team to arrive only a few minutes late at [time].”

It’s the perfect way to send updates on any delays or remind the client to have someone available at the second location to let them in.

5. Share bills and payment portals.

There are at least two different parts in the moving process where your team needs to be paid.

The first is down payment after the client agrees to the estimate, and the second is after the move is finished and you take into account any additional charges based on the time spent moving or any equipment that was used.

That can make billing complicated if you don’t have a streamlined way to share those details with customers (and if they don’t open your messages explaining how they pay).

You need an easy way for clients to access bills and payment portals, so why not text them?

Template 13: “Hi [Name], attached is your innovie for the final moving fee. It includes any equipment used during the move. You can call in to pay by card, or use our online portal: [link]”

Template 14: “[First Name], here is your innovice for the initial down payment on the truck: [link] Another final fee will be sent after your move is completed and will be based on the amount of hours the movers spent packaging and loading.”

Template 15: “Hey [First Name], just texted you a picture of your invoice. Please let us know if you have any questions!”

When clients don’t see your collection requests it costs you time, frustration, and most importantly revenue that you’ve already earned. But when 99% of texts are read, and 90% are open within three minutes, you know your moving company is going to get an increase in responses.

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Let texting make moving easier for you and your clients.

Ready to start texting?

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