22 Text Templates to Engage and Retain More Customers

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Your business depends on customer retention to consistently increase revenue. It costs at least 5x more to bring in a new customer than it does to keep or resell an existing one, so ensuring current customers stay loyal to your brand is huge.

In fact, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25%+ increase in revenue. But what does it take to get that level of customer engagement?

It takes building relationships through frequent communication. And customers want you to communicate with them on the channel they already spend the majority of their time on—which tends to be text.

89% of consumers prefer businesses like yours to text message them over email and phone calls. And some of the businesses that do switch over to texting to engage and retain customers have seen as high as a 6,800% return!

Want the same level of engagement when you reach out to your current customers?

Here are 22 text message templates your team can use to capture your existing customers’ attention, build long lasting relationships with them, and increase retention!

Why should you text to retain customers?

Connecting with customers regularly will keep their attention. But even if you have a steady schedule for communicating with customers, it won’t amount to much if they don’t actually see the messages you send.

Seeing the message also isn't the most important part—they have to actually pay attention to it.

99% of texts are read, so you know you'll get more engagement and higher open rates for your marketing campaigns by texting than through any other channels.

Texts also have a 40% to 50% click-through rate, which makes them perfect for sending links to engage your customers with:

  • Digital coupons and discounts
  • Early access content
  • New products and services

Texts are great for converting customers, and repeat customers convert at an even higher rate—between 60-70%. It’s the ideal channel for sending promotions and updates that show customers the value you can bring them.

Below are 22 text templates and examples of the best opportunities to send them, so you can engage and retain more customers!

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Text Templates and Ideas to Help You Retain Customers

1. Invite existing customers to your SMS subscriber list.

You most likely have a subscriber list for your email marketing, but less than 15% of your email campaigns are actually opened.

SMS subscriber lists, on the other hand, have much higher engagement and response rates, since 95% of texts are read within three minutes.

That kind of engagement is key when you’re trying to keep customers connected to your brand.

You can build an SMS subscriber list by:

  • Catching customers at your brick-and-mortar register and asking for their numbers
  • Adding a signup option to your online checkout
  • Advertising sign ups on ads, social media, or digital events
  • Asking existing email subscribers if they’d like to join

You can also use keywords to promote your SMS subscriber list. A keyword is a word people text you to receive information on a certain topic. For example, if you create the keyword “NEWS,” when someone texts in “NEWS,” they’ll expect to receive a weekly newsletter or updates on your offers.

Once they text that keyword, you can set up an automatic message that welcomes them to the subscriber list like the ones below.

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Template 1: “Thanks for subscribing to our SMS sub list! Each Wednesday you’ll get early access to info on our upcoming events and new features.”

Template 2: “You’ve texted [Keyword] to [Company]. Thanks for subscribing for our SMS updates!”

Template 3: “Thanks for joining! You'll get exclusive updates and discounts on [brand].”

Template 4: “Thanks for texting [Keyword] to [Company]! Each Tuesday we’ll send you new content from our blog.”

It’s a good idea to include the kind of updates and what day you’ll send them in these welcome messages, so customers know exactly what to expect when they join your SMS subscriber list (and don't unsubscribe later when they're surprised by what they get).

2. Show customers you care by celebrating their birthday or milestones.

Customers who feel they have a personalized relationship with a brand have a 306% higher customer lifetime value.

You can show customers your brand recognizes them as individuals by sending them messages that celebrate their birthday or other important milestones.

These messages are short and sweet to write, easy to schedule in advance, and show your customer base you care (all in a way that is cost-effective for you).

Template 5: “Happy birthday [Name]! Here’s a 15% discount off your next purchase.”

Template 6: “Hi [Name], it’s been a full year since you first started shopping with [Company]! We appreciate you sticking with us, so here’s a 20% coupon for your next purchase!”

Template 7: “Hey [Name], it’s been six months since you started visiting us for [service]. Thanks for choosing [company]! If you have any feedback, you can let us know at: [link]”

Template 8: “It’s your birthday!! Thanks for being one of our favorite customers, [Name]. We hope you have a great day!”

Template 9: “[Name], can you believe it’s been three years since you started shopping with us!? Thanks for always choosing [Company]! If you have time, could you tell us what we’re doing right at: [review link]

You can choose to include rewards in these messages, or stick with a simple “thank you!” Either way, you’re making it a point to show the customer you care, which puts you miles ahead of other companies.

It also helps to include a review link in some of these milestones messages, especially if you know the customer is one who is definitely happy.

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3. Send promotions and updates to get customers back in your shop.

Customers have a 54% chance of buying even more from you beyond their second and third purchases.

Your goal with text promotions and updates is to consistently show customers what you offer to meet their needs so their conversion rate for repeat purchases increases.

The best messages will be planned around past purchases or the time of year a customer typically shops with you—so you know you’re targeting them with something they’ll want.

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Template 10: “Hey [Name], thanks for purchasing those [products]. Do you know we offer a [product] that goes with them?”

Template 11: “Hi [Name], it’s that time of year again for [product/service]! Check out our new ones at: [link]”

Template 12: “Hey [Name], we just got a whole new shipment of [product]. Do any of these interest you? [link]”

Template 13: “Hi [Name], it’s time for your annual [service]. Would you like to schedule a visit? [link]”

Template 14: “[Name], did you know we have a [product] that matches the [product] you just purchased? Check it out: [link]”

44% of consumers will become repeat buyers if you incorporate personalized messaging experiences like this into your marketing strategy.

4. Create VIP text rewards for continued shopping.

Customers love being the first ones to know about discounts on products and services they love.

That’s why SMS VIP rewards and loyalty programs are the perfect way to keep them hooked to your brand.

You can gather numbers for a VIP text list the same way you would your SMS subscriber list. Only instead of offering news or content, you’ll specifically give these customers updates on promos based on how much they’ve already purchased.

VIP members get deals that reward them for continued shopping, while you get to continue fostering relationships with them.

It’s a win-win!

Template 15: “Hey [Name], thanks for purchasing [product]! You’re only two points away from 20% off your next purchase.”

Template 16: “Hi [Name], don’t forget your VIP discount expires at the end of the month! Redeem your points at: [link]”

Template 17: “Hey [Name], you’re only three points away from your next discount. Here are some [products/services] that are worth that exact amount: [link]”

Template 18: “[Name], thanks for being a VIP! Here’s an early peek at our next shipment: [link]”

Gamification methods like VIP lists consistently help businesses and ecommerce brands create more loyal customers.

5. Offer early access to new features and improvements.

Customers will stick with you when they recognize you’re constantly building on the value you bring them.

That’s why they’ll love receiving updates on any new features or tweaks you’re making to things like:

  • Your products or services
  • A new feature
  • Your online store or checkout
  • Customer service
  • Your brick-and-mortar store location
  • Philanthropy or community service efforts

Sending texts with these updates can reassure customers they made the right decision to continue shopping with you.

Template 19: “Hey [Name]! We’re adding a new [feature] to our [service]. Check out all the cool new things this means for you at: [link]”

Template 20: “Hi [Name], we recently tweaked our online checkout process to give you a faster and better shopping experience. Check it out: [link]”

Template 21: “Hey [Name], here’s a list of patches we recently made to [service]: link Let us know if you have any questions!”

Template 22: “Hey [Name], did you know we’re changing the way we make [product], so it’s even better for the environment? Check it out: [link]”

Start improving your retention rate and customer loyalty through text messaging.

There are many different tools and automations SMS can provide to make retaining more customers more simple for marketers. Text Request offers all of them, including:

  • Groups: organize your SMS subscribers for targeted text messages based on interests, questions, and keywords
  • Autoresponses: customizable and automatic follow ups to texts from your customers that may come in while you’re out out of office
  • Escalation: a customizable timer that will automatically alert you to unanswered messages from customers
  • Text enabling your existing phone number: so you don’t have to get a new one, and can keep things consistent for your current customers

Schedule a demo to learn what all our team can do to help you engage and keep your customers professional business texting!