18 Text Templates Supply Retailers Can Use to Increase Revenue

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Your business needs to be able to manage orders while servicing customers. People have questions about what’s in stock, your reps have quotes they need to complete, and there are plenty of follow ups that need to be made in between orders.

Why not use text to make sure your team can reach every one when you need to?

99% of texts are opened, and 95% are read within three minutes of being sent.

Here are 18 text templates supply retailers can use to increase revenue and streamline communication with customers!

Why should suppliers text their customers?

Customers don’t like being put on hold whenever reps need to check if they have all the information they need to complete a quote, and quotes can’t be completed if customers don’t answer follow up calls.

Texting is a one-in-all solution, because practically everyone texts and it’s much easier for your reps to multitask while texting.

Customers love being freed from phone calls, and they can easily do other things while your sales team reviews quotes. That’s why 89% of them would much rather receive a text than a call from your business.

Below are 18 text templates your supply retail business can use to free up your reps so you can keep revenue flowing!

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1. Generate leads.

Your supply store needs a way to encourage new customers to reach out, plus stand out from competitors.

Why not advertise that people can text you?

Remember, 89% of consumers want to text businesses. So if you have something on your website that advertises you can text, like our SMS Chat widget, there’s going to be an increase in people reaching out to you.

Below are some templates you can use to respond to customer inquiries.

Template 1: “Hi [Name], thanks for reaching out to [Business]! What can I help you with today?”

Template 2: “Hello [Name], we’re located at [address] and our hours are [time] to [time]. You can visit us to place your order in-person, or you can use our website: [link]”

Template 3: “Hi [Name], my name is [Representative], and I’ll help with your order today. Are you looking for something specific?”

Any of your responses to a message through SMS Chat go directly to the customer’s cell phone, and you get to keep their number for follow ups.

50% of business goes to the first business to follow up, and SMS Chat makes it easy to be that first responder.

2. Hold two-way text conversations with customers.

Sometimes customers reach out with in depth questions they need answered, and it can be hard for your sales team to address all of them when they’re helping in-store customers.

Text can make handling multiple conversations at once way easier than they would be over phone calls.

You can sell products and provide updates on arrivals over text to serve your customers more efficiently.

Template 4: “Hi [Name], your order will be ready for pickup today at [time].”

Template 5: “Hello [Name], attached is a screenshot of your order. Does everything listed look right?”

Template 6: “Hi [Name], I checked and we have two of that item in stock. I’m sending you a link to both of them, so you can decide which one you like most. [link]”

Text Request helps you stay on top of multiple conversations at once with our user-friendly dashboard. All conversations are time-stamped and display whether or not a customer’s message has received a response.

“Text Request keeps a permanent record of all the messages users send and receive, and we love to double check those records to confirm customer orders. Sometimes we have customers who complain they received the wrong order, but Text Request makes it easy to send screenshots that prove we sent the order they requested.” - Bryan Cupp, Johnstone Supply

3. Share photos of model and serial numbers.

Want a faster way to get supply customers exactly what they need?

You can drastically speed up the ordering and servicing process when customers can text you a picture of the model or product they want to order. Likewise, you can share model and serial numbers of products they may be interested in.

Template 7: “Hi [Name], thanks for sending me that serial number! I’m texting you a picture of the item it matches, so we’re both sure that’s what you had in mind. [image]”

Template 8: “Hello [Name], there are three products that fit your request. Which one do you like the best? [image]”

Template 9: “Hi [Name], there are two models of the product you requested currently in stock. I’m sending you their pictures and serial numbers. [Picture]”

Including images in your texts will help you get more conversions, because 65% of people are more enticed by visuals than they are by just words.

This kind of quick and quality customer experience is also what will encourage repeat business!

4. Request online reviews.

Local supply stores depend on reviews to rank in Google searches and attract new foot traffic.

You can grow your customer base and your marketing efforts when you ask for online reviews via text.

Template 10: “Hi [Name], thanks for always choosing [Business] for all your [industry] supplies! Would you mind leaving us a review at: [link]”

Template 11: “Hello [Name], your order should arrive at [address] today. Let us know how everything is at: [link]”

Template 12: “Hi [Name], how was your ordering experience with [Business]? Tell us how we did at: [link]”

Just remember to include your review link in your texts, so customers know exactly where to go when leaving you a review.

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5. Schedule services and provide updates through text.

Your supply store needs to keep services and orders chugging along, but that can be difficult when customers don’t respond to your schedule confirmations or updates.

Only 5% of phone calls are answered, and 15% of email marketing campaigns are opened—but texts are read 99% of the time.

That means you know services and orders will move along when you're texting updates to customers.

Template 13: “Hi [Name], we’re scheduled to service your [product] at [time] on [date]. Let us know if this works for you, or if you need to reschedule later!”

Template 14: “Hello [Name], your parts are ready for pickup.”

Template 15: “Hi [Name], your order is almost complete. We just need you to confirm what color you want the model to come in. Thanks!”

Text Request lets your sales team schedule these reminders and updates in advance, so they can move on to working with other customers.

It’s also easy to handle the turnaround on fixing and updating orders, because customers respond so much faster to texts than they do to email and voicemail.

6. Send mass deals and promotions to drive sales.

Your supply business needs to promote deals and promotions to existing customers in addition to servicing new ones.


It costs at least 5x more to bring in a new customer than it does to keep or resell an existing one—and texting makes it easy to keep in touch with them.

Text Request makes that easy with our group messaging feature. You can send mass messages to all your contacts, and any responses stay between you and the replier.

Template 16: “Hi [Name], we’re running a discount on all [product] orders between [date] and [date]. Check it out at: [link]”

Template 17: “Hello [Name], our end of the year sale ends next Thursday. You can check out all our deals at: [link]”

Template 18: “Hi [Name], from now until [date] we’re running a 30% discount on [product] bought in bulk: [link]”

Text messages have a click-through conversion rate of 45%, which is huge when you’re trying to direct customers to a new promotion!

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Ready for your supply store reps to start texting?

So much time is freed up to take on other tasks when you’re not constantly waiting on people to answer phone calls and emails anymore.

All you need is the right texting solution!

Schedule a demo or visit our pricing page, and see how Text Request can help suppliers like you harness text messaging’s speed and power with a professional platform!